Happy Easter!!!!

So it is that time of year where we get our kids dressed up in the finest outfits and get their pictures made so we can show them to our friends and get the “oh your kids are so cute” reaction. Yes that is what I am fixing to do here.

We recently had the girls get their pictures made for Easter cause I mean how cute can that be? Real cute as it turns out and let me be the first to say that my kids are beyond cute.

Anyways HAPPY EASTER from our family to yours! Enjoy you Easter Sunday this week!

My Uber-tastic Saturday

So this past Saturday I decided to take my life and time in my own hand and make some extra money. This was totally legal. What did I decide to do? I became a driver for Uber.

I have been scared ever since I got the approval letter telling me that I was welcome to the family and to get out there and drive. I was just really nervous cause I did not know how I felt about having total strangers in my car. What if I got robbed or killed.

Charlotte is not that big of a city so how hard could this be. So I went and washed my car and vaccumed all the dirt out and wiped the dash. To make my passengers feel extra special, I put bottles of water and plastic bags in my doors so if anyone got sick they could handle it and I did not get it all in my car.

The time came on Saturday to head to Charlotte. I pay to park at The Sherton Hotel so I parked there and went live on my Uber driver app. Soon within seconds I had a request. They were at the front of the hotel. I drove up and saw a group of three girls. They wanted to go to the Epic Center. I have no idea why they wanted a ride cause its only two blocks away but they got in and I made the trip.

After they got out and left me a $4 tip I went on to make a total of 7 trips that night in a two hour timeframe. I could not believe how fast time was flying. I got ride after ride and I had to make myself go home.

The people were nice in general and riders love to talk, LOVE TO TALK! I heard all about a girl’s man problems and how she was independent and no man was going to define her. It was clear this lady was intoxicated.

So how much money did I make in two hours? I made $30 with a $4 tip. Not bad for only 7 trips. Another question is if I will ever do it again. I think I might wait till football season starts and Uber people around from the bar to the stadium. The fare and surge goes up during special events so it would be nice to make some extra money around the holidays.

Live From The Road- I Am On Vacay! 


We are officially on vacation! That’s right readers, we are on the way to the beach for a quick vacation to enjoy this summer weather. Ready to get my toes in the sand and cold drink in my hand (water of course)! 

Thanks to our house sitter for watching The Tan Man while we are gone. You guys have fun! 


Someone Had A Crazy Day!

So my wife comes home from SAMs last night and tells me to get Karsyn out of the car while she unloads everything. I go to the car and get her and bring her in. She is wearing a hoodie so I take it off and this is what I found. I laughed so hard!


She Has No Idea What Easter Is But Look At All The Cool Stuff!


Karsyn had her first Easter on Sunday and this girl got so much stuff. I think the Easter Bunny may have went a little overboard but it’s this kids first Easter. She did not even know what was going on. I am not going to lie that I was pretty jealous the Easter Bunny did not bring anything for me. I had to get up Monday morning a race to Target and get 50% off Reese’s Easter Eggs. Was it worth the trip? Hell yes!!!

A New Me With Better Hair


The past couple of weeks I have been giving a lot of thought into my overall appearance and I decided to change things up a bit. I recently grew my beard and started to fix my hair in the mornings. Let me tell you, the reaction has been nothing but positive. I am getting so many compliments at work and my own family. Brittney also seems to like it very much. It’s amazing what a razor and and a little gel can do!

Happy Mornings With Daddy!

Yesterday was my first day watching Karsyn all by myself. It was actually not that hard. I was so nervous but my amazing wife told me that I would do fine and not to worry.

We spent the morning playing and she kept smiling and then we had lunch with Mommy. We even went to Grandma’s house to see her. I also managed to keep Karsyn on her nap and feeding schedule and even found time to clean the kitchen and fold Karsyn’s laundry. I was really a super dad yesterday. It also gave me time to bond with my little girl. Love her so much!


Someone Is Ready For March Madness!


Karsyn wanted me to share with you guys her inner Duke fan. She loves Duke but not as much as her dad. We will be cheering them on tomorrow night as they play Creighton during the third round of the NCAA Tournament. GO DUKE!!!