The Week Of Minor Setbacks


I have to say that this week has been a challenge. I am so glad that it is over and that I am still in one piece. Lets just say that this week of race training did not go according to plan. I only managed to get in two workouts this week. Not my usual best.

Let me start from the top.

Since my niece’s birthday party I was having some issues with my foot. I am now convinced that I had an early flare up of gout which is never my friend. Not to sound like a doctor but gout sucks and its very preventable if you stay way from certain foods. Excess sugar, alcohol, seafood to name the majority of them.

So I went to crossfit Monday and did the workout with no issue at all. i felt great. Then Wednesday came and I had an easy meeting to get to at the office so I had to skip crossfit. I am so lucky cause not only does my office have a free full service gym but them have a full locker room complete with showers.

So I managed to get a 3 mile run in and I did my own crossfit workout of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 thrusters using two 40lb dumbbells followed by a 100 meter row. I felt good and accomplished and I got my workout in way before my meeting.

Thursday morning was rough cause I woke to this…


Excuse the picture of feet. but you can tell that the right foot is slightly swollen then the left. I will tell you that the pain was horrible. I could barely get out of bed. Gout sucks and is the worst thing to get for a thirty year old male.

So I started drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water. This a home remedy I learned about when I worked part-time at the paper and had no health insurance. Drink this three times a day and it will also help you poop.

Friday I was still in a lot of pain but managed to make it through my work day. So glad it was Friday. I needed this weekend to relax and spend some much-needed time with my wife and kids. I was on the way home when this happened…


The story is quite simple and there is even a moral to it. I was at a stop light minding my own business. All the sudden I looked up and this young girl was coming up behind me at full speed looking at her cell phone and not at the road. She plowed into the back of my car. I felt fine at the accident but as anyone who has ever been in a wreck knows, is that you feel the pain the next morning. Despite a little back pain on Saturday, i felt amazing and my gout was slowly going away. The moral of this story is quite simple. GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONE WHEN DRIVING!!!! It’s not worth running into the back of someone’s car. The funny thing about this is that this is the third time in less than a year someone has run into my car. I can’t wait to call my insurance company in the morning.

Thanks universe!

I am very confident that this week will be better complete with good vibes and optimistic thinking. I am going to head back to the gym this week and get some more race training in. I have a long way to go before race season is finished.

Wish me luck!

How Coffee Almost Killed Me


Yesterday I almost died or at least I felt like I was going to. I never knew that drinking a simple morning beverage would be the almost end of me.

It all started in the morning of course. I just got up and got ready for another day at the office. I was feeling a little sluggish and decided to make a cup of coffee. I recently found the love of this beverage as I had never liked coffee unless it was made at a Starbucks in the past. I made a chocolate glazed doughnut flavored coffee and put some creamer and drank it. I actually drank it pretty slow.

I waited about ten minutes and did not really feel anything so I decided to make a cup for the road. This is something I never do. I started my commute to work sipping my coffee cup and jamming out to my new Justin Timberlake album. I got to work around nine and still was not feeling anything.

My office had a Starbucks in the lobby so I stopped in and got their dark blend coffee. I put a dash of half and half and headed upstairs. I got to my desk and by 10:30 am I had completely devoured my grande sized coffee.

Now around noon I started to feel dizzy and then it was followed my a migraine headache. My nerves in my fingers went numb and I started to shake. My heart started beating really fast and my vision got very blurry. I thought I was fixing to die.

I do have a heart condition called Afib but I have been able to keep it under wraps for the past few years. I told my boss I was not feeling well and headed home.

Once I arrived at the house I laid on the couch and slept for a hour and a half and then told my wife what happened. She told me I was a stupid person for drinking so much coffee in three hours and for knowing about my condition and how dangerous that was.

Now that my wife has put me on a one cup of coffee a day regiment, I do see how I could have died. My new found love for homemade coffee will always be true as I still brew my morning cup.

The Year We Stole A Christmas Tree


Well thanksgiving was a lot of fun this year. I ate so much food that I thought I was about to throw up. I came home and slipped into a food coma. The only thing I was dreading was heading back to work the next day. I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep until noon but I had to get back to the office.

Now I have to say that I was never a true Black Friday soldier until I met my wife. It has become a tradition of ours to start our Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving at the butt crack of dawn and we always have one goal. To finish our shopping in one day. We have never been able to do this and with me having to go back to work we were not sure it was even possible but I had a secret plan.

While I headed into to the office, Brittney made her way to Belk and started her adventure in the crowd. While she was dealing with the crazy people fighting over boots (you know who you are) I hit the net and started doing a little shopping on my own. We stayed in constant contact as we were texting one another as we found really good deals. We manage to knock out half of our list when I was asked if I wanted to leave early. I accepted the invite with a smile and ran out of that place like it was about to blow up.

I met my wife at Old Navy and we shopped some more and manage to take another huge chunk out of our list. We walked back to our cars and Brittney asked me if I wanted to go ahead and get our tree. I was so excited. We have never had our tree up before December.

Due to the nature of the story, I will not say which store we went to or any employee’s name.

We arrived at the store and saw all the Christmas trees lined up. After debating which size we needed for our tiny house (For some reason I thought that it was one size fits all) we brought it over to the employee with the chainsaw to trim it up a bit for us. After he was done he bagged it in a net and then told the much younger employee (He looked like he was 12) to help us secure it on the top of our car.

After pulling the car around the young employee started his job of making sure this tree was not going to fly off the roof of my Santa Fe and land in the middle of Highway 74. I looked at Brittney and gave her my debit card and gave her instructions to go inside and pay for our tree. I stood there and waited for the employee to finish while checking my phone for new emails and Scramble With Friends request (Sharon, I promise to play you back.). Brittney came back and we proceeded to talk about going home and getting the Christmas stuff out of the closet and start decorating the house. Finally the employee finished and we got in our car and proceeded to leave.

We got halfway home when Brittney looked at me and said that she never paid for the tree and held our my debit card. She told me that she went inside and got in line at the register and the store clerk said she could not ring up the tree cause Brittney did not bring something for her to scan. she told me that she then got distracted by our conversation when she returned. I blame pregnancy brain! I looked at the steering wheel and said nothing.

We got back to our house and I have to say that I felt guilty decorating that tree. I looked at Brittney after we were done and told her I will just mail the store a check later this week. On another note, we actually did finish our shopping that day. I even had money left over to buy some lights for the outside of the house.

Now that the gifts are bought, the tree is up, and the house is decorated we can relax and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. We can’t wait for Karsyn to be here and enjoy next Christmas with us but we are looking forward to our last one with it being “just the two of us”. Looking around the house and into my wife’s eyes makes me smile, not because of the accomplishment we just made together, but that this year will always be the year we stole our Christmas tree.