Dad, You Are NOT My Best Friend!

IMG_0036Well it has finally happened. I am no longer the most important thing in my kids life. I thought this would not happen till she was at least 8 but she is only three. It hurts really bad. Maybe I should start from the beginning.

So my oldest has really been acting out since our little Evie has come into the family. She throws more tantrums, tells us no, stops listening, and overall destroying our house. There has been a lot of spanking and time outs over the past month. I can handle the tantrums and the talking back but one day it got way to real in Danville.

So we were in the kitchen and I had rushed home to get dinner made and on the table. I made a good meal consisting of mac and cheese, grilled chicken, and broccoli. Now I never expected her to eat the little green trees, as we call them but she wanted chicken nuggets. As a dad for three years now I have grown custom to the fact that all little children at one point in their little lives have binged on chicken nuggets. Why not? They are amazing and make childhood wonderful with every crispy bite. I looked at her and explained that this was dinner and I was not making anything else. By now you are thinking that I am parent of the year. No I am lazy and just don’t want to make another meal.

My daughter looked me in the eye and said that I get on her nerves. I started to laugh cause I did not know where she heard such a phrase and I now am thinking it was from her mother. It had to be from her mother. It was her mother. My daughter looked at me with angry eyes. The kind of eyes my wife gives me when I forget to leave the toilet seat up or forget something at the store. I call it the death stare. She then uttered these words.


It was like a knife stabbed me in the heart and twisted or when Andy left Woody and Buzz at the end of Toy Story 3. My life had shattered in a million pieces. I stood there asking myself if that was what I really heard. She has never said that to me. My oldest whom I have played princess tea party with after daycare, made cookies with, watched endless episodes of My Little Pony and Curious George with does not want me to be her friend.

My wife heard what she said and laughed a little. Maybe she thought it was funny cause she was not the victim of this verbal assault. She got off easy. She was stiller best friend. I gave my wife a look and she knew that I was hurt and tried to be a buffer in the situation. She asked my daughter if she really means that and that it hurt Daddy’s feelings. Daddy’s feels were hurt. My daughter looked at us both and said it again but added “My Pop is my best friend”.

Just like that my world was shattered. That was four days ago and still she is saying the same thing. I have now grown custom to living in the shadow of what my child loathes. I know I am a good parent but now I know that is all I am. Her dad and not her friend. Maybe after a couple of weeks she will be back to normal or as my wife put it a couple of nights ago…

Stop being such a little bitch about it!


Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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