My Thankful Thanksgiving List

There currently is this new trend on Facebook to tell something your are thankful for during the monthly of November. Not only is this the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, it also takes away from the meaningless conversations I know I will be having tomorrow during Thanksgiving lunch and dinner. Lets face it as some idiot always suggests that we go around the room and say what we are thankful for.

Please don’t think I am not thankful for what I have cause I am.  I just don’t think that I have to profess it on one given day of the year. So I have come up with a list of things to be thankful for so that if anyone asks me, I can just tell them to go to this blog and check it out for themselves.  This list is in no order. It’s just a random thoughts

  1. Pretzel M&Ms (If you have not tried them you are missing out.)
  2. My iPhone (I would be lost without you)
  3. Starbucks (You are my home away from home and my favorite secret)
  4. Bottle water (You are convient and healthy)
  5. My blog friends (Your encouragement is always needed and appreciated)
  6. Tanner (You are the best dog ever)
  7. Toliet Paper (You know why)
  8. Elastic (You never judge me)
  9. Rasins (If you were made into an M&M, I would totally love you)
  10. Best Buy (My man cave)
  11. Carolina Panthers (If you won more and got rid of Cam, we would have a better relationship)
  12. My Wife (She deals with my gas. Enough said.)
  13. Carrabba’s (Your food is so good, I want to sew my asshole shut every time I visit you)
  14. My iPad (You bring me hours of fun and an escape to kill pigs with birds)
  15. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Best show ever)
  16. Starbuck’s Skinny Vanilla Latte (A tall only has 100 calories and its great to say skinny)
  17. My penis (Another great year)
  18. The beach (Where reality and dreams mix in a bottle of beer)
  19. Twitter (The one stop shop for sex jokes, parenting advice, and a constant reminder that everyone has problems)
  20. Teen Mom 2 (A reminder of how awesome my life is)
  21. The Walking Dead (Second best show ever)
  22. Brownies (If this was crack, I would be addicted.)
  23. The Twilight Saga (Thank God it is over!)
  24. (If you are for crackheads, I would sleep on a mattress on the floor to have you in my life)
  25. Buffalo Chicken Wings (You may not love me back sometimes but the love I have for you expands almost as much as my stomach)
  26. My family
  27. Honey Boo Boo (The real definition of white trash but so much fun to watch)
  28. Lauren Conrad (The only woman I would leave my wife for)
  29. Running (My new favorite hobby)
  30. Starting my own family (It’s not always easy but the rewards are better than anything else)

I think 30 reasons to be thankful are enough. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and be careful on Black Friday. No waffle iron is worth taking  an elbow in the face for. Trust me cause I learned that last year.

My Top 5 TV Reunions I Want To See

As most of you have already read the news online (If not, click here.). Disney is trying to do a spinoff of the popular show Boy Meets World. It got me remembering my friday nights laughing at Cory, Shawn, and Topanga as they went through their lives trying to make sense of it. I also laughed every time I heard the famous “Feeny call”.  The new show would focus on Cory and Topanga’s daughter and it is titled Girl Meets World. It would not be that bad to have the old gang come back and my a few guest appearances. I could use some more Mr. Feeny knowledge in my life.

There was another show that I loved and I somehow think it prepared me for adulthood and that is Friends. Even today I watch the reruns on TBS and laugh like I never heard them before. The cast needs a reunion soon. It would totally make my life. There is something about Chandler’s humor, Monica’s OCD, Joey being a womanizer, Pheobe’s silly songs and out of this world phrases that make this show so funny. Then tie it up with the romance of Ross and Rachel and you have a hit.

Another reunion that I would love to see is the Tanner Clan from Full House. It has been 25 years since the show first aired and even though most of the cast got together for an off-screen reunion this year, it would be nice to see a made for TV movie about where these characters  ended up. Maybe in the movie they can play that sappy music they play at the end of episodes when it gets to real to solve a problem in 30 minutes.

I keep having my fingers crossed for more information about a 24 movie. I loved that show and the characters. Jack is and will always be my favorite CTU agent. They really need to get on the ball and make this movie so I can go on living.

The show I wish to see bring the entire cast together is Buffy The Vampire Slayer. That show is awesome and when it was on I never missed an episode. I know that a lot of the cast has gone on to bigger and better things but it would be nice to return to Sunnydale one more time. This was the one show that I have on DVD still to this day. I guess if I want to see this reunion the closest thing I can get to it is watching How I Met Your Mother. They always have people from the Buffy universe on there.