Back To Training!

  Wow that was a great break! I decided to take a little break from not only running but from the blog as well. This gave me some much-needed time to catch up on some yard work, some reading( I finally finished The Girl On The Train and it was fantastic), and I also got to hang with my wife and daughter. It was a great two weeks.

No that it is over, I started getting back to work. Training for my marathon is now in full swing. I have my schedule all laid out and my runs planned. I am ready. Monday started my first day of training with my usual 6 am crossfit class. I love my crossfit family. They are so encouraging and always push me to be my best,

Today my alarm went off at 5 am and I put on my sneakers and went for a nice 3 mile jog around the neighborhood. It was great to watch the sun come up and to have my miles in before breakfast was an added bonus.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy. I am putting in 6 days of training a week and at the moment I have a burned calorie goal of 800 a day. This goal will increase every week by 25 calories. Its been a lot of measuring and planning to make this training plan work but I know I can do it if I stick with it.

Wish me luck as I become a true marathon runner!

To Run On The Track Or Run To Make A Bottle?


Mondays are rough for cause now that I am training for my upcoming race I have to work in my exercise routine everyday. The problem with this is that I also have my daughter on Mondays. Now I love Daddy and Daughter Mondays but this past week I fell short of being a parent.

Yesterday I told you about my first experience at yoga class but like most things in this world, there is more to the story. After dropping K-Dub off at the gym daycare and completing my first class, I decided to go ahead and do some weight and race training.

So there I was running my scheduled two miles. I finished my weight and race training when I happen to look at the time on my phone and saw that K-Dub had been in the daycare for almost three hours. There is a two hour limit. So I rushed downstairs to get her and was reminded by the worker that there is a two hour limit. I apologized. K-Dub looked at me with tears in her eyes and she looked so sleepy.

Although we missed her first nap, I got her home and fed her some lunch and then gave her a bottle to help calm her down and put her to bed. I was completely upset with myself for being so selfish. I forgot that when you are a parent you can’t be that way. Yes, I want to do well at this race and prove to myself and others that I can do it but not at the cost of my child.

So I fell short on being a parent and the only thing I can do about it is be a better parent the next day and that was just what I did!


I think she forgave me!

I Make A Good Tree- My First Yoga Class



I have to say that in the past few months since I made the committment to be more active it has been hard to spice up my exercise routines. How do you go from running 50 miles in week to be an extreme weight lifter? Well I was a work this past weekend and I was talking to a coworker about how they went to their first yoga class and hated every minute of it. I was very interested in yoga but more about this person’s unique experience. Is yoga that bad? Is is that hard?

I have always had a very strong opinion about yoga. That it was way too hard and that I might not be that flexible to do downward dog. Like really the last thing anyone wants to see is me with my head buried in the floor and but sticking up in the air. I always thought yoga was for only two things: the birds and women. How many men do you see rushing off to class with a yoga mat in hand? Not many where I live!

I decided to give yoga a chance to see if it is really that hard. So after dropping K-Dub at the gym daycare, I went to class. I got there and the instructor introduced herself to me and told me to grab a mat in the back and lay it where I wanted. I chose the back of the room cause that way if I felt it was too hard then no one would see me leave. I got comfortable and waited for class to start.

I have to say that I am really glad I got there early cause a minute before we started there was not anymore room. I looked around the room to see that there was only myself and another guy there. I stand uncorrected on my above statement. There was also a lot of older women. So my first thought was that if these older women can do these moves then I should be able to.

Class started with our instructor, her name was Mia, talking about how yoga is for everyone and that we need to listen to our bodies. My body was telling me that I needed to fart but I simply told it to wait. Then she told us concentrate on our breathing and to roll our heads in a circle. After two circles, I was starting to feel really relaxed. Then we moved our shoulders and then our arms, while taking slow breathes. I have to say I felt really good.

Then we did some balance moves. I found out that I was more flexible than I knew. We stood on one leg and brought the other one up and placed it under our knee while keeping a praying stance with our hands. Mia called it a tree. She walked by and made sure everyone was in the right position. She came to me and said I made a good tree. To me being a “yoga virgin”, that was the best compliment I could ever get.

After a few more moves followed by some relaxing breathing, class was over and I have to say that I have never been more relaxed and sore at the same time. I loved yoga and I might go back next week considering that it was nice to just be “centered” for a change.


Running Makes Me Look Good


So this past week I have made it my choice to be a little more active and attempt this fad called a “healthy lifestyle”. This has been surprisingly easy cause watching what I eat is already something I do. I already eat a lot of veggies and drink tons of water so the only thing left to adjust was to only one plate and not go back to the counter for seconds. Also if you eat light for lunch you can eat a little heavier for dinner. These are the rules I now live by.

This new lifestyle has changed a lot of different things in my life. Now that I am more active my back does not hurt anymore. This is because during my breaks and lunches at work I go walking around my building. It gets me outside and away from my desk. Everyone needs fresh air once in a while. Since straining my lumbar muscle a few weeks ago, its been very hard to just sit around and wait for it to heal and muscle relaxers make me too loopy so I read that being a little more active can help defer back pain. So far this article was right.

Here is my schedule for my new lifestyle.

5:30 AM -Wake up

5:31-6:30 AM- Get dressed, make lunch, make coffee, start crock pot dinner

6:30 AM- Leave for work

7:23 AM- Arrive at work and have breakfast

8:00 AM- Work

10:00 – 10:15 AM- Break time! Walk around building

10:15 to 12:00 PM- Work

12:00 PM- Eat prepared lunch which is always a salad.

1:00 PM- Lunch time! Walk around the building

1:30- 3:00 PM- Work

3:00- 3:15 PM- Break time! Walk around the building

4:30 PM- Time to head home

5;30 PM- Arrive at home, feed and get K-Dub ready to get into the bed before 7.

6:30- 7:30 PM- Gym time

7:30 PM- Dinner and shower

8:00 PM- TV and talk to the wife.

10:00 PM- Bedtime

That is the new routine at the FUN house. As you can see I am trying my hardest to stay active. The last change is that my wife is very supportive of what I am trying to do. She knows that the better I feel and look the more she can rip the benefits from it. Thats right, She can’t keep her hands off me. I would be lying if I said I was not enjoying it cause I am a guy first of all and second I am madly in love with my wife. In a marriage sometimes you need to switch things up to keep things interesting with you partner. Anyways, so now that I am working on myself, I could always use some tips so please fee free to comment below.

(#9) Running For Apps Sake!

As many of my readers know I have begun a quest to shed some pounds and I have found that this is not the easiest thing to do. My story that I am about to share after the challenge declaration a few weeks ago is both awesome and disappointing. Please still continue to come by the blog and please don’t be mad at me. I can at least I can say that confession is both true and honest.

I was so excited about this challenge and I could not wait to get started. i had the gym membership, the workout gear, and my awesome new water bottle (It’s awesome cause it has a filter. Beat that Propel!). I decided to go to the gym Monday morning at 5AM. This seemed easy to me cause that was the time I went when I was in college. I was pumped and ready!

That morning my alarm clock went off and I bounced out of bed with the quickness. I brushed my teeth and put on my shoes and workout gear and headed for the door.

Once I arrived at the gym I met my brother and his friend and decided to workout with them. I started out with a very slow jog for about 10 minutes and then I started to struggle. I could not breathe and I had to slow down.

After we finished that I was done and ready to head to bed. I felt defeated. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. We started to weight lift. I have never done this before cause I was never that athletic in high school. We worked on our back and I sure did feel the burn.

I left the gym barely walking. I was so sore. I knew then this was going to be a challenge.

As the weeks went by I did not go to the gym as much as I should have been. I kept telling my wife I would go the next day and that turned into the next day. I was loosing my commitment that I set myself.  I felt really bad about it.

I started to look on the net for some great apps to help me with both my cardio and weight lifting adventure. I found a great app called Nike+ for running. it tracks how far I run and helps me set goals and pushes me every mile.  Go lift is the app I found to give me an introduction to weight lifting. It sometimes is hard cause I have to learn the proper form in order to successfully perform the exercises but i like it.

Now that i have these apps it makes completing this challenge a little easier and I can’t wait to knock this number off my list. I told you that you might be disappointed in me and I am sorry. I am new to this whole fitness thing and I have learned a lot. I am still struggling with the whole food thing. I am not always sure what to eat and how much of it to eat. Any tips you may have, please send them my way.

Thanks Everyone!