My Hopes For 2017



Here we all are again about to start a new year. It is a chance to start over. A chance to work on things that we had put aside. 2016 was a hard year. From loosing tons of Hollywood legends to loosing my amazing mother, this year has been rough for everyone.

I always feel like when it comes to starting a new year, I want to make my resolutions realistic. I want them to be obtainable but also a challenge. I want them to push me, to motivate me, and to make me step out of my comfort zone. I want them to make me a better person and for my friends and family to see me as a better person.

In 2017, I want to…

Break the cycle of how the world sees Millennials.

I was on Facebook the other day and found a video that was not only enlightening bout my generation but was also spot on exactly why we are the way we are. The answer is very simple. My generation grew up thinking that we were special, that we should have everything handed to us quickly and in a hurry. This is true. I find myself angry when things take forever and I have to wait. My generation grew up with participation trophies being handed to us so we did not feel left out. The truth is we should not be rewarded for simply participating. We should only be rewarded if we put in good work and accomplish something. Nothing should be handed to us. If everyone gets a trophy or a medal for simply being there then what is the lesson? That is why my generation can’t stay at the same job. When asking someone in my generation if they are going to quit and they say yes, ask them why. I bet the answer is that they feel like they have not made some kind of difference. How can you do that if you only been at that company for 8 months? Change does not happen overnight. I want to break this cycle in my own life. To do that I am going to be patient, work harder, and realize that I am not special and there are somethings that I can’t do.

Put the electronics down.

This coming year  I want to break free from electronics. I want to be able connect with people on a more face to face level. When my wife and I go out to dinner I am going to leave my phone behind and enjoy a real conversation with my wife. When going to bed, I am going to plug all my computers, iPads, and iPhones downstairs so that I can enjoy being in my room without any distractions. No more looking at Instagram at midnight cause I can’t sleep. To leave my phone at my desk when going into a meeting to show I am there to listen and that I care about what is going on my with coworker’s dad who has been sick for a while. My hope in doing this is to strengthen my relationships and to be a better husband, father, coworker, brother, and friend.

Get a handle on my nutrition.

When my mom passed away I ate my feelings and now I have gained 20 pounds that I am not sure is muscle, fat, or a combination of the two, Anyways, I want to venture out into the world of clean eating and really look at what my body is consuming. I want to track all my meals and meal prep. I want to really research different recipes and try new foods. I think this may be the year I finally get over my fear of bananas.

Train harder then ever before.

Now that I have my gym in the garage, there is no reason not to train harder, I am literally surrounded by exercise equipment. I have my local crossfit gym, Crossfit MNC, my home gym, and my gym at work. There really is no reason for me to be fat and not be in the best shape of my life. So this year I want to train hard. I want to burn at least 900 calories a day and I want to workout twice a day. I want to push myself. I have a Spartan Race in April that I am going to do with some friends at my gym so I need to be ready.

Blog more and more and more…

I know I am the worse about this, I always go really hard for a couple of weeks and then stop posting. It amazes me that I still have readers on this site. You guys must really love me. My goal is to blog up to three times a week. I want to keep you informed in whats going on in my life, share some articles that I found, post pics of the kids and our adventures, and to share cool and exciting new recipes I come across. I can’t wait to share my Disney World vacation with you guys or my Spartan Race and other great things I have planned. I can’t wait to get started.

2017 is going to be a great year. I am going to Disney World in less then 75 days. I have an amazing family. I am have the best friends and coworkers, I even have the best gym family. I know this year will be a challenge but with hard work and motivation and with the help of my favorite blog friends, I know this year will be great.

Here is to 2017!

Author: tfun2662

I am 30 something year old and I love to write about everything!

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