Summer Adventure 8- A Safari In Our Own Backyard


On Friday we had an awesome trip. We heard about this place here in Mooresville, North Carolina that is actually quite unique. It’s like a zoo but there are no cages for most of the wildlife. Thats right! No fences!

We went to this place called The Lazy 5 Ranch. It was almost an hour and a half away bit when we got there we were quite shock as to what we saw. It was about $11 for my wife and I to get in. The kind lady at the window handed us one bucket of feed and pointed us in the right direction to start our quest. The one thing about this zoo is that you have to drive through it. You just read that last part correctly. We started down the dirt road passing a sign that said “welcome”. Suddenly, I felt like I was in the movie Jurassic Park. The music never played and John Hammond never came out to greet me. I was a little bummed but kept driving forward.

As we started our journey we were greeted by ostriches. These birds are scary as they got close to our car and rammed their heads in our feed basket. I speed up to get by them as they reminded me too much of the raptors. I now called them “devil birds” for the rest of the tour. We then came to a section where pigs and goats were. They were so cute and even let you pet them. Then I happened to look up and saw a herd of zebras coming my way. When we arrived at the gate they gave us a list of animals not to feed and a zebra was one of the ones at the top of that list. We just drove up to them and let them come to us and we pet them. It was amazing and now I can say I pet a zebra. K-Dub loved it!

As we came to another section of the tour we were greeted by antelope, deers and rams. I now have a very vial hatred for rams now. Those things are scary and they are greedy when it comes to feeding them. We also saw a bunch of wilder beast cooling off at the water hole. The we came across one of the most scariest things about this tour. We got stuck in a herd of steers. You are not supposed to feed them so we rolled our windows up. Their big horns hit the sides of our car as my teeth grind with every loud thud, Now I know how those kids felt in the movie when the T-Rex was coming after them in the car.

The final area was where you pulled up to the only two fenced in areas in the whole place. One has a rhino in it. He was sleeping but it was cool to see him. I have never seen a rhino in person before. It was awesome! The next area was they kept about six giraffes. They were cute and we loved feeding them. After passing that area you came across where they keep the buffalo. I have never seen a buffalo before but it was awesome. They are huge.

After finishing the tour we got out and made a quick bathroom break before heading to dinner. That place was really fun and we will have to come back soon.

My Quick And Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I am always on the go and sometimes I need something that I can just cook and clean up real quick. As you can probley tell I love anything that is hot and spicy. So one day on the way home from work I came up with an idea that I really wanted to try. I wanted to make a buffalo chicken pizza. So I ran to the store and got some ingrediants and headed to the house. I hope you like this recipe!


1 Package of take and bake pizza crust (I like the thin kind)

1/2 Cup of hot sauce

1 Package of Oscar Mayer Buffalo Chicken Strips

1 Cup of shedded monteray jack and colby cheese

1/2 Cup of blue cheese crumbles

1/2 Chopped purple onion


On the pizza crust, pour hot sauce and spread it evenly on the crust. Top with cheeses, onion, and chicken. Put a few squirts of hot sauce on the top.

Bake on 425 for 14 to 17 minutes.

My Awesome Buffalo Chicken Dip!

If you loved the post about buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwiches then you will love this. I make my buffalo chicken dip for my coworkers all the time and I never have any left to take home. This an awesome recipe to for football season and anytime there is a party. Here it is!

Buffalo Chicken Dip


2 8 oz packages of cream cheese

12 oz bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

1 Medium bottle of ranch dressing

2 Large cans of cubed white chicken drained

2 Bags of sharp cheddar cheese


Throw all of these ingredients in the crock pot and mix well. Put on low for 2 hours while stirring occasionally.