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Anyone ready for Super Doubles AGAIN? There is a possibility that some of you may have Super Doubles coming up Sunday 2/28 through Tuesday 3/1. Last year Harris Teeter rolled out these 3 day Super Double events, that I have titled around here as ‘A Super Double Blitz’. We usually know for certain who is participating by looking for the details in our weekend e-VIC email (the one that comes on Thursday Night/Friday Morning). As of now I know several NC area markets will be participating.I am in the Charlotte area of North Carolina and I know that we are set to participate.
With that said just prepare at your own risk.

The Bed Tranistion


Its not a huge secret that I am a bargain hunter. I hate spending a lot of money. I have never in my life thought of myself as cheap but I do get high from saving money. Thats why I am the only dad in my community that coupons. True story. Its bad that I have a rep around town of being the most domestic housewife you met. Its true and I am not ashamed to be the one who cooks, cleans, and does all the shopping. its kind of an OCD kind of thing and on the other hand of me knowing that if I do it it will be done right.

Anyways, this week my wife asked me to meet her at a huge consignment sale at a local church. This sale is like the Super Bowl of sales. I have actually never been to a consignment sale and have always left the kids clothing shopping to my wife cause lets face it, my wife knows little girl fashion better then me. I actually arrived first and went in and there was not a crowd yet so I took my time walking around looking. I was getting some seriously crazy looks from some of the moms as it was clear that I was the only dad in the whole place.

About 30 minutes or so of looking and putting potiental items in a bag, I found it. For weeks my wife and I have been talking about getting K-Dub a toddler bed so we could get the crib ready for the new baby. We knew we did not want to go broke on a new piece of furniture but now was a better time then later. I looked up at the wall by the door and they had a very nice toddler bed with a mattress for only $35. That was a steal! I took a picture and sent it to my wife. She sent me a immediate reply with a GET IT!! I asked the kind lady sitting next to it if it was still for sale and she said yes. She handed me the ticket and I almost hugged her as I smiled.

When we got home I was still high from my latest frugal find. If I was a smoker I would have lit up then! Sometimes I think getting a great deal is better then sex! We put the bed in the dinning room and decided that tomorrow we would introduce K-Dub to her new bed.

The next morning I took K-Dub’s new bed up to her room while my wife gave her a bath. I put the sheets on and threw a nice pillow on. I was so excited for her to see it. She was going to love it. As soon as she saw it this happened…

Not the reaction I was hoping for but it could have been worse. After finally getting her to calm down by simply explaining she was a big girl and that the new baby needed her old crib now, she dried her tears and calmed down.

That night she she fell asleep after only climbing out of bed a few times. I have to say that its hard to believe that as a parent we are at this point. My little girl is growing up so fast and I am doing everything to keep up with her. I guess its on to the next adventure.

Becoming A Coupon King


Back in August my wife lost her job and she was the main source of income. My income alone was just enough to pay the bills and we had very little money for food. So after a lot of cutting back and hard decisions I had to get creative.

One day at work I heard some coworkers discussing all these amazing deals they were getting at the grocery store by using coupons. I thought they were crazy and had too much time on there hands. I have seen extreme couponing on TLC and always thought it would be cool to walk out of the store with three carts full of groceries and spend $1.00.

So I was very interested in how these people were found to I asked one of my friends who in that group of coworkers about how they do it. She gave me a simple formula.

Store sales+ store coupon+ insert coupon= rock bottom price.

So I began to collect coupons and before I knew it I was ready to head to the grocery store.

On my first trip I bought some coffee and b paid $10 for 5 boxes of K-Cups. That was a steal and I was hooked. Soon I found a dealer who could sell me extra inserts and I started to develop my stock pile. Soon our grocery bill went from $200 to $60 for two weeks. I stocked up on bathroom tissue, dish soap, laundry detergent, tooth brushes, tooth paste, paper towels, and face tissue. I currently have so much that I don’t have to buy more for at least a year.

I also stocked up on food. I have so much pasta and ceral it is crazy I started to donate some to local food pantries haut to get rid of it. It was great to contribute to my house on such a way during some hard economic times. I still coupon a lot and the picture above is from super double week a harris teeter. I spent $83 and saved $143. The problem was putting it places.

The current state of my pantry.


That is how you become a real coupon King!