Marathon Training Month 2


So we finally made it to the end of month number two of marathon training. It was a very interesting month. I have to say the runs were longer, more calories were burned, and my body was feeling the pain. Here is how month two went.


Morning- Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)
Evening- Cross Training (30 mins)


Morning– Comfortable Run 5 to 7.50 miles


Morning– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)
Evening– Cross Training (30 mins)


Morning– Run 3 to 5 Miles


Morning– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)
Evening- Cross Training  (30 mins)


Long Run from 7.50 to 10 Miles


Rest Day

Total Miles Ran- 74.4

I started the month with the goal to burn 870 calories per day for week one. In week two I went up to 880 calories. In week three I hit my first snag and was unable to complete a full week of burning 890 calories per day. That was mostly because I was on vacation. So I went another week with this goal. Everything was going fine but I started to have some foot issues. My gout came back and my leg and foot were swollen really bad. I decided to take a Saturday off of running. My wife and peers told me I was doing too much and it was ok to take an extra day to rest if I needed it. They were right!

Goals For Month Three- I am going to work really hard on getting a handle on my nutrition and also the runs will be staying the same as far as the distance. The big focus for month three is start building speed as well as being able to maintain my pace on those long runs. I am more then likely going to cut back on my cross training to focus more on my running and I might schedule an extra day of rest so I don’t get injured like I did this past month.

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I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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