Going Through The Holidays

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has happened. The holidays are full swing here at our house but lets catch up first.

Halloween was a lot of fun. I dressed us as Flynn Rider while K-Dub dressed like Rapunzel. Evie was Mickey Mouse and BrittWhitFun was a witch. Check out our pics.

No Halloween could be complete without some pumpkin carving and trunk or treating with the nephews.

Thanksgiving is and will always be my favorite holiday and this year was no exception. I made lunch for about 10 people and I made all the fixings. I made the turkey, Mac and cheese, green beans, stewed cabbage, mash potatoes, and rolls. I also made cake pops for the kids, a butterfinger cheesecake, and a apple pie. It was so good I spent the rest of the afternoon passed out on the couch.

Now we are at Christmas and our house is in the full Christmas spirt. The gifts are bought, tree is up, and the lights are shining outside.

Got some great stories coming on the blog this week after having a reader reach out to me wanting an update. Stay tuned.


My Never-ending Journey To Be Freshly Pressed!

I have been using WordPress.com for over a year and like every blogger out there, I have some entries that I am proud about and some ones that I wish I never published. One thing about the blogging community that lets you know you have made it is when you see you have been featured on the Freshly Pressed page.

I visit this page on a daily basis and read most of the entries that are featured and some in my opinion deserve the fridge treatment rather than the trophy page. I don’t understand how your trip to the grocery store can be considered as funnier than my trip to Taking Care of Baby class. I don’t care about your kids superhero themed birthday party or your quest to find gluten-free products. That is about as interesting as watching a snail climb on the side of my house.

I guess you can call it jealousy but I think that some of my posts should have been featured on the Freshly Pressed page. My post about my Christmas freak out was really funny in my opinion. I also think the epic story on how I became a Swaddling Master deserved to be published in a parenting magazine. So to answer the question above, I do think that being freshly pressed would be better than sex and without the awkward faces and silence that follows normally afterwards.

So now I continue my journey to make it in the inner blogging circle that is known as being Freshly Pressed. Its going to be hard but I  think I have some creative juice left in my veins to make this dream a reality. It could be a lot worse. I could be writing about how many times I farted today. That my friends, would be a long post. Just saying.