The Week Of Minor Setbacks


I have to say that this week has been a challenge. I am so glad that it is over and that I am still in one piece. Lets just say that this week of race training did not go according to plan. I only managed to get in two workouts this week. Not my usual best.

Let me start from the top.

Since my niece’s birthday party I was having some issues with my foot. I am now convinced that I had an early flare up of gout which is never my friend. Not to sound like a doctor but gout sucks and its very preventable if you stay way from certain foods. Excess sugar, alcohol, seafood to name the majority of them.

So I went to crossfit Monday and did the workout with no issue at all. i felt great. Then Wednesday came and I had an easy meeting to get to at the office so I had to skip crossfit. I am so lucky cause not only does my office have a free full service gym but them have a full locker room complete with showers.

So I managed to get a 3 mile run in and I did my own crossfit workout of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 thrusters using two 40lb dumbbells followed by a 100 meter row. I felt good and accomplished and I got my workout in way before my meeting.

Thursday morning was rough cause I woke to this…


Excuse the picture of feet. but you can tell that the right foot is slightly swollen then the left. I will tell you that the pain was horrible. I could barely get out of bed. Gout sucks and is the worst thing to get for a thirty year old male.

So I started drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water. This a home remedy I learned about when I worked part-time at the paper and had no health insurance. Drink this three times a day and it will also help you poop.

Friday I was still in a lot of pain but managed to make it through my work day. So glad it was Friday. I needed this weekend to relax and spend some much-needed time with my wife and kids. I was on the way home when this happened…


The story is quite simple and there is even a moral to it. I was at a stop light minding my own business. All the sudden I looked up and this young girl was coming up behind me at full speed looking at her cell phone and not at the road. She plowed into the back of my car. I felt fine at the accident but as anyone who has ever been in a wreck knows, is that you feel the pain the next morning. Despite a little back pain on Saturday, i felt amazing and my gout was slowly going away. The moral of this story is quite simple. GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONE WHEN DRIVING!!!! It’s not worth running into the back of someone’s car. The funny thing about this is that this is the third time in less than a year someone has run into my car. I can’t wait to call my insurance company in the morning.

Thanks universe!

I am very confident that this week will be better complete with good vibes and optimistic thinking. I am going to head back to the gym this week and get some more race training in. I have a long way to go before race season is finished.

Wish me luck!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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