The First Father’s Day 


Today is going to be hard. They say the first is always the worst but then you find a sense of a new normal. I can tell you to not have a father to buy a card for, take to lunch, buy a present, or even to call sucks. I hate it. 

All week I have dreaded today. I have held back the tears. I have even tried to pretend it was just another day. I am angry. Angry that he left me with no warning. Just one day he was gone. I miss him greatly. 

So instead of crying and feeling sad, I have a little girl who wants to spend some time with her dad. She wants to spend time with me. She wants to give me kisses, presents, cards, and she wants to call me “Dad” cause she does not know how to make a phone call yet. We will eat lunch together which may be chicken nuggets but I  ok with that. As long as we are together. 

Maybe since this is the first one without him it could be the new normal. 

Happy Father’s Dad! I know you are cheering me on up there in Heaven! Love you! 

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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