#PregnancyProblems Weeks 19-25


Well the last time I gave an update on our pregnancy it was when I broke the news that we were expecting another girl. A lot has happened since and its really hard to believe that this baby girl is only 15 weeks shy of arriving. What an exciting time!

My wife is getting to the phase in her pregnancy where she is not comfortable at all. Only this time she is pregnant during one of the hottest summers. With the temperatures rising to the 100s she is sweating in places I cant talk about in this post. She told me that she never wants to be pregnant in the summer again.

Although she is sweating herself to death, she is also having issues with her back pain. Yes out little girl is kicking her all the time and my wife is constantly complaining about her back hurting. She hates stairs and I think she wants me to move our bed to the living room but that is not going to happen.

The feeling of throwing up is still there but not as bad as it was in my last two post. My wife still cannot eat Mexican food but she has opened back up to the idea hotdogs and hamburgers. It is summer after all.

This week we start working on our baby girl’s room. We are going to pick out some paint, move furniture around, and break out all the old baby clothes and get them ready for our little girl’s arrival.

It won’t be long now!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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