Reality Check 

So I am thankful that today is Friday! I know it’s almost over but today was rough. I got my world rocked and the future is not certain. 

Today I got some not so good news. My mom suffered a stroke this morning that has left her numb on her left side. She can’t really speak and the doctors don’t know if she will make a full recovery. 

Days like today make your reality come into check. This reality is still sinking in. Losing a parent is not easy but it is a done deal. I have delt with that before. The problem is watching them suffer. Watching them struggle and not be able to help. That is what scares me. 

My mom has had a lot of heath issues. The past five years have been a struggle. She lost her foot, has congestive heart failure and is depressed. Somehow through all that she still manages to get up every morning. She is strong. 

Today I am feeling numb. I am scared. I am angry. I want my mom to feel better. I want her back. These next few weeks will be hard. 

I ask for prayers for my family and for peace during this time



Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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