Garage Renovation Part 1- Cleaning It Out

Well I have finally decided to do it. I need to clean out my garage….

This was not an easy decision cause I hate to think about all the things I am going to find in there but I need more space. With three girls in the house, I need a space to do man things! I am not exactly sure what I will do with it but I have a few ides.

  1. I could turn it into the ultimate stock pile room!
  2. I always wanted my very own gym complete with everything a guy could as for.
  3. I could set up a huge TV and put some couches in there and have epic football watching time.
  4. A place to just store stuff- I think thats how I got myself in this situation.
  5. A place to raise live chickens

So maybe number five is a little out there but if I was going to make any decision it was going to be to go with NUMBER TWO! It would be nice to have a home gym on those days I can’t make it to my box.

So I started my garage makeover by getting rid of the 32 boxes of books my dad left me. It was a hard call but I needed the space and what was I really going to do with 32 boxes of nonfiction books? So they were sent to Goodwill for someone who really might get some use out of them.

The next thing is to move some furniture around. I really want to move the stockpile that is in the garage back in to the house mostly cause I am scared the food will go bad faster.  I also still need to find the best places to put the lawn mower and other yard stuff.

The next thing is to sweep it out and cleanup all the leaves that have blown in from the fall. You might think that I am the worlds nastiest person at this moment but I have been putting this project off for so long that it feels goos to finally get some of this stuff done.

As far as putting things on the wall, I have really been itching to find a place to put my race medals and bibs. I fave not gotten there yet but I did find some great things on Pinterest that really have me excited.

You really can’t have a gym without some equipment. That would be crazy! So here is a list of the stuff to get for my home gym.

  1. Flooring
  2. Squat Rack
  3. Weight Bar
  4. Rubber Weight Plates 10/15/25/45 lbs
  5. Kettlebells 24kg/16kg
  6. Dumbbells 20lbs+
  7. Medicine Ball 20 lbs
  8. Jump Rope
  9. Pull Up Bar
  10. Ab Mat
  11. Bands
  12. Rower
  13. 20/24/30 Box

I already have a treadmill and an elliptical. I will be on the hunt for the other stuff later.

I am so excited for this project and can’t wait to get my home gym done. I will keep you posted as I work to get this done.

Here are some of the ideas I got from Pinterest.

wall-mounted-rack-garage 215f344ead474e16857db01c14c9a88b

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