Last week, if you follow me on Twitter, you would have noticed that I was trying to achieve a goal. That goal was to run 50 miles. This was a challenge from my “My Sweat Project” group that I am a member of on Facebook. Every monthly this group sets a challenge and you have to complete it. It’s a fun and competive way to get outside and move. Also, it’s a great way to change-up your workouts.

So the challenge for February was to run 50 miles. I would have finished this sooner but I go sick and then we had a crazy snow storm so by the time I was able to start the challenge I only had six days til March.

The first couple of days I ran in my neighborhood about three miles each. Then on Monday and Tuesday I ran seven miles each. Then on Wednesday, I ran three more miles. At this point my legs were killing me and decided to break the last few miles up into four runs.

When finishing Friday. I could barely walk and I had a killer blister on my leg. The bright side was that I finally got past the 250 lb mark that I was stuck at.

Will I ever binge run again? I don’t think so. I was really proud of myself for finishing the challenge but my body is still sore. I have to say that it was still worth it.

(#9) Running For Apps Sake!

As many of my readers know I have begun a quest to shed some pounds and I have found that this is not the easiest thing to do. My story that I am about to share after the challenge declaration a few weeks ago is both awesome and disappointing. Please still continue to come by the blog and please don’t be mad at me. I can at least I can say that confession is both true and honest.

I was so excited about this challenge and I could not wait to get started. i had the gym membership, the workout gear, and my awesome new water bottle (It’s awesome cause it has a filter. Beat that Propel!). I decided to go to the gym Monday morning at 5AM. This seemed easy to me cause that was the time I went when I was in college. I was pumped and ready!

That morning my alarm clock went off and I bounced out of bed with the quickness. I brushed my teeth and put on my shoes and workout gear and headed for the door.

Once I arrived at the gym I met my brother and his friend and decided to workout with them. I started out with a very slow jog for about 10 minutes and then I started to struggle. I could not breathe and I had to slow down.

After we finished that I was done and ready to head to bed. I felt defeated. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. We started to weight lift. I have never done this before cause I was never that athletic in high school. We worked on our back and I sure did feel the burn.

I left the gym barely walking. I was so sore. I knew then this was going to be a challenge.

As the weeks went by I did not go to the gym as much as I should have been. I kept telling my wife I would go the next day and that turned into the next day. I was loosing my commitment that I set myself.  I felt really bad about it.

I started to look on the net for some great apps to help me with both my cardio and weight lifting adventure. I found a great app called Nike+ for running. it tracks how far I run and helps me set goals and pushes me every mile.  Go lift is the app I found to give me an introduction to weight lifting. It sometimes is hard cause I have to learn the proper form in order to successfully perform the exercises but i like it.

Now that i have these apps it makes completing this challenge a little easier and I can’t wait to knock this number off my list. I told you that you might be disappointed in me and I am sorry. I am new to this whole fitness thing and I have learned a lot. I am still struggling with the whole food thing. I am not always sure what to eat and how much of it to eat. Any tips you may have, please send them my way.

Thanks Everyone!