Crossfit Has Changed Everything!

Sorry I have not really been on the blogsphere lately. I have been very busy and it has not been because of running. It actually has been cause of Crossfit. I have been busy snatching, box jumping and burpee-ing in my free time but that is not all. 

A couple of months ago my coach and the owner of the Crossfit gym I attended put a post in Facebook about needing help with some marketing and website stuff. Having to be currently working in advertising for the local newspaper and having a certificate in website design I responded. 

I was starting to get bored. Not with Crossfit but with my entire fitness routine. I mean once you run a marathon what is there left to do? Nobody care about a PR for a local 5k. People get it. You are a runner. Move on. So when my coach approached me about it and “gave” me the keys to the kingdom, I was nervous. 

My first assignment was to help with homepage. So I cleaned it up and made it more for our target audience. Then I ran out first campaign on Facebook, which led to me having control of all the social media accounts. Then a funny thing happened. I started getting complement from the members about how well the marketing was going. They loved it. Suddenly I changed the image from a gym to a community. Members were getting excited and that campaign I ran brought in a ton more business. 

I started talking to my coach about other things we could do. We came up with some things to keep out members engaged. Soon I found myself coming out of my slump. I am currently in a 21 day nutrition challenge and fixing to start my final week. I feel so good and alive. Through this challenge I have found a desire to meal prep and have been researching recipes and looking at YouTube videos. 

My performance at the gym has improved. I am now feeling better then ever. This past weekend I did my first ever pull up and I mean first EVER! I will be competing in my first competition this weekend and I am so excited and scared but mostly excited. My additude has changed. I am meeting new people and I have a lot more Crossfit friends then I thought. I know I am not in this journey alone. 

As for my new place of business? My gym has gotten a lot of new people. Our website traffic has increased, our engagement on social media is at an all time high, and our members are happy. I love my new role at the gym and I would not trade it for anything. 

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I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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