Pumpkin Time

Fall is here or at least it has been here for a couple of weeks. I wish that outside felt more like it. It still feels like summer. Today as I am writing this it is humid and sticky outside. Gross!

I love the when it is fall. The leaves change color, it gets colder, bonfires, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and pumpkin spic lattes make this season great. Speaking of pumpkins, one of the best traditions we have as a family is to head over to the Pumpkin Patch at Riverbend Farms and pick out our pumpkins.

This year we went with my brother and his family and had a blast.

Climbing on fake animals…

and tractors.

Sliding down the slides

After playing it was time to get on the hayride.

The real work began as it was time to pick up out pumpkins…

I think my family had a great time and it gave mine and my brother’s family some time to enjoy each other.

Back To The Patch!


Last Monday BritWhitFun and I took K-Dub to the pumpkin patch near our house. We had a great time, however, we found a pumpkin patch near us that looked like it would be more fun. We were right about that. The place was called Riverbend Farms in Midland, NC. It was a huge place complete with a hay ride, slides, petting zoo, and general store. As you can see, K-Dun had a great time picking out her pumpkin. She even got to pet a goat. As for BritWhitFun and I, we really have enjoyed this season. There is nothing better than making sweet memories as a family. I love the fact that we are doing so many fun activities outside the house. It’s great to get out and do something different from the normal routine.