Photo Sessions Go Wrong With Kids


I know I might get a few haters after say this but if you really think about it, it’s true… Kids ruin EVERYTHING! 

Before you sharpen your knifes and pitchforks, please allow me to explain. We are so close to Baby Everly’s arrival that we have looked at out calendar and found that every weekend leading up to the birth we are busy. There are kids birthday parties, family functions, cookouts, and other things that are keeping us busy. Not to mention my crazy marathon training schedule. After looking at the calendar we realized we where not going to be able to get those annoying maternity pictures you see on Facebook done. You know the ones. 

Now I really did not want to do these and I don’t know a guy who would. It’s the end of August and its way to hot out there to stand. Not to mention how in the world was I suppose to expect my two year old daughter to stand there? If she sees a butterfly she is gone. End of story. But, in the epic tug of war of marriage, I decided to suck it up and put on my outfit that was picked out for me and smile. 

When we arrived at the shoot location, it was not but I manage to sneak along a water bottle. We got out the car and of course no parent can arrive anywhere without there kid having to pee. Good thing I keep a portable potty in the back of my Santa Fea. While as was gettin out of the car I noticed my kid was crying. She wanted to ride in her stroller. 

We put her in the stroller and went to set up outer first shot. Well I don’t know if you ever did a photo shoot with a kid but in my experience, this being the only one, it was horrible. K-Dub was not listening, she would walk off, she wanted to sit in the stroller and be pushed. It was a nightmare. 

I ended up being on edge the entire time and wanted to hurry this shoot along. My wife in turn got annoyed with me and it lead to the most tension filled photo shoot ever! 

When I get the picture back I will post them and you can see.  Have a great day! 


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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