My 25 All Time To Do List

It has taken me a while to come up with 25 things I want to do in my life. I had to do some real soul-searching. i made a list of these things and I am going to complete them. It may take days, months, or years but these things will be done. I will share with you every time I complete one of my 25 things to do. I will also try to post a picture so that you can have proof!

  1. Go to New York City
  2. Buy a house- 09/13/2013
  3. Meet a celebrity
  4. Visit Disney World
  5. Have a baby- 01/21/2013
  6. Take Brittney to see Keith Urban in concert/
  7. Go on a road trip to somewhere new
  8. Take a cruise
  9. Get down to 200 pounds
  10. Make Thanksgiving dinner by myself- 11/28/2013
  11. Go to another drive in movie
  12. Play the slots in Vegas
  13. Take my kids to the movies
  14. Drink nothing but water for 6 months
  15. Take Brittney dancing
  16. Go skydiving!
  17. Bake a 3 layer cake
  18. See The Braves play one more time- 09/29/2012
  19. Spend an entire weekend with my niece
  20. Take a picture of something amazing
  21. Be in two places at once
  22. Build a snowman- 02/13/2014
  23. Go to London
  24. Get a photo or writing piece published
  25. Go scuba diving or para-sailing

8 thoughts on “My 25 All Time To Do List”

    1. Yea number 21 is going to be a little tough but I have a plan on how to do it. There is a lot on this list that either have not done or I want to do again. After I get most of these completed I already in the process of making a list of new things to do. That might not be posted till next year. I want to get as many things on my current list knocked out as I can. Thanks for your support. I am finding that #9 is the hardest right now. Been trying to get that one done for months.

  1. Awesome idea for a blog! Your list is inspiring too. You mixed in a few “I can easily do this” items with the “it’s going to take some real dedication to do this” items. Good luck, we’ll keep reading.

  2. Such a great list! 😀
    I especially love how ‘Get down to 200 pounds’ is soon followed by ‘bake a 3 layered cake’ hehe 🙂
    It looks like your wife has a lot to look forward to also 🙂 I think I’ll have to get my future husband to conjure a similar list…
    Haha 🙂

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