Back At It Again

It has been a long time since my last entry. There really are no other excuses other then life happens and that sometimes breaks are a must. That does not mean that I am not ever coming back. It just means that my time was spent on more important things like my kids and family.

There last entry I posted was in February and so many things have happened since then. Let me take a second and update you.

K-Dub is getting big. I sometimes cannot believe she is five cause I swear in the last few months she has hit a growth spurt. She looks more like she is 7. In my last update I told you she was starting dance. She has since had her first ever recital and loves it. We have plans for her to re-enroll in the fall.

Speaking of enrollment… K-Dub is starting Kindergarten in less then three weeks! Where did the time go? We were very lucky she got accepted at one of the local charter schools near where we live. She is excited and this weekend I am going to start gathering her school supplies while BrittWhitFun gets her school uniforms. I just can’t believe that we are finally at this moment and it makes me sad and joyful.

Evie is a force of nature. She has been getting big also. She has really come around on the loving Dad front and now she never wants to leave my side unless Mom is around. She has been really trying to grasp this whole potty training thing. She has #1 down by #2 has been a really struggle for not only her but for Mom and Dad. I may have stepped on poop while putting her on the potty. It just kind of rolled out of her underwear. Sorry. I hope you were not eating when you read this.

We have tried to transition Evie from her crib to toddler bed but it was a disaster so we decided to keep the crib a little longer. She is just not ready and until she is fully potty trained she really needs to stay in her crib.

Here are some of the other highlights of the past few months:

My SIL got married back in April. 

K-Dub learned to swim

My brother and I could not be better

My brother dressed like a lady for charity

I decided to take on swimming

Easter was a lot of fun.

We went to the Zoo

I won Coordinator of the Quarter

Had a great Mother’s Day Mingle At The Mint Event

Got a Vasectomy and my wisdom teeth out in the same month

K-Dub graduated from Preschool

BrittWhitFun and I celebrated 7 years of marriage

I tried float therapy and like it and did not drown

I did a build for Habitat for Humanity

Enjoyed 4th of July with friends

What is next for the family? We have a lot of things coming up. K-Dub starting school, Evie is turning 3 and we are heading back to Disney World in less then 90 days and I am not even close to being ready!

As always comments are appreciated and I can’t wait to here from you.


Another Beach Day

I can’t believe it is July! Wow! Where has the year gone? We have spent much of our time in the car this year as you  could tell. We have been asked by a lot of our family where are we going this weekend? The answer this past weekend was the beach…again.

When my wife and I were dating we spent a lot of time on the beach. We love it. We don’t go down to eat at fancy restaurants or to shop. We go down there and plan our butts in a chair and stick our feet in the sand and relax. That is a real beach trip. This past weekend was no exception.

We decided to head down to Holden Beach. Its our families beach and we love every minute there. It is nothing special but very special to us. We came down and dropped our stuff off at Nana’s and headed to the beach.

It was crowded, being July Fourth weekend but we managed to find a great parking spot and walk to the beach access. The beach was crowded but we did not mind. We set up camp and let the kids go wild. The water was rough. VERY rough. It was so rough that it knocked you down. We still had a great time.

After changing in the parking lot we headed back to Nana’s house.

We went to the Seafood Barn because I wanted fish.

You also can’t come to Holden Beach without getting some ice cream.

I love these little trips of ours and I hope that even though our Nana is selling her place that we can continue this tradition of being little beach bums.

#Merica- The American 4 Miler Recap

So I know I am a little late with this recap as I usually get these out a couple of days after the race but things have been crazy. I have to say that this race was a great event and an excellent “welcome back to running” race.

I had not properly prepared myself for this race. This meaning that I have focused more on crossfit then anything else. Soon I realized that I had a race in two weeks and I have not ran since Mother’s Day. Crazy right? So going into this event I was worried that I was going to loose everything I have worked so hard to earn, which is a little scary.

The night before I did my usually laying out of the race clothes, made sure I had the address in my phone, my alarm was set, and I had a good plan for breakfast in the morning. I went to bed feeling more prepared and was ready to get my run on.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and I got up and as soon as I stood up out of bed I felt it. It was like a huge pain shooting in my knee. I knew this was not good and that I was in trouble. I came downstairs after getting dressed and looked in my gym bag for my ace wrap. Now I was starting to get nervous as I had no clue how this race was going to go. I had to finish cause there was a pretty sweet medal to get.


So I drove to the race with my knee on my mind and hoping that I could pull this race off. So when I got there i walked to the start line after checking out the vendors and sat down on the curb and stretched my leg out.


Soon it was time to start the race and i stood in the middle of crowd waiting for the ready.. set..go! Soon we were off!



So off went! After the first half mile I realized that my knee wasnot hurting so I pushed harder and harder. Soon coming around mile 2 I could feel the endorphins kicking in and I was higher then a kite. This was my race and man did it feel good to be back running. i missed it so much. I kept passing person after person and I I kept pulling myself up those stepp hills and their were a lot of hills…A LOT!

Soon I hit mile 3 and i was excited. I could hear the exhaustion in people’s breath as I got closer to them. I was starting to get tired but knew I could not quit. Then I heard the music which is a sign from the running gods that you are close to that finish line. From that point, I went into an all out sprint for the finish line and made it! Race was done!

After I finished the race I got my medal and a beer, which was werid cause I don’t drink but after the morning I had and the win i just acheived I wanted a beer. So I sat on the curve drinking my beer and I posted an after race selfie on Facebook. Soon after that I got a comment from my friend Will.

” You’ve got plenty of time to make it to the 9 AM workout too! Haha, jk… Good job man!”

So after hearing that I finished my beer and got in the car and headed to the gym! Soon I got another picture from my friend Mike.

I arrived at the gym and did the 4th of July workout like a boss which was the following:

“Independence WOD”

For time; (Teams of 2)
7 Rounds, each.
4 Power Cleans @ 185/125
17 Hand release Pushups
Immediately into….
76 Wallballs 20/14

240 Double Unders *720 single-unders

So after all that, I was exhausted but still managed to spend some much needed time with my family. I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July. Mine was awesome.

Next up.. The Yiasou Greek Festival 5K!

Happy Birthday Hayden Bug! 

I know it’s July 4th and we are suppose to be celebrating with hamburgers, hotdogs, and fireworks, but toe years ago this holiday became about someone. My sweet niece Hayden came into this world. She has be nothing more then a pleasure to have as a niece. 

Happy Birthday Hayden Bug! Your uncle and aunt loves you very much! We can’t wait to see you today!