K-Dub’s Concert

I have no idea why I did not share this a few weeks ago. I must have had a ton of other crazy things going on. A couple of weeks ago K-Dub had a concert put on by her school for the parents. It was her first one in the entire three years she had been there. I was actually pretty excited about going. What is more cute then a bunch of adorable kids singing? Right?

So we got her all dressed up. I left work early to ensure I was there on time. We got to the school and dropped her off at her classroom before going and taking our seats in the auditorium.

Soon it was time to start and the kids came marching in looking all adorable. Soon they started singing. I could not find K-Dub at first. I had to stand a little out of my chair and found that all the other kids were singing and she was standing there with her hands over her mouth. Only my kid. Take a look.

I was not made at her by any means but it was still pretty cute.

Kids Are Funny

I don’t know why but this picture is so funny to me. I can’t help but laugh out loud every time I see it. My wife sent me this yesterday while I was in the way home. I think the people beside me at the stop light thought I was having an asthma attack. 

My wife was grilling our diner outside when my daughter got off her tricycle and grabbed a take and decided to take our yard. No we do not keep a helmet on her at all times but maybe we should cause she does like to take a leap off the top of the couch. 

Enjoy your Tuesday and a good laugh! 


A Very Snowy Birthday


Well this weekend were blessed to have a crazy snow storm. i have to say that I hate snow. Its really pretty when its falling but i don’t like it to stay. The only thing other than snow I hate is ice. ICE SUCKS!

Before we go into all that snowy stuff, i just have to say that I can’t believe that my little girl is three years old. That is right, K-Dub turned three on Thursday and I am not sure how I feel about. On one end, I like that she is getting older, smarter, more energetic, and wants to be around me and my wife all the time. ALL THE TIME! Then I am sad cause my little girl is growing up and I feel it is happening so fast. I used to hear that all the time but never truly paid it any attention until I had kids of my own. They were right. Soon K-Dub will be driving, then college and then getting married.

As of right now she is obsessed with princesses, puzzles, The Lion Guard, and a new found love of Rugrats thanks to Hulu! She enjoys eating chicken nuggets, fruit, fruit snacks, apples, apple juice, oatmeal, and pasta. She also will tell you that Mommy is her best friend and that Daddy is her girl.

Since this past Thursday was her birthday, we planned an amazing Cinderella party at our house but the weather had other plans. We had to cancel the party and schedule it for the following weekend. It kind of worked out good cause K-Dub was coming down with a killer cold.

But we did manage to play in the snow…

IMG_0370 IMG_0368

#PregnancyProblems- The Last Days

  Here we are! The last few days before our new baby girl comes into the world. I have to say now I am getting a little more excited. I can’t believe it is finally here. 

We spent our last weekend getting thing prepared. We installed car seats, cleaned the house, folded the last bit of laundry.  We have been busy and we still have things to get done. Time is slowly betraying us and the hospital bag still remains empty, bathrooms still need to be clean, and the load of towels in the dryer continues to whisper to me. I refuse to do it. Maybe I will get it all done an hour before we leave the hospital. Yea that will work. 

My wife’s last day at work is today. She is super excited. Everything is about the baby with her. I have to say that the thing I am most looking forward to is her not having the craving for ice anymore. Now I can watch my shows without the sound of gravel being demolished beside me. I am also ready for my wife to stop having so much pain. Our little girl is ready to come out and she is charging through.  She does not care at all if her knee is right in my wife’s rib cage. 

K-Dub is super excited about her new little sister. She is already playing with her toys and “helping Mom and Dad fold her clothes. She will be the first to tell you she is going to be a big sister. I can’t wait to see how she is going to react once she sees her. 

As for me, I am trying really hard to get everything organized at work so while I am out on paternity leave that nothing slips through the cracks. I am ready for my last day and can’t wait to have some time away. 

So our house is fully of anticipation right now. Although my big thing this week has been spending as much time with K-Dub before the bay gets here, I have also had to shift some workouts around. I am no where near ready for this marathon but after the baby gets here it’s game on. 

#PregnancyProblems – The Home Stretch!


Wow! I can’t believed we have finally made it to the final months of this pregnancy. It has been a faster ride then I remember with K-Dub. Soon our second little girl will be here and we our lives will never be the same.

I know I have been posting updates regarding on how my wife has been feeling during this pregnancy but I really have never talked about how I was feeling.

To be honest, I am terrified. Having just one kid is easy but having two sounds like it might be a little intimidating. Also I am dreading going back to the world of late night feelings, no sleep, and constant state of being tired. Also to be a little selfish, October is the last month of marathon training before the big race in November. I hope I can stay focus and get those last few long runs in.

Ok I promise that I am done complaining. I limited myself to one paragraph. Now let’s talk about this pregnancy. First off my wife has not been sleeping well. Everly is constantly moving all night and day. She never stops. My wife and I will be watching TV in our room and I will just look and my wife’s belly starts moving. It’s weird and to be completely honest it freaks me out. My tells me she does this all day at her work also. I hope this is not a sign of things to come! 😦😱😰

We have been working really hard on Everly’s room and I think we are almost done. We still need a crib mattress and some winter clothes for Everly  my wife is planning on breastfeeding with Everly so she tells me she needs nipple pads. She tells me she needs them now cause they are leaking milk now. Pregnancy is gross!

So the last thing is that we have scheduled our C-Section and as of today, Everly Mae Funderburke will make her debut on October 8, 2015 at around 7:30 am. I am excited about her coming and can’t wait to add another baby to my family. I will do another update soon so be on the look out!

#PregnancyProblems Weeks 19-25


Well the last time I gave an update on our pregnancy it was when I broke the news that we were expecting another girl. A lot has happened since and its really hard to believe that this baby girl is only 15 weeks shy of arriving. What an exciting time!

My wife is getting to the phase in her pregnancy where she is not comfortable at all. Only this time she is pregnant during one of the hottest summers. With the temperatures rising to the 100s she is sweating in places I cant talk about in this post. She told me that she never wants to be pregnant in the summer again.

Although she is sweating herself to death, she is also having issues with her back pain. Yes out little girl is kicking her all the time and my wife is constantly complaining about her back hurting. She hates stairs and I think she wants me to move our bed to the living room but that is not going to happen.

The feeling of throwing up is still there but not as bad as it was in my last two post. My wife still cannot eat Mexican food but she has opened back up to the idea hotdogs and hamburgers. It is summer after all.

This week we start working on our baby girl’s room. We are going to pick out some paint, move furniture around, and break out all the old baby clothes and get them ready for our little girl’s arrival.

It won’t be long now!

What Guys Night Was And Now Is


So this past weekend my wife and I decided to have a night apart. She made plans with her friends to go wine tasting and I made plans for a guys night with my brother-in-law. I was getting really excited about because it had been so long since I had a guys night. I totally forgot how much fun they could be.

Back in my younger days( That is something I thought I would never say) my guy friends and I would meet up at the bar, order cheap beer, talk about sports and women and our jobs. We would use curse words and exchange dirty jokes and tell humorous old stories that we heard about a hundred times but they never got old. Almost every night would end around 2 am and a crazy hangover the next morning.

This night was different. Why you ask? Cause this guys night was more of a play date between two dads. Yes the babies came with us. We had a great dinner at our local Mexican restaurant. Spent half the time trying to get our kids to eat and the other trying to talk about our kids. There were no dirty jokes but just us trying to keep our kid’s behavior in check. No alcohol was served but just sweet tea and water out of sippy cups. We talked about how great it is being a dad and topped the night off with frozen yogurt. We played a fun game of which kid could have a sugar rush first. Afterwards, we said goodbye and went home and had the kid in bed before eight. The next morning all I was left with was the job of making and feeding my kid breakfast and cleaning my kitchen but all with a smile.

Being a father has changed a lot of things for me but in a great way. Since becoming a father things like drinking till two in the morning don’t seem that fun to me. Every once in a while I enjoy a night where I get to not share my food or pick sippy cups off the floor or having to rush home so I don’t miss bedtime. I always say that my biggest issue with some parents is that they forget they are people.

I hope my next night out is a daddy and daughter date. They are fun and it’s special time I get to treasure being a dad to such an amazing little girl!