Back With A Vengeance

IMG_3050 (1)So the last you heard I was recovering from my gout incident. I have to say  that was painful but now my leg is back to normal. I felt better and ready to hit the gym hard.

My car ended up being totaled and now I am in the process of getting my Dad’s truck put in my name. I have been very lucky to have my brother who is letting me use his truck until we solve all the legal matters.

Now when my foot was feeling better I  came back to the gym angry. Angry cause not only was I put on my butt for a week and missed so much, but I have a race coming up soon and I need to get my strength training in sometime.

So not only did I kill it in the gym but I managed to get four PRs in a two week period.

1 Mile Run- 7:10
Back Squat- 295
Squat Clean- 215
Snatch- 105

Now it is back to getting ready for The Greek Festival 5k and doing a lot of running, which I have ignored cause it has been way to hot these days.

NOTE: I will be doing more blogging then ever before. More great post coming your way so stay tuned.

IMG_2943 (1)

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I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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