Happy Birthday Hayden Bug! 

I know it’s July 4th and we are suppose to be celebrating with hamburgers, hotdogs, and fireworks, but toe years ago this holiday became about someone. My sweet niece Hayden came into this world. She has be nothing more then a pleasure to have as a niece. 

Happy Birthday Hayden Bug! Your uncle and aunt loves you very much! We can’t wait to see you today! 

(22) Duke The Snowman


Since we had a crazy snow storm this week, I decided, with the help from my sister-in-law, to make my first snowman. It had been a while since I had worked on my 25 things to do list and I know that this was number 22. I wanted to go ahead and knock it out.

First thing was to gather snow DUH!I got it off all the cars and off any flat surface I could find. We had a layer of ice on the ground and under that was even more snow. After you make your base you have to make the middle and the head of your snowman.

Once you make the two sections, you have to stack them and pack snow around them so they don’t fall off. Once you have them stable enough then you can decorate them.

I have to admit that since this was my first time making a snowman, I did not have all the normal stuff you would use for facial features. I ended up using some of K-Dub’s block for the eyes and some bent coat hanger for arm. To give it a better touch, I put a foam finger on the end and my Duke on his head. To top it off, I wrapped my scarf around of his neck.

Duke the Snowman was complete!

22. Build a Snowman-  Completed on 02/13/2014

(#10) Turkey Disaster To Turkey Prefection


The last piece of pie has been ate, the leftovers have been wrapped, and my brain is still in a turkey hangover. Yes everyone, Thanksgiving has now passed and I have to say it went off without an issue. Ok so I just lied to you. Here is the story.

Tuesday night I had to brine my turkey I made the brine and put the turkey in the brine bag and it looked like this-


Then I went to put the brine in the roasting pan and the bag busted and brine got all over my kitchen. So I spent two hours mopping brine off the floor. It was not the best night ever.

So that was my disaster for Thanksgiving. I then got up at 6:00 AM and finished preparing my turkey and started to cook it. Three hours later it looked like this-


Let me tell you that was the best turkey ever!!! I have to say I was worried but my first turkey was awesome.

I then started cooking all the other dishes and even had to have a few glasses of wine AKA holiday medicine. As you can see we had quite a spread.

The whole lunch went great. The food was amazing and everyone had a great time. I really enjoyed my first Thanksgiving hosting. Will I do it again? Oh hell yes!!!


#10- Make Thanksgiving all by myself – Completed on 11/28/2013


Reasons My Thanksgiving Dinner Could Go Wrong

We are one week away from Thanksgiving! WOOT! WOOT! I am getting excited and a little scared. This time next week I will be slaving over a hot stove and tearing my hair out trying to put on an awesome meal. I hope you enjoyed the video above cause that song is now in my head and I will be singing all day next week.

This will be the first time I ever cooked Thanksgiving ever. I am so nervous that I am going to mess it up. I sat in my thinking chair which is in the living, while K-Dub was bouncing along with Mickey Mouse and “The Hotdog Dance” gang, thinking about every possible scenario that could go wrong next Thursday.

My biggest fear is that my turkey comes out either undercooked or dry. I have never made a turkey before and all week I have sat at my computer at work and googled “How to make a turkey”. Lets face it. The turkey is the nucleus of the meal and if that is not good, people just turned their nose up at the rest of your meal. It’s a Thanksgiving fact.

Another fear of mine is that my relatives get into a fight. I could just something being said or someone foaming from the mouth thinking they are funny and then someone taking it the wrong way. The next thing you know you are cleaning blood out of the carpet and the police are putting Uncle Willey in the back of a police car. Maybe I am being a little dramatic or its the wine that I drank while writing this but family arguments are always a holiday tradition in my family. Oh, and I don’t have an Uncle Willey.

One of my fears is the possibility of having too much sauce. By sauce, I mean wine. The last thing I need to happen is for everyone to find me in the coat closet pretending I am camping. This actually happened but not on Thanksgiving and I was also trying to make smores out of people’s shoes. I know that its weird. I better pace myself.

So here is to a hope to be awesome Thanksgiving. With only a week left to prepare, lets see if I can keep the disasters down to a minimum. Good luck to you all too!

(2) In My New House And Ready To Blog!


Sorry it has been too long since my last entry. I have now moved everything in the new house and we are almost all the way unpacked. I have most of the room completely done but there are a few big ones like my bedroom where I am still trying to find places to put stuff. I knew we were going to have more space but I never thought we would have so much of it.

The best thing about moving into a newly built house is that everything is brand new. From the floors to the appliances, you know you are the first person to use it. I like that very much considering I don’t have to worry about any issues for a few years. I also like that when I am upstairs I can’t hear anything downstairs. This make TV watching and relaxing much easier. Finally I am able to use my living room again!

Unfortunately, there are more bad things that come with a new house. I am constantly finding things wrong that should not be the way they are. For example, my wife goes to brush her teeth in out now double sink bathroom (yes I am so excited about that!!) and finds that her sink only gives out hot water. Also, my mother-in-law stayed with us recently and went to take a shower in the kids bathroom and the metal cover where the water comes out shoot across the tub and cuts her foot! Plumbing has not been the only issue. It’s hard to get mail delivered on a street that has been built recently cause it does not show up on any GPS, It took me two weeks and nine phone calls to get my trash service to deliver my new cans. I also had to deal with new construction the street behind us, which is so loud that the baby can’t seem to take her naps.

The whole buying a house experience has been one I would still do over again if I had to. There is something very rewarding about owning your own home. B and I are very happy to have a place to call home and that we have no more packing and moving in our future anytime soon.

#2 Buy a House- Completed on 09/13/2013

On another note, I know things have been very crazy lately with me and I have not posted anything in a while. I have been thinking of changing the name of this blog to something that reflects my personality a lot more. I also want to post more and since now I have the time to do it, I want to take advantage of it. I do apologize for my long absence and I am proud to say that I am back and newly committed to the blog. I have some great new stories as well as some new recipes that feature my new love, my crock pot! So if any of you are still keeping up with this blog, I ask you not to give up on me. I am back and ready to blog!

(2) Our New Project


Brittney and I have had a busy year. We have become parents and now we are working in phase two of our plan. We are building a house.

This picture was taken two weeks ago and now there is more to our house than this. We have walls, doors, and windows now. We are so excited to be in a new home in a little under two months.

We are now in the process of pick things out for the new house like paint, lighting and furniture. We have a lot of work ahead of us and we also have a lot of hard decisions. I will post more pictures as the house is going up.

Have a good day and talk to you all soon. I have some other great stories to tell so stay tuned.

(#5) 10 Weeks Till Parenthood

Well we are almost finished. I can’t believe it’s almost here and I feel so unprepared. I think I have done a good job up until now about not panicking but I am full panick mode now. There is still so much to be done before Karsyn gets here. I still have to put the last finishing touches on her room. Trying to organize has been the hardest thing.

I guess every new dad goes through things like this. The constant thoughts like “Am I ready for this?” or “What if I screw this up?” These are the kind of thoughts I have had for the past few weeks. I am scared that this is going to be something I fail at miserably cause I know nothing about babies or how to take care of them. I guess it is time to break out the baby book for another refresher course.

On the brighter side, my family did receive some awesome news last night. My brother and his wife are expecting their second child. I am so happy for them and they are already wonderful parents to my niece Charlee. I am so excited for being an uncle for the second time. Its going to be amazing!

Time For The Final Frontier! (#5)


So just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported The Skinny Man Project. It’s been an adventure already but soon it will be worth it. Unlike this blog, it will be updated everyday to every other day.

This weekend my mother surprised us with a crib and mattress. So after putting that together we looked at our almost done baby room and decided we needed to decorate.


The week before we had went to four Michael’s craft stores to find the letter S. After that messed up episode of Sesame Street we found it. The plan now is to paint them and hang them on the wall.

Today is a really exciting day for Brittney and I as we enter our third trimester. We are on the home stretch and can’t wait for this pregnancy to e over. Karsyn is going to be a lucky girl to have so much love surround her. She already melts my heart. I am one proud Dad to be.

The Skinny Man Project!

As most of you know I have been struggling with #9 for the past few months. I have decide to take a more viral approach to complete this task.  I have come up with The Skinny Man Project.

This project has been created due to the crazy amount of information I have found about weight loss and exercise. It is crazy. I decided to take my journey and share it just like I do on here.

The new blog is just getting started and I have been working on getting material together that I want to share with you as I start this new journey. So please take a look and follow it to show your support. I will still post on this blog as well. This project is one I have been working on for a while and I am so excited to share my journey with you.

Let the project begin!

#18 See The Braves Play One More Time


Have a lot of new things to post in the next couple of days. I know my posting has not been very fruitful as some would say. I can at least tell you that life has happened a lot in the past few months. Been doing a lot of traveling and preparing for Baby Karsyn’s arrival.
I am not going to make a lot of excuses but I promise things will get better readers.

Moving on, I just was going threw my list of 25 things to do and found that I have completed number 18. Here is the story.

As far as my last post goes, Brittney did stop shouting Adele lyrics at me and we made it to Atlanta around 8:30 that night. We got checked in and passed out. Not really a story there. Sorry.

The next morning we went down and had breakfast with the family. Charlee Bell was in rare form and so was I. After laughing and talking about the days plans, we were off on our crazy trip to see the Braves.

I am going to take sometime here to say that I love Atlanta but I hate driving in this city. There are cars everywhere and people will pass you doing at least 85 mph. I was so stressed driving to the stadium that for a second I thought my hands were glued at the 10 and 2 position. Just saying.

After finally finding a parking spot, which costs us $20, we got to the front gate at Turner Field. This game was really special cause it was Chipper Jone’s last game. The game was great cause the Braves won. I even got a special cup with a printed Chipper autograph on it.

All and all, the trip was fun. After the game it started to rain and we made a quick stop in Alpharetta to have dinner with my Uncle David and Aunt Mikki. The road trip home was not so fun cause it was late and raining and my  very pregnant wife was not comfortable at all. So now that we got our last trip for a while done its time to focus on getting ready for Karsyn’s arrival.

More stuff is coming so keep checking in.

#18 See The Braves play one more time- Completed on 09/29/2012