Ponys & Country Roads

We had a complete Saturday filled with birthday parties. When you become a parent these types of weekends are normal. You have to plan your shopping trips in accord to make sure you get enough presents for the party that you are scheduled to attend. Its the circle of life.

My niece Hayden was born on the Fourth of July so her parents had the party the next weekend so we headed down for a My Little Pony birthday party. The house was completley decorated and looked amazing. The kids played outside in a pool. K-Dub had a ball.

After singing to the birthday girl it was time to move onto party number two. This one was all the way on the back roads of Anson County, which is my old stomping grounds.

On the way out there I was was reminded about how beautiful those country roads can be. I would not move out there but it was still a pretty site.

This party was for a friend of my wife’s little girl. I have to say that I never felt more comfortable with a group of strangers then I did at that party. Everyone was nice and greeted us and talked with us. It was nice.

The Smarter The House

The past couple of days I have been obsessed with making my house smarter. I have researched this for the past few weeks and decided on a few products that I wanted.

The first thing I got was a camera. I put this thing in the house and now I have a live view of what is going on at all times. Its great for when I want to look in on the dogs or if I want to know what is going on when I am away.

The second thing I got was electronic lock for the door. This lets me know when my doors are locked and who unlocked it. I can even give guest an individual digital key so they can come in anytime. It automatically locks when my wife and I leave and are in so many feet from the house.

Now I have some upcoming projects around the house to make it more smarter and energy efficient. I want to get a wifi enabled garage door opener, some wifi outlets and some energy saving light bulbs. Maybe I could cut down on my electric bill by doing this.

Have you made your house a little smarter? Tell me about it.

My Best Friend Dad.

This Sunday is Father’s Day. I am very excited but just like the past two years I am sad. It is hard to believe my dad has been gone three years this October.

It is a crazy feeling not having parents. You have no one to call and just talk to about things. My dad was a great listener. He would not give his two cents unless you asked. He would tell me if I was wrong, tell me it would be ok, and he always told me he loved me. He was my rock in many ways. Now I sit here and I catch myself listening to his voicemails and how he would always start them off with “Hey Tyler, Its your Dad!” like I did not know who I was talking to.

I read about the latest political scandals going on and all the things that President Trump is doing and I know that if my father were alive he would have a field day. I always told my dad to start a blog. It would have been a great blog full of his personal insight. My dad was very opinionated so his blog would have been an amazing read.

My dad always loved movies and he loved Marvel movies. Every time one would come out he raced to the theater on opening night to be one of the first to see it. Sometimes he waited for me to go with him. Going to the movies with my dad was one our favorite things to do together. It was our time to bond. Now I may not make it to opening night but I do go and see the newest Marvel every chance I get.

One of the things my dad had that he loved was his truck. He was always so proud of his truck. After he passed away I got it and made it my own but all of his things are still in it. Sometimes when I am driving I reach up and grab his hanging cross on his rear view mirror and say “Love you Dad”.

One thing he loved more then me was K-Dub. I don’t care what anyone thinks but he loved my oldest daughter more then anything. I am 95% sure she was his favorite grandchild. He always came and saw her to play with her. She loved him and still today, she asks me about him. I miss watching them bond. It was something very special. I know that if he was here today then he would love Evie. They would have been great friends.

As the years have come and gone I don’t think missing him ever gets easier. Its just around this time of year I miss having a dad to honor. I miss being able to pick of the phone and call him. He was taken from me so soon and I did not even get a chance to say goodbye. Life is not always far and things happen. People die and it is sometimes ones that are real close to you. My dad maybe be died but his memories are still with me. His advice still guides me, his love is still in my heart. Just when I can’t think of a better gift, he still there to remind me what is most important.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

Epcot- It Really Is A Small World. 

So today we went to EPCOT! 

I must say it was cold for it to be Florida weather but we managed. The first thing we did this morning was have breakfast at the famous Chef Mickey’s! 

Then it was time to head to the park. We started our day at the Finding Nemo ride. 

Then we headed lunch at The Coral Reef, which was by far my favorite

Then we went around the world and looked at the beautiful gardens in the park. 

We went traveling around the world where it got a little romantic…

Later it was time for me to keep a promise to K-Dub and take her to meet Elsa and Anna

Then we had to ride Frozen Ever After. 

I am not sure what I was doing and I was clearly not prepared for the ride photo 

We also had to let the kids run around and blow off some steam. 

We finished the day with dinner at Biergarden in Germany. It was ok and good. Then watched to fireworks. Here are some othe great pics from our day. 

PTomorrow we hit up Magic Kingdom again.  It’s going to be fun. 

Animal Kingdom- Its A Jungle Out There! 

Today was day three of our trip and we spent the day at none other then Animal Kingdom! It was awesome seeing the big tree of life up close. 

We made our way to ride Everest first! 

We are the ones in the back 

After we did that we went on an awesome safari. 

We of course we had to get some sweets. 

The we went on some Dino rides with kids and met a few new friends. Also stroller naps do wonders for a tired and out of control kid. 

After that we had lunch in a rainforest. 

There was a little thunderstorm but it was cool. 

After a good meal my buddy and I went on the more adult and scary dinosaur ride. My face will say it all….

Here is a better pic

After everyone went on that and a few other things we had dinner with Mickey and some safari pals at Tusker House. 

I even made a new BFF…

Then it started to rain and rain and rain some more. We did manage to ride the rapid ride and it was awesome and wet…very wet…we got soaked! 

It was an awesome day but I am tired. Tomorrow we go around the world in Epcot! 

Hollywood Studios- Star Wars, Toy Story And Terror- Part 2 

After toy story we split up and I took the girls to meet Chip and Dale. Those kids were a hoot. 

Soon we met Pluto on the street walking back from a meet and greet. He was nice to show the kids some attention. 

We the decided to venture out and ride the Tower of Terror which is a must do. 

Then we rode Aerosmith and I was terrified even worse the Tower of Terror. Look at my face. 

It was a fun day but I am tired and I need to sleep. We have a lot of Animal Kingdom to explore tomorrow. 

Hollywood Studios- Star Wars And Toy Story And Terror

So we just finished our day at Holly Studios and I am tired. After almost being arrested by a Stormtrooper, The guys decided to go wait in line for Star Tours. It was awesome. As a Star Wars fan it did not disappoint. 

After we finished the ride the had a stage show  and it was awesome! 

While we saw our favorite Star Wars characters, the girls took the kids to see Mickey and Minnie. 

By the time we met up it was time to chill in Andy’s room and play Toy Story Mania and we met a few other soldiers.