Finding That Full Time Groove


I have to say that the end of 2014 up until now has been hard for my wife and I. We have struggled to maintain or house and we have faced a lot of challenges. At a few points we spent our nights crying on the couch cause we did not know if we were going to make it. How were we going to take care of our daughter and the one on the way if we could not keep the lights on?

I spent the late part of 2014 working odd jobs, couponing so we could have our next meal and spending all the time I could with my daughter. I was the most domestic dad you would ever meet. I told people I was a part time stay at home dad and I secretly loved every minute of it.

Then in February, I found a small part time job was available at the local paper in Charlotte. Did not think anything about it and applied. I never thought that I would get a phone call that night. I was interviewed over the phone and asked to come in the next day. I interviewed two more times for this position and was offered it the next week while making a Target run.

My job was taking classified ads for garage sales, pet, and automobiles. I worked five hours a day and still had time to workout, pick K-Dub up from school, have dinner on the table, and my house was always clean. I loved it! I got a satisfaction of being able to bring money in and still take care of my family. I was the dad that I always wished I had.

After 8 months of working really hard at the paper, I was offered a full time position that I could not turn down. It was my dream job and I felt like I finally arrived. Months of praying to be full time had finally been heard.

What I did not expect was that I had to give up and change some things in my day to day life. I was now not able to take K-Dub to and from school, I had to stop going to my 6 am crossfit class, and I could not longer make dinner cause I was now getting home after 6 pm. Life has changed and I am still finding my groove as a husband, father, athlete, and now a full time employee. I have had to adjust my schedule a lot but I think that I will find my groove. Has anyone else had these issues?

I am grateful for this opportunity and I feel I deserve it but I just hope that the relationships with my family and friends stay strong as I spent the last year trying to strengthen them.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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