My Uber-tastic Saturday

So this past Saturday I decided to take my life and time in my own hand and make some extra money. This was totally legal. What did I decide to do? I became a driver for Uber.

I have been scared ever since I got the approval letter telling me that I was welcome to the family and to get out there and drive. I was just really nervous cause I did not know how I felt about having total strangers in my car. What if I got robbed or killed.

Charlotte is not that big of a city so how hard could this be. So I went and washed my car and vaccumed all the dirt out and wiped the dash. To make my passengers feel extra special, I put bottles of water and plastic bags in my doors so if anyone got sick they could handle it and I did not get it all in my car.

The time came on Saturday to head to Charlotte. I pay to park at The Sherton Hotel so I parked there and went live on my Uber driver app. Soon within seconds I had a request. They were at the front of the hotel. I drove up and saw a group of three girls. They wanted to go to the Epic Center. I have no idea why they wanted a ride cause its only two blocks away but they got in and I made the trip.

After they got out and left me a $4 tip I went on to make a total of 7 trips that night in a two hour timeframe. I could not believe how fast time was flying. I got ride after ride and I had to make myself go home.

The people were nice in general and riders love to talk, LOVE TO TALK! I heard all about a girl’s man problems and how she was independent and no man was going to define her. It was clear this lady was intoxicated.

So how much money did I make in two hours? I made $30 with a $4 tip. Not bad for only 7 trips. Another question is if I will ever do it again. I think I might wait till football season starts and Uber people around from the bar to the stadium. The fare and surge goes up during special events so it would be nice to make some extra money around the holidays.

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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