Momma, The Milk Champion

So when K-Dub was born, she was very upset the entire first year of her life. She pretty much screamed and threw fits cause she was having some severe stomach issues. My wife tried to breastfeed her but after about the third or fourth time of us trading her back and forth through the night she was over it. We switched to formula and life was made easier. Formula is amazing but the price on that stuff is crazy.

So when Evie came along my wife said as he wanted to try it again. I was very supportive cause not only were we not going to have to spend $100 a month on powdered food but my daughter was going to get so much more benefits out of breastfeeding. My wife was excited which in turn made me excited. It was a matter of minutes after Evie was born that she got on like she had been waiting for it her whole two-minute life. Breastfeeding was a go! My wife was beyond thrilled.

As the weeks and months went on my wife started to focus on breastfeeding. When I say this I mean she bought a nursing bra, a pumping bra, vitamins to help with her supply, joined an online support group, and even found that Gatorade helps with your milk supply. I of course got the Gatorade on coupon! That was alls she talked about. She was a proud Mom and I could not have been more happy for her.

Can I just say that my wife is amazing. I think I may have said it a few times already in this post. She never gave up and always makes sure she has enough milk to send Evie to daycare with. That amazing liquid has been used for a lot more than feeding. When Evie was sick my wife read to squirt some up her nose to help her breath and it worked. Its amazing what the body can do.

I find it really funny when we are out in public and my daughter needs to eat. BrittWhitFun pulls it out and feeds our child and does not care what people think. You would not believe the looks we get and even by some of our own family members. It does not stop us. Why would you try to hide something that is so natural. People are crazy and I dare someone to tell my wife to put it away. She would lose it.

Anyway, I am so glad that things have worked out some much better this time. My wife has become a rock star of breastfeeding and I am so proud of her. Evie is not missing any meals, trust me!

Life With Two Kids At Four Months In

IMG_0250When my wife and I found out we were going to have baby number two, I was told by friends that having two kids was like jumping off a cliff blind folded. I was scared of having two kids due to the general “will I love the new baby as much as the first?” What if my other kid gets jealous and does not like the new baby? Needless to say my anxiety was getting the best of me.

When our little Evie came into this world this past October, we fell in love with her. She was a much easier baby then K-Dub cause she did not cry from the moment we met her. Evie smiles and does not cry usually unless she is hungry. Even then, it’s a soft cry that just makes you want to kiss those big adorable cheeks. At four months she is almost mastered the art of rolling over and is starting to know who Mommy and Daddy are, mostly Daddy. Yay! S he has been a blessing to our family and we all just can’t stop loving this little sweet pea.

As for the challenges we face with having two kids, bedtime and our morning routine is very hard. My poor wife. She does so much in so little time. Breakfast and dinner cannot happen without a meltdown from K-Dub. Our mornings revolve around Evie’s feeding time while our nights consist of multiple attempts to get Evie to go bed and stay asleep. Lunches and bottles have to be cleaned and packed for the next day. Toys have to be picked up which K-Dub has another meltdown about doing. Potty breaks every 20 minutes. Maybe one day my wife will get to enjoy a hot meal without someone needing to jump on her chest to eat or begging to sit on her lap. She is a good mom and never complains but I know she misses having that time to herself to you know…eat.

We do love our kids and people tell me that this phase will end soon but even though it’s a struggle to get out the door or to finally hit the sack at night, to enjoy it cause your kids are only this small one time. Soon they won’t need you and you will be the lame old people with the ton of rules. Until then I will mop up the meltdowns, rock them to sleep as many times as I have to or can, and smile the entire time I do it.


This Week Was A Good Week


So just like the title suggests, this week has brought a lot of changes to my little family. I look back on everything bad that happened to us over the last few months of 2014 and I see whats happened now and it confirms the saying that everything happens for a reason. I finally get why that is.

As many of you know I have been a stay at home dad since the end of October. I have been picking up little odd jobs here and there to make extra money but mostly I have been taking care of K-Dub. We have had a lot of fun and she is amazing! This week I was given an opportunity I could not pass up. I accepted a position at the Charlotte newspaper called The Charlotte Observer. I will be working in the advertising department. I am so excited to finally use some of the skills I learned in college. It is in many ways my dream job. I can still be an amazing dad to K-Dub cause the position is very flexible. I will miss our days of nothing but playing princesses and puzzles but I am ready to spend some time with some other adults.

When I got the job, I told my wife and we were both so excited. I was excited to start a new chapter in my life and she was excited for this…


So it looks like I am going to be a daddy again! All I remember was crying cause I was so happy. My wife and I talked about having another baby but we’re just “not trying” to conceive one. It was still a total shock. We are just praying for a healthy baby. We are due October 9th and we are currently five weeks along. I am super excited for a new member of the family to come.

So yes life is good this week. I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to keep praying for. It’s funny how when you lose things you get them back and it’s better then what you had originally.

Please continue to have my family in your thoughts and prayers as we start new jobs and expect our second baby.

This was our announcement yesterday…




Night Of The Living Babies!


So last week I went and did my usual race training, which ended up being my best yet at 27:45. After I was done, I came home and saw that my sister-in-law was over with my nephew HJ. They were sitting in the living room having a conversation with my wife about who knows.

For those of you who don’t know, Kate, my sister-in-law, is a full-time nanny and a stay at home mom. She is always busy and never gets a break. So I was feeling really good after my run(It was “Runner’s High) and suggested that her and my wife go get some coffee and leave me alone with the two kids. You would have thought  gave Kate a golden ticket. She jumped up at the idea and fully agreed.

So as they were getting ready to leave she gave me the whole story on watching HJ’s head around corners and to just play with him to keep him happy. I told her that I had this and it could not be that hard. I have never watched two kids at one time and I really had no clue what I was getting myself into. I was a little scared but I knew better that anyone that a parent needs a break to remember that they are a person and to recharge their battery.

After they left, things were going great. K-Dub and HJ were playing great and we took some selfies, played with a ball, and I even sneaked and gave them both a cookie(Sorry Kate). Everything was fine until K-Dub started to get really tired and wanted a bottle. Once HJ saw me feeding K-Dub a bottle he became very jealous and started to wine.

So there I was with two babies in my lap. One that was crying cause she was tired and the other because he was hungry. Did I panick? No! I sat them both down and started to play with them and they were fine. Soon after that the moms came home and all was well. I gave them a good report and they rewarded me with Starbucks(I guess it’s not much of a reward when they used your debit card.).

Would I watch two kids alone again? You bet you ass I would. I guess I need to learn how to deal with these now. Someday BrittWhitFun and I would like to add baby number two to the family and people say that two is more difficult than one. I guess I will have to wait to find out. For now, I have to say I think I could handle it.

What I Wont’t Miss About Having A Baby


Before you start to judge me, let me just say I love my kid and would not trade anything for her. She is amazing. I am a very impatient person and I can’t wait to get out of the “baby phase”. Why you ask? Here are some reasons I can’t wait for my kid to get older.

Once of the things I will not miss is the snap buttons on PJs. There has to be a special place in hell for the person who invented these. I wonder if they even had a kid. It is so hard to change a child when they are constantly kicking and throwing their body around to have to snap their clothes together. Then the painful moment when you look down and you noticed that you missed one and you have to start all over. Those things are a pain in the ass for sure. I tink after K-Dub gets bigger, I am going to throw them in a pile in the backyard and burn them as I dance naked around them. Yes, there will be alcohol involved.

I really can’t wait for the day where I can sleep through the night every night and there is no more trading off night feedings between the wife and I. That would be awesome. I get up every morning at 5:30 to get ready to go to work. Sometimes K-Dub wakes up at 4:30 to get fed. This sucks when it is my night cause I have to get up and feed her and then come back to bed. By the time I fall asleep my alarm goes off. It sucks. Why can’t we all sleep through the night?

I also cannot wait till we no longer have to pack a diaper bag or tug arround a car seat. It sucks having to carry around these things everywhere you go. Then you always have to trade-off between cars. K-Dub is not getting any lighter! I also wish that her diaper bag could be a gender neutral color instead of the hot pink one my wife has. I love the looks I get when K-Dub and I are hitting the town. I have to say that I rock that pink bag!

The last thing I cannot wait for is the day I don’t have to wipe an ass. I can’t wait to teach K-Dub how to use the potty. That day will be awesome cause I won’t have to deal with anymore up the back poops or the ones that make you just want to burn their outfit instead of washing it. If I had a boy I would just teach him how to whip it out and pee on a tree but a girl I will have to find a different approach. Either way, a kid that is potty trained will be a much welcomed member of the family. I wish I could teach our dog to use the toilet.

I know this may seem that I am bitching and complaining about the stuff that comes with parenthood, but I am just ready to have “normal” brought back into my life. I think that karma is crazy and that as soon as I get K-Dub in a nice normal routine BrittWhitFun is going to come at me with a smile holding a stick that might as well say “You are doomed for another 18 years!” Life sure can be fun. Can’t it?

How I Became A Swaddling Master

So last night I went to a Taking Care of Baby class with Brittney. I was really excited to finally going to have some of my questions answered and put some of my panicking to rest.

When we got there it was a little intense cause I did not know what to expect and I am not one of those kinds of people who adapt to their environment really quickly.

There was another couple there and a woman whose husband was not able to make the class. I have to say, I thrive in a small learning environment. Class began with this nurse asking us to choose a plastic baby and handing us a blanket, diaper, and wash cloth. I looked at these things and thought “I am going to be so embarrassed if I mess this up”.

The nurse lady started with showing us how to change a diaper. I have to say that was one of the things I have no clue how to do. The one time I changed my niece’s diaper I put it on backwards into some sort of baby thong. Yea, I am that much of an idiot. The baby nurse went through the instructions very slowly as Brittney watched me wiping the imaginary poop from this plastic baby’s ass. She looked at me and without saying anything, I knew she was laughing on the inside. I accomplished the task at hand and it was actually easier than I thought it was going to be.

The baby nurse then showed us how to bathe our baby. This was really easy and I think I can handle giving my kid a bath. I think Brittney was having more doubts about this than me.

Then the class came to swaddling and let me tell you that those people in the hospital make it look so easy. Swaddling is actually an art form. Its one of those things that must be mastered and practiced. I had no clue what I was doing. I figured that all you had to do was roll them up like a soft taco. The baby nurse showed the class one time and I got it instantly. You know how when you have a great idea, its like a light bulb turns on in your head? That is what it was like for me. My parental instincts kicked in and I swaddled the shit out of that fake baby. Brittney looked at me in amazement. I looked at her and wanted to say “Next please!” , but I did not.

After class we went how and Brittney asked me if the class took away some of my fears of being a parent. I looked at her and told her “Hell Yes!” Now I feel a lot more prepared and ready to swaddle the hell out of Karsyn. I know now I will be a great dad. The only problem now is to get through the next class which is Birthing Class. I dread this one cause you watch real videos of women going through child-birth and I have a seriously weak stomach. Wish me luck and I am sure I will blog about that experience for sure.