When The Waves Get Too High And Sea Chickens Fly Too Low!

A lot has happen in the past few weeks. Some have been good and others have been bad. I have always been told that the best thing about bad days is that they end. Why do we have these day where we want to just rip the first face off that smiles to us? I should not complain because things could be a lot worse. Let me tell you about the bad news first.

Southport in June of 2010

I went on this interview for a job I was really excited about. I had made it to the second round of interviews and I left there feeling very secure that I was going to get the job. I came home from work a few days later and found that the position had been canceled. I was very upset and felt that it was just another slap in the face. This job was going to make me and my girlfriends life so much better. I guess it was not my time yet. I have been waiting for a long time for a opportunity like this to come along. I am now feeling like I am stuck in third shift hell and there is no escape. When will it be my time?

The second bad thing of the week was that I found out that my Great Aunt Pat had passed away Tuesday morning. She was the last one of my grandma’s siblings. She was only about 64. I guess people on my Mom’s side of the family die real young. Thats why my Mom always says she is going to die soon anyways. Aunt Pat was a very sweet lady. She was so full of happiness and love. She could get a whole room to smile by the sound of her intoxicating laugh. I am going to miss her and I will never be able to forget her.

Chilling on the beach with my love!

I don’t like to focus on the bad a lot but you get the jest of how my week has been but now let’s get to the good stuff. My girlfriend took me down to Holden beach about two weeks ago and it was great to finally get away. We had such a great time. I took her out on the beach at sunset and we laid on a blanket and just talked for a few hours. The next morning I got her up at five and we went and got some coffee and watched the sunrise together. After going back to the house and taking a short nap we got up again and spent the whole day on the beach. We got burnt so bad! Then we enjoyed a cookout with her family and went to bed to get ready to come home the next day.

We had a great fourth of July too. Brittney had to work so I had to wait on her to get off so we could finalize our plans. I ended up hanging with my best friends Cattie and Tristan. When Brittney finally got off work we headed down to Carowinds and watched the fireworks there. The only bad thing about that was we were in traffic for an hour and a half trying to get home. It was a great holiday and great first one for Brittney and I.

Happy 4th of July!!!

This week my girlfriend and I really started to talk about our future and when we would want to get married. We know we want to do it on the beach and just have a small wedding of 50 of out closest family and friends. It was great to talk about this with her. I have not proposed yet and I am not ready to do that yet but it is coming. I am thinking sooner that she knows.

I know that life can be hard and unexpected but that is why we have to keep moving forward. I really should start taking my own advice. This had been a rough couple of days and I know now not to sweat the small stuff and put my best foot forward. Beware of sea chicken(seagulls) cause they will poop on your head. I just thought I would throw that in there.

The One Question Every Girl Wants To Be Asked! Or Not?

I have been dating my girlfriend for a while and I am madly in love with her. She is my best friend. I can tell her anything I want to without being judge or fear that she would kill me. She always knows how to make my day better. She rubs my neck when she knows I am tired or worked too hard. The main point is that I know without a shadow of doubt that this girl is going to be my wife someday. I have decided to to take our relationship to the next level and ask her the BIG question.

Most girls do wait for this question their whole lives it seems. To have that one prince charming come along and sweep them off their feet to a happy ever after. I have found that others dread this and I wonder, why? I have these two friends of mine that have been their for me through thick and thin. We all met in college and I was at first shocked to hear they were dating. They have been together now for over a year and now my friend (The boyfriend) wants to propose to the other friend(The girlfriend).

This would be a good thing but they both have different views when it comes to getting married. The guy is ready to settle down and get married and have a family. He has a good job and working on moving out of his parents house. The girl does not know if she really wants to get married or at least she pretends to.

I always thought that when you are in a relationship it is important to be on the same page with your partner on everything that is life changing. Maybe some couples see it differently. Is it that important that couples agree on every big issue before marriage? Maybe some people can get by with it. Do you think that it will eventually come back to bite you in the ass, or can couples live in a shadow of denial? If you agree on everything, does that mean you are too a like?

I know that this may sound cocky but me and my girlfriend get along great. We agree on every issue and we talk about everything. I know where she is coming from and the same with her. I don’t know what the future holds for us but I have a feeling that it is a good one. I hope that this was helpful to some of you and if not then it was more of me thinking out loud.

On Your Own

I have been living on my own for six months now and I have found it to be the most greatest experience I have ever had. I was a little worried when I first went out into the world. I remember thinking to myself, “can I do this?” I was amazed to find that after the first two months its easier to get in a routine. This way you know what bills are coming when and what day you must pay them. I also found that when it comes to food, you need to carry four rules with you at all times.

1. Always bring the leftovers home.

2. Supermarket savings cards are your best friend.

3. No food is thrown away.

4. Eat it before it goes bad.

I am a firm believer that everything does happen for a reason. When I first moved into my apartment I had a serious issue with my roommate. He was always complaining and treated me like I was living for him. He told me when I could and could not have people over. This is no way for roommates to act. If you are paying for your half of the bills then you should be able to do anything you want to do. I can at least say that the roommate I am speaking about no longer lives with me. I have two roommates that so happen to be family so I have not had a issue with them at all. Sometimes they can be a little messy but so can I. Every roommate needs to find a solid ground and work up from there.

I can at least say that living on my own has been a hard experience and a good one. I have had months where I was struggling but the best part about that is that you know that you can’t struggle forever. I have months where it was easy but the one thing I have learned is to enjoy every moment and not to trade them for anything.

What my living room used to look like. i have totally redone it since then

Love In A Man’s World

A lot of things have been said about men and love. It’s really easy to make fast opinions when you are a women or you have never truly been in love. I can’t speak for men everywhere but what I can say, for me, love does truly exist and I am in it. I have the butterflies in my stomach and the willingness to get out of bed. My girlfriend and I have never been happier. I have found myself going out of my way to make her happy even if it is something as small as bringing her coffee at work. I even rub her feet after a long day!

I have found that some men do not treat their women this way. I know this could be a shock to all you ladies out there but men can be real idiots. I have friends that have dated guys that just treat them like crap but they keep going back to them when they call. Why do women do that? I guess I am a hopeless romantic but I could not treat my girlfriend like that.

Ladies , the only advice I can give is to keep your head up. There are nice guys out there and they will treat you like you are a diamond. Everyone is always on their own search for love and that means men are too. They might not admit it but they are searching for Ms. Right. So just keep your heads up high and it will happen when you least expect it.

Blessed Beyond Words

I just wanted to take some time to be thankful for the relationships I have in my life. I blessed to have a wonderful girlfriend who loves me even when times are tough. She understands me and I can’t wait to put a ring on that finger. She is my best friend and I will do anything for her. My family has always been there for me no matter what. They are my rock and I would not be here without them. My friends are always there to support me and they show everyday that they care. I have been through a lot this year and its great to have a strong support system. I love each and everyone of them. I have spent this year trying to find what the next big thing is next in my life. I guess when you are 24 years old  you have to find what works for you. Life is a journey and sometimes its fun and other times its hard. That is when you need good people in your life to pull you up when you fall down.

Welcome To My World

Hello World,

I have never really blogged before but I have written a lot of papers about different issues in the world. I am 24 and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I just finished college a year ago and I can tell you I am feeling the pain of finding a job. My family and friends have always told me that I have a voice and its time mine is heard. I decided to to start this blog and talk about everything and anything that comes to my head. There will be no issue that is not safe and no one is safe from my keyboard. I will also share some of my own life experiences too. I can say that some of them will be funny and some will be sad. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Please leave a comments and questions and I will be glad to respond.