The Last 3 Days Part 2- Back To Epcot!

On day 6 we found ourselves going back to Epcot. We had a reservation at the royal banquet hall to have breakfast with the princesses. The time to be there was 8:10. We overslept but the nice people at Disney let us move our reservation to 9. We made it with a couple of minutes to spare. It involved my running with the stroller to the other end of the park but I made it.

It was a awesome breakfast and we were greeted by Belle and took a few photos with her.

Then we were seated and were greeted by some famous faces…

Snow White

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

and finally Cinderella

After breakfast we flew over the world on Soarin’ which was a pretty cool ride. While the girls were riding it. I took the kids to see the fishes.

We then got to ride Living the Land which was also cool. It is a boat ride that goes in a huge greenhouse where all the veggies are grown for all the Disney parks.

Then it was time for lunch in Mexico at The San Angel Inn. It was really good Mexican food and it was like you were dining outside of a Myan temple. K-Dub was too tired to eat so she took a nap on the table.

Then we got to ride on Fast Track which lets you build a custom car and then test drive it.

After that ride it was time to meet Mickey and his friends.

After a long day at Epcot we were ready for dinner. We were suppose to go to the Aloha show but we decided to skip not as we were full from lunch still. So we came back to the hotel and ordered a pizza and I took K-Dub swimming. It was nice to have some down time before we started our last day.

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