Why I Like Being Her Dad

I have to say that when the ultrasound tech told us that we were having a girl, I was a little upset. I really wanted a boy and only imagined myself raising a son. I never thought about having a girl. To be introduced to a world of poneytails, prom dresses, PMS, and tampons scared me to death. I grew up in a home with my mother being the only girl so I never had to learn the details of these topics nor did I care to. Everything was about wrestling, football, and superheroes.

When my brother and his wife had my niece I was excited for them. They wanted a child and did not care if it was a boy or a girl. I remember looking in her pretty eyes and thinking how much fun we were going to have. She was my first intro into seeing what it was like having a girl.

After finding out we were having a girl, I had my little depressed moment and then I started thinking about all the fun things I got to do with my niece and now I could take that to the next level with my own daughter. After K-Dub came into this world, I got the pleasure of being the first one to hold her. It was love at first sight. I will never forget it. Over the course of her little shot life I found many reasons I like being her dad and here are a few.

Our conversations: We talk about everything. We talk about daycare, the park, why daddy runs, why Karsyn like Palace Pets, Everly and Mommy. She is really easy to talk to for a two-year old and she is smart as a whip. I let her make decisions like what toy to bring with her on outings and what after daycare snack she wants. We always have a nice talk over oatmeal and coffee (you can guess which one is for who) on Tuesdays and Thursday’s before I take her to daycare. It’s our time to catch up a reconnect. I love it.

She loves me: I know that is a cheap thing to say but it is true. She really does love me. She looks up to me and that’s not only cause she is short. When I am sick she comes over, gets her Doc McStuffin’s doctor kit out and yells “TIME FOR YOUR CHECKUP DADDY!” She loves me even when I am not at my best moments. When I am made at her and want to throw my hands up, she still gives me hugs and wants to sit on my lap and cuddle and watch Disney Junior.

I am her example: This is one I take very seriously. I remember that country song called I’ve been watching you and that song is true. Your kids are always watching you and you are the example they follow. I try to be a good example for my daughter in our house. I want her to look at me an know that this is the correct way for a man to treat a woman. By doing this I hope to install values in her so she does not settle for someone who treats her like crap. When I take her to school in the mornings, I always hold her hand and say a prayer before we leave the car. She needs to know that even Daddy has a relationship with God.

Its fun being her Daddy: That’s really sums it up. I love coming home and playing puzzles with her, playing hide and seek under blankets (she always finds me), reading stories, taking her to new places, and even dressing up and playing princesses. It truly is the best thing ever. I get to teach her how to say cool things like “You got it dude”, or “I drop a deuce”.  Also, I never know what she is going to do or say next. Kids are fun!

Now that we are not far from welcoming baby Everly into our family, my only hopes are to be the same for her as I am for K-Dub. To love her no more or no less than K-Dub and to be the best dad I can be to her also. Its scary being responsible for the  care for two little people. I am also excited!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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