Crossfit Challenge- Day 12

Sorry for the late post but I had really crazy Friday and also it helps when you get done writing a post to hit the button labeled “POST”.

We finally made it to this point. Today makes the last day of my Crossfit Challenge. It has been the best month of my life. I have learned so much that I can’t wait to apply in my daily workouts. I met some amazing people and truly found a great fit family. The first day was rough and I did not know if I wanted to come back but I did. Every class I pushed my body in ways I never knew possible and for that I saw real results. My arms have never been more tight and my stomach has never been leaner. I am truly a Crossfit addict.

Today’s workout was great cause I have already done it before. Really! I walked into the box this morning with an open mind. I was really sad this was the last workout and I really never wanted it to end. After dropping my stuff down Nathan told me to do the regular warm up. I was excited cause usually he tells me to run 400 meters or row 500 meters.

The warm up was the following:
4 rounds each of 15 seconds each

Jumping jacks
Mountain climbers
Jumping squats
Side plank
Hollow rocks

After getting warmed up we reviewed the deadlift and added weight to each set. Then we did the workout.

200 meter run
15 ring rows
15 squats
15 pushups
200 meter run
12 ring rows
12 squats
12 pushups
200 meter run
9 ring rows
9 squats
9 pushups

When I did this workout on the first day I finished it in 12:24. When I did it this morning I finished it in 8:30 so I shaved four minutes off my workout. Not bad and I could feel the improvement.

I have a lot to be thankful for and Crossfit is one of them. Nathan, Margee, and Jared were great teachers and I learned so much. Nathan wanted me to join and honest if the price was write I would. Maybe I will stop in a few times of month and pay to do the WOD with them.

Thanks everyone for your support and I can’t wait to see what’s next on my fitness journey.


Crossfit Challenge- Day 11

Today was the next to last Crossfit session. I was so tired cause of yesterday’s trip to the hospital. I was not feeling this mornings workout all. Nathan made me start the morning with a 1000 meter row. After that I was pumped.

Nathan and I then did some toy soldiers, butt kicks, and toe touches. Then he reviewed squats with me but making add weight to every set. I ended up squatting 80 lbs. not bad but I still feel I could do more.

Nathan showed me how to do a kettle bell swing. I have been doing them for a while but come to find out I was actually doing them wrong. He showed me that I needed to use my hips more and so much my arms. To let my arms be forced up by the force of my hips was hard to take in. After a couple of tries I finally got it. Finally Nathan showed me how to to do a kettle bell extension. This is not what they are called but for the sake of this entry I am going to call it that. It was hard for me to keep the kettle bell up over my head with my arm extended the whole time.

After he taught me those moves it was time to workout. The following was today’s workout:

200 meter run
20 kettle bell swings
2 kettle bell extensions
200 meter run
15 kettle bell swing
2 kettle bell extensions
200 meter run
10 kettle bell swings
2 kettle bell extensions

I finished it in 8:15!

I did pretty good but I still feel I could have done better.

Since I only have one class left, Nathan was trying to talk me into a membership. I would love to join but I simply can’t afford it. That does not mean I won’t do it. I might drop in a few times a month to do a WOD. It’s just that $130 is a lot of money to commit to once a month. I am ready for my last class. I am going to give it my all!


Crossfit Challenge- Day 10


So today at crossfit it was insane. I have to say that the workout we did today was hard and I have finally come to the conclusion that I hate wall balls and wish for them to burn in hell!

Today’s workout was the following:

10 dumb bell snatches (right arm)
10 wall balls
10 dumb bell snatches (left arm)
10 wall balls

As many rounds you can do in 15 minutes.

I made it to six rounds…barely

Learning how to do a dumb bell snatch was hard but then I looked at it as cranking a lawn mower. That seemed to work bust for me. I only have 2 more ramp classes left so I hope I learn so more before this experience is over.

Crossfit Challenge- Day 9


I am almost done with my Crossfit challenge for the month of July. I have to say that this has been a very crazy adventure but in nine classes I have learned so much.

I got to the box this morning not really feeling it. I have been getting up really early for two weeks in a row and I just want to wake up to daylight outside. I also did not want to run at all but Nathan had other ideas for me. He made me do a 400 meter warm up run. I have to admit that when I was done I was ready for what was next.

Later Nathan showed m how to so you soldiers, butt kicks, and toe touches to warm up my hips. Then we moved on to squats. I already do squats during my normal workouts so I had this. Nathan was impressed and decided to teach me some Olympic lifts.

After several failed attempts getting my form right I got the hang of it and I really wanted to put some weight on it but I don’t think Nathan thought I was quite ready enough. Then it was time for my workout of the day.

3 rounds of the following:

400 meter run
15 push ups

I finished it in 8:15.

I did really good I think he made me do pushups cause he wanted me to develop some more upper body strength cause I really have none. I just started weightlifting so it’s going to take some time. Nathan said that all good things will come.

So I have one more week of ramp classes and then I have four days of regular workouts so it’s going to be a interesting end of the month.

Crossfit Challenge- Day 8


I got a nice surprise when I got to Crossfit Indian Trail this morning. I walked in and saw Coach Jared was back! He was only there for the day but he decided to teach me my class this morning. I was so excited!

Today he taught me how to do arm clings with a bar. After a few times I was still having trouble. He told me to stick my butt out more. He said that he call it “booty butt”. Out of all the things I have learned that was most likely going to be the one that stuck with me.

Then we reviewed the sit-up. Crossfit sit-ups are a lot easier and I think that’s they way I am going to do it for now on. It really works your abs after doing 20 in a row.

Then we did our WOD.

10 arm clings
10 sit-ups

Then a set of 9 all the way to 1.

By the time I got done I was tired bit I took longer with my workout to get the form right on the arm clings.

Too bad Jared is going to be gone again. Workouts with him have been fun and educational.

Crossfit Challenge- Day 7


So today was another week of Crossfit. Only five more classes left. I have to say that I know I said that the last few were intense but today’s workout was by far the hardest at this point.

I have to say that I was not really feeling it this morning. I was exhausted. The past two weeks I have been on the go non stop. When my alarm went off I ignored it as long as I could. I did finally get up but not happily.

When I got to the box this morning we went over some new things like thrusters. We reviewed the deadlift and the hallow rocks and supermans. Finally it was time for the workout that the instructor called a “crippled”.

400 meter run
30 leg lunges
15 ring rows
15 KTE
15 thrusters
400 meter run

I did come in third for the guys at 8:15 which was not bad at all. I was proud of myself. Every time it go to Crossfit I push myself harder than the previous class. Now with only five classes left I need to step it up and push a little more harder.

Crossfit Challenge- Day 6

So today was a really quick day for my Crossfit journey. Jared had a business trip so I was left in the care and instruction of the owner Nathan. He told me to do a 400 meter warmup jog, which was easy for me.

When I returned he reviewed the upper arm press with me. At this point I feel like I am a pro at this. Then he showed me the epic wall ball. I have heard so many things about the wall ball that I was scared.

After a few tries I for it down pat. I had to squat down and then press up to throw it but I did it.

Then it was workout time and today was not short on intensity.

5 rounds of each

10 wall balls
5 push-ups

After the third round I thought I was not going to make it but I have come to far to give up now. I managed to finish in 3:58. That’s a good time.

So now that week two is over. I feel more confident then ever. My body is getting tighter and my arms have never looked this good. I can’t wait to see what week 3 brings!


Crossfit Challenge- Day 5

Today was a hard one. I found myself struggling. I went in with an open mind and left with sore hands.

Today Jared taught me how to do knees to elbows, also called KTE. I had a really hard time griping the bar as I am not use to doing any hanging bar exercises. Yes I am 28 years old and never done a pull up so what? I ended up using chalk to get a better grip and it seemed to work. Soon I was mastering the KTE and it became easy.

Then we did the following workout.

3 rounds of each

300 meter row
10 upper arm thrust presses

I did really good until I got to the last set of upper arm thrust presses and I was struggle to get the last three up. I ended up making it in 7:58 which was good according to Jared.

While we were finishing up with some stretches he told me that I was doing good and to keep up the good work. He said I was improving with every class and hopes to see me when he come back on August 9th. Yea this was my last class with Jared as he is going away on a business trip and won’t be back until after my ramp is over. He will be missed.

So I am almost to the halfway point in my Crossfit challenge. I can’t believe it. I have to say I am becoming a little bit of an addict.


Crossfit Challenge- Day 4


So this morning was the start of week two of my Crossfit challenge. All weekend I could not wait to get back in the box. I learned so much last week and I could not wait to see what I was going to learn today.

When I got to Crossfit Indian Trail I found that there was four more people added to my group. I have to say I felt like I had a lot more experience but did not want to seem too cocky to the new people. Jared gathered us for our 400 meter warm up run which is never an issue for me.

After warming up the body and joints we learned how to to do a proper hallow rock and superman stretch. I liked the superman stretch but the hallow rock was really hard for me. Then Jared showed us how to do a proper forward leg lunge. Those a harder that I expected. Then it was time for our workout.

Today’s workout was the following:

3 sets of each

200 meter run
35 meter leg lunge
10 jumping pull-ups

I managed to finish the workout in 9:01, which was not bad for me. I was just glad to finish. Jared went over the same mobility stretches and dismissed us.

I have to say this Crossfit thing is so much fun and I like a workout that challenges me and that is what I keep getting in the box.

Crossfit Challenge- Day 2


So today was the second day of my Crossfit challenge and it was a hard one. That is meant to be in a good way. I had a really fun and intense workout yesterday as many of my Instagram followers know so I was pumped to get to “The box” this morning.

I had a 5:30 session with Jared cause I had to be a work this morning early so it was just me and him. It was like having a personal trainer for an hour. We did not get a chance to talk on Monday so we bonded on our 400 meter warm up jog. He really is a nice guy and knows his stuff.

When we came back in he made me practice my squats again which at this point I feel I have perfected. Then he showed me how to work on my mobility in my shoulders using a plastic pipe.

After showing me some really handy moves he then told me how to do a deadlift properly and a upper arm press. Both of these move I have struggled will cause no one really told me how to do them. I began to think that this was going to be easy. Please remember that this was not the workout.

The workout for today was this.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of deadlifts

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of upper arm presses

After doing 10 of each you would do 9 and then 8 and you get it.

I had to put the bar down at one point cause I could not keep my form on the deadlift halfway through. Then I picked up the bar and pumped it out finishing in 7:55. Oh and I forgot to say we were being timed on this workout to.

All and all it was a great work out. After finishing and catching my breath, Jared taught me some more stretches and then I was done. I like working out there and can’t wait till Fridays workout to see what is next.