Disney Take Two

I am happy to announce that we are heading back to Disney in 2018!

This week I have been in touch with my travel agent and we are in the process of planning another epic trip to Disney World in April 2018. I am already registered to run the Star Wars Half Marathon a weekend in April so we decided to turn that weekend in a extra long trip as a family.

This time around it will be just the four of us going. That makes me sad but I feel we can manage an extended stay with only two adults. I am so excited to be planning this trip. I already have selected some of the places I want to make dining reservations at. I have been reading the food blogs like crazy. There was still so much to do that last time we could not squeeze it all in.

I am very excited to get back down there and I know my kids are.

Disney World here were come…again

Disney Mug Tuesday- Epcot Starbucks Mug

Here is the third of the Starbucks mugs that I brought home from Disney World. This one is from Epcot. Epcot was my absolute favorite park in all of Disney World. I also think it was the only one that catered more to adults. I love how you could buy booze from around the world and try different and exciting foods. Also the park is beautiful especially when you go during the Wine and Garden festival.

Every time I drink out of this mug I remember all the fun and exciting times we had in those two days we were at Epcot.

Disney Mug Tuesday- Chalkboard Mug

Continuing on from last week, this weeks Disney mug is one of my favorites but it is actually not mine. When we were at Disney World I never seen this mug. My wife liked this mug and when we were in Disney her sister bought it for her friend.

After we got home my wife made comment that she wanted this mug so I got on the Disney Parks app and ordered it and when it came I fell in love with it to.

Don’t forget to tag me on your Disney mug pics on Instagram at tmfunde or twitter @TFunDaddy. Have a great Tuesday!

Back To Business- 215!

So now that I am back from Disney I am back to reality of work, family and the gym. Being home sucks and I wish I was back at The Magic Kingdom stuffing my face with Mickey Mouse shaped pastries of some kind. Don’t follow the Disney Food Blog cause all it does is make you wish you were there and that you had a spoon full of Dole Whip in your mouth. Seriously, it is like torture to look at that blog before lunch.

Since getting back from Disney World I have been busting it in the gym. My coach has been pushing me and now I am having to get down to 215 in four weeks. The pressure is on. I have gone on a very low carb diet and only allowing myself on cheat meal or snack on Saturday. This past weekend I indulged myself with a doughnut from the new local doughnut store that just opened. Very good I must say. Eating meat and veggies is not that hard but at times its is hard to get someone else to understand who has no clue. My favorite go to snack is bacon wrapped asparagus. Really is the best thing you can put in your mouth and it is super easy to make. Also, lettuce wraps have become my new favorite type of sandwich.

I have been concentrating on my power snatch and push presses. I must say that the new programing I am on has been working. Not that anything was wrong with my former program but this one is 100% tailored to me and what I want to accomplish. I have been busting a chest and arm routine, a back and leg routine on days I can’t quite make it to the gym and I am seeing results.

So with this being said, I am glad to be home and back to working on my goals. It still kills to see Disney World photos on Instagram cause now I am dying to get back there. I told my wife it was time to plan our next trip.

The Last 3 Days Part 2- Back To Epcot!

On day 6 we found ourselves going back to Epcot. We had a reservation at the royal banquet hall to have breakfast with the princesses. The time to be there was 8:10. We overslept but the nice people at Disney let us move our reservation to 9. We made it with a couple of minutes to spare. It involved my running with the stroller to the other end of the park but I made it.

It was a awesome breakfast and we were greeted by Belle and took a few photos with her.

Then we were seated and were greeted by some famous faces…

Snow White

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

and finally Cinderella

After breakfast we flew over the world on Soarin’ which was a pretty cool ride. While the girls were riding it. I took the kids to see the fishes.

We then got to ride Living the Land which was also cool. It is a boat ride that goes in a huge greenhouse where all the veggies are grown for all the Disney parks.

Then it was time for lunch in Mexico at The San Angel Inn. It was really good Mexican food and it was like you were dining outside of a Myan temple. K-Dub was too tired to eat so she took a nap on the table.

Then we got to ride on Fast Track which lets you build a custom car and then test drive it.

After that ride it was time to meet Mickey and his friends.

After a long day at Epcot we were ready for dinner. We were suppose to go to the Aloha show but we decided to skip not as we were full from lunch still. So we came back to the hotel and ordered a pizza and I took K-Dub swimming. It was nice to have some down time before we started our last day.

Epcot- It Really Is A Small World. 

So today we went to EPCOT! 

I must say it was cold for it to be Florida weather but we managed. The first thing we did this morning was have breakfast at the famous Chef Mickey’s! 

Then it was time to head to the park. We started our day at the Finding Nemo ride. 

Then we headed lunch at The Coral Reef, which was by far my favorite

Then we went around the world and looked at the beautiful gardens in the park. 

We went traveling around the world where it got a little romantic…

Later it was time for me to keep a promise to K-Dub and take her to meet Elsa and Anna

Then we had to ride Frozen Ever After. 

I am not sure what I was doing and I was clearly not prepared for the ride photo 

We also had to let the kids run around and blow off some steam. 

We finished the day with dinner at Biergarden in Germany. It was ok and good. Then watched to fireworks. Here are some othe great pics from our day. 

PTomorrow we hit up Magic Kingdom again.  It’s going to be fun.