Now She Is Five

It is really hard for me to believe that I now have a five year old in my house. She has grown up right in front of me faster then I care to share. Now I just look at her in aw as she is turning into a kind and gentle soul.

I guess I need to start from the beginning as it is February and I am just now writing a blog entry about my daughter turning five, which happened last month. Can you say slacker dad? You see my daughter loves her birthday. We have heard nothing but her birthday party plans since before last summer began. Those plans have changed from a Frozen themed party to an Ariel themed party to now just a simple princess themed party. I am not going to lie I was so ready to dress up like Olaf or come in rocking my amazing Jamaican accent. Anyways, she is obsessed with her birthday. I wonder where she gets that. I mean I love to remind everyone about my birthday starting in October so I can make sure I have a good gift and cake ratio. Ok so she gets it from me. Man you guys really know how to make a guy confess. Just another reason why I could never get away with murder.

It came to the day of and I may have went a little over board with the decorations and making my daughter feel extra special. The birthday crown and matching sash may had been a little to much. What do you think?

My wife really is the grand champion of all things birthday party related. She sent out the group birthday part invitation text, bought all the food, and made sure the house was clean. All I was in charge of was getting the decorations and picking up the cake. These things I knew I could handle.

When it came down to party time. our house got full real quick. K-Dubs friends all came along with her cousins and of course little Evie was right behind them as they ran around the house screaming. I have never heard so many screams of laughter in my life. It was cute but also made it very impossible to carry on a conversation with any of the other adults at the party.

Being there crowd fearing person I am, I worked hard to keep the party moving so after about 30 minutes of mingling around and greeting guest I pushed for it to be cake time.

There is nothing more special to me then when I get to sing happy birthday to my kids. It is just a confirmation that they are getting older and more importantly that I survived another year of parenthood.

Then it was time to open gifts and one of things I have found hard about this is trying to get my kid to say thank you. Here we are surrounded by family and friends and some strangers and the last thing I want people to think is that my kid is an ungrateful monster. Usually when people pass judgement on me based on my children I am quick to point my finger in my wife’s direction but she was in the same boat I was in. Also it is really hard to enjoy my kid opening presents when there are so many kids around her trying to grab her new toy out of her hand and yelling that they either want it or they already have one. Its like watching zombies attack the only human left on earth. I seriously asked my brother for his taser.

After the presents where opened I spent the next hour opening all the presents out of their packaging so my daughter could play them. I must say that the toy companies don’t need to worry about someone stealing their stuff cause they may it very impossible to their toys out. so many rubber bands, plastic twists, and tape make it very impossible. You need a knife to open this stuff.

Finally the party was over and we were left to clean up. I remember just sitting on the couch and thanking the Lord I made it through another party alive. Then I looked over and saw happy my daughter was. I smiled as she came over to me and sat on my lap and kissed me on the cheek. We stared at each other and then she said she wanted a Belle themed party next year!

Help me.

Unicorn Party- Evie’s 2nd Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Evie with a little party at the park. I had to start my morning off with coffee of course.

My wife worked very hard pulling off an awesome Unicorn themed party. She spent a lot of time on Pinterest and making the decorations. She really is very crafty. The decorations she made turned out amazing and the cupcakes were very cute.


The party got a little damp as unexpected rain started but the kids did not care. They just got their umbrellas and played.

We decided to open presents and Evie had a blast opening them. She got a lot of Minnie Mouse stuff and clothes.

We then sang Happy Birthday to her and ate lots of cake.

The Big 31 Birthday Week!


It is that time again! Its the day of all days. My birthday! Actually it was this past Sunday but you understand. Everyone knows that I love my birthday. Besides Thanksgiving, it is the one holiday I look forward to every year and yes I did call it a holiday. How could you not love your birthday? It is the one day out of the whole year where it is all about you. You get tons of free stuff and cake…CAKE! I maybe seriously into fitness but I love some darn cake.

Anyway, this week has great so far. Not only did I celebrate my birthday BUT I got some great news at the doctor, and I even started cooking more for the family.


My birthday was great. I woke up to the sound of “Happy Birthday” being sang by my wife and K-Dub. After that they took me downstairs where I was greeted with some very good birthday pancakes and eggs, my favorite breakfast. After guzzling them down we got dressed and dropped the kids off at my SIL Kate’s house. My wife planned a nice lunch for me but I don’t know if I could eat it after that amazing filling breakfast.


We pulled in to my favorite restaurant since I was a kid, Carraba’s! I know many of you have ate at their hundreds of locations. Why is it my favorite? One of the many reasons is because I have never had a bad experience and my birthday was not exception. The last time I had been here was when wife surprised me on my birthday back in 2011 right before we got married. 5 years later and here we are again. Of course I had to dive in and get my favorite appetizer, calamari with lemon pepper butter sauce. It was just how I remembered it. Zesty and spicy but also no over powering. Moving on to entrees I had another favorite which is the chicken bryan. This dish is what introduced me to the amazing world of goat cheese. It is the creamiest and most flavorful cheeses to cook with and it was complemented well with the sun-dried tomatoes. After we ate our main course we enjoyed a nice cocktail. You have to have a cocktail on your birthday. So on those rare occasions when I drink I love to go for a nice martini. The pomegranate martini is amazing. It is sweet but also will catch up to you quick it you have too many.


After finishing off much with some desert, we drove out to Rea Road and to the Stonecrest shopping center where I was treated to Star Wars: Rogue One. It was a great movie and the iner geek in my was thrilled to have seen it in IMAX with those cool 3D glasses. When the movie was over we retreated back to get out children and headed home.

Now I told you i love cake so my wife surprised me with a cake and I was sang “Happy Birthday” to again. I am definitely going to need to go for a run to burn all these extra calories this week!


The next day I do what I do every year. It was time for my annual trips to the doctor’s office. I always try to go and knock them all out in one day. So the first one I saw was my medical doctor.

Before I finish this story I have to say that for the past eight years I have been dealing with a major heart issue known as A-Fib. It is where one of the valves in your heart can get out of rhythm and flutter around to where you feel like you can’t catch your breath. It is very scary.

So after telling my doctor about my family’s issues with heart disease and diabetes, my doctor wanted to give me an EKG. I hate these things cause to be honest I have hair on my chest and those stupid sticky sensors really hurt to pull off. After it was over I figured the doctor would tell me what I already know and that is that I have A-Fib and that maybe it had gotten worse and i needed to have a primary cardiologist. What the doctor actually said was that there was no signs of A-Fib on the EKG at all. I was in shock. I am still not completely out of the woods cause I do have a low heart rate and my doctors does want me to follow up with a cardiologist to make sure everything is ok but for right now I would consider this a win!

I am also happy to say that starting at the end of the month I am participating in a “Dad Bod Challenge”. I am thrilled and excited and ready to learn. The challenge is for 21 days and it is me along with other dads around the country. We will be learning about nutrition, exercise and other ways to increase metabolism. I can’t wait to get started. I am going to be posting my before and after pics so you can see the results.

This weekend I will be getting things ready for K-Dub’s birthday party next weekend. Can you believe she is going to be four years old? Where has the time gone? I wish she could stay small forever. Anyways, I have to call and order a cake, nugget and fruit trays, build a princess dollhouse and send out invites. I love planning my kids birthday parties. They are always a lot of fun and this year we having it somewhere other then my house. YAY! 

Happy Birthday To My Amazing Wife!


Just wanted to write a quick post saying happy birthday to the most amazing wife and future mother of my child could ever have. Brittney, you are the best thing that has happened to me. You always know what to say and do and you always support my crazy ideas. You bring out the good inside everyone and I am honored to spend the rest of my life with someone as pure as you. Happy Birthday Baby! I love you!!!!