The Past Week

First off let me start by saying thank you to all who called, emailed, texted, commented on our latest blog entry about losing Tanner. Our family really has felt loved. It has been an adjustment without him around but we are moving forward the best we can.

The past week has been insane. Football season has begun and I got the opportunity to go to the opening preseason game. It was a lot of fun.

I have recently stopped my individual plan at my crossfit gym and decided on a new goal. I am training for my first ever physique show in 2018. I have a new coach who has me working out six days a week and has me on a high protein and high calorie diet. I am very excited to step out of the realm of crossfit and start something that is extremely new to me. I have never worked out at a real gym before and I have already learned so much. I can’t wait to see my body change and compete at a whole new level.

My wife is continuing her weight loss journey and has lost over 10 pounds and continues to stay committed. I am so beyond proud of her and I really want her to they one the classes at the new gym cause I am sure she would love. Her meal prep skills are off the chain.

The girls are the girls. Evie is still sassy and mean but I love her. All K-Dub wants to do these days is watch Powerpuff Girls and do spin jumps.

More on some of the events tomorrow.

My Night With The Avengers


Well I finally saw Marvel’s The Avengers last night and I must say it was a very fun evening. I forgotten how crazy a movie theater could get!

Brittney and I arrived and met our friends Andy and Melissa for dinner and drinks and then headed over to the theater and I have to say I got my $10 worth.

There was tons of people there and there was even a group of workers dress for the occasion! Waiting in the lobby to get in the movie was just as fun as the movie itself.

I kept tweeting pictures (@tylerfun) as they let us pose with them. Finally the doors opened and we were ready to see this thing.

The movie theater was packed. I am glad we got there early cause we would not have been able to sit together if we were late. When the movie started the packed theater got silent and the real fun started.

The movie was awesome. It was everything I hoped and knew it was going to be. Brittney even liked it and she has never seen any of the other movies besides Iron Man. It had so much action in it and it also had moments that were quite funny. If you have not seen it yet then do yourself a favor and get to the theater. I give it a well deserved A

My Superhero’s Amazing Powers

S is for Superman

If i were a superhero, my powers would be super strength, the ability to fly, and to control people minds. I know most superheros have only one power but I am special so sorry.

I would like to be strong so I could lift heavy things like couches up a three floor walk up. I think that would be awesome to just lift my car up with my finger to change the oil. I also would have no problem with straining my muscles.

I think flying would be awesome because you would never even need a car or and mode of transportation. I could just fly any where I wanted. The only problem with that would be people shooting at you thinking you were some crazy terrorist or something, You would have to have a good dental plan to get all the bugs out of your teeth and not to mention always having to wash the bird poop out of your hair. I still think that being able to fly would be really sweet and cheap.

The ability to control minds is a awesome gift to have. You would never not get the job or even be fired, You could just look in there eyes and and tell them what you wanted them to do for you. I could have used this in childhood when it came to making my brother do my housework for me. Life would be awesome. You could even use it to solve all these crazy issues we have in the world.

I wish I was a superhero. That would be the coolest thing ever. I would be so popular and everyone would love me. I think I would even save some lives while I was at. I also think I would be a little selfish with my gifts.

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