Our Little Family Beach Trip

This past weekend we headed down to Holden Beach for a little family vacation. Nothing fancy but us and the rest of BrittWhitFun’s family. We really had no choice cause of all the renovations going on we could not be at the house.

The first day we were there we had a great breakfast over at Nana’s house. We then headed to the dock and got on my FIL’s boat. There is just something great about being on a boat in the summer time. We rode around for a while and found a great spot on the inlet and set up camp.

We spent the entire morning and afternoon playing in the sand, swimming, fishing, and just relaxing. It was great. The beach is one of my favorite places and it is awesome that my in laws share the same joy.

After we got done we loaded up camp and came back to the dock. We went back to the motel we were staying and got showers. After we got cleaned off we headed back over to Nana’s house so the kids could have some alone time with their Pop and Nana while the adults went out to dinner.

We had a great dinner at Provision Company which included a couple of cocktails and seafood. It is always great to get away without the kids and enjoy some adult laughs and conversation.  After dinner we went to a local ice cream shop where my SIL just can’t seem to eat an ice cream cone the right way. I mean who bites the end of a cone with ice cream still in there?

After some much needed rest we ready for day two. We went back to Nana’s house and ate breakfast again and then headed down to the beach.

We spent another long morning and afternoon on the beach swimming, digging holes, looking for seashells, and eating burgers from the local pier. Its was an awesome day. My kids got disgusting, especially Evie, and had to be rinsed off before heading home.

I must say I love my in laws and my little family. Our beach trips are always so much fun. I hope that even though our Nana is selling her place that we can continue these trips and enjoy each others company.

Disney Bound


My wife and I have been wanting to do something big for our next vacation. Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE our long trips to Holden Beach every summer but this year we wanted to do something very different. A vacation that we would remember for the rest of our lives. On thing I have always wanted to do and anyone who knows me knows I always wanted to go to Disney. It has been a dream of mine to spend a week in the company of Mickey and his friends.

So when it came time to plan, we decided that why not make it a family affair and invite my sister-in-law, Kate and her husband along with my two nephews. They have been to Disney before and to be honest, I wanted someone that has some experience to go with us. Finally, I invited my best friend Chris, who has always been there for me at a drop of the hat and I wanted him to share in the extraordinary experience.

We decided to go in March so it would not be too hot and it would also not be crazy crowded, I got a travel agent, who so happens to be the wife of one of my gym friends. She was great when it came to making the accommodations and really listened to us about what we wanted, Her name is Nicole and and she is from Once Upon A Vacation. Send me a comment if you want her info so you can have her start planning your vacation.

We finally got our dining plan set and made our reservations. Here we are less then 75 days until we are on the way and we have so much left to do. We still have to plan our our route and coordinate our schedule for our departure. We still need to book our Fast Passes.

Needless to say, we are super excited for this experience. If you have been to Disney World, please let me know what things to see, places I need to eat, and what rides are worth the wait. Comment below.

Our Little Vacay

 I have been meaning to post this blog for sometime but in all honesty the time has gotten away from me. As you know, We went on a little vacation a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it was great to get away. Nothing like going out of town to get your groove back.

We went to our usual spot, Holden Beach, which is the most beautiful beach in North Carolina in my opinion. We made it there in under three hours thanks to my amazing wife and her mad driving skills. We love seeing our Nana and K-Dub had been asking about her for the past few weeks. We missed her and had a lot to catch up on with her.

On Saturday, I started my day with a 7.50 mile run on the main street of Holden Beach. It was beautiful to be running while watching the sun come up. It reminds you of how amazing this world can be. I wanted to get this run done as early as possible cause it was suppose to be really hot and by the time I finished It was really really HOT!

We spent the rest of the day on the beach where it really did feel like the sun was in your pocket. I found myself having to get in the water more frequently to cool off. K-Dub is scared of the ocean so the closest we could get her to the water was to the start of the shore line. She did love playing in the sand. She made what she called sandcastles but I thought they looked more like holes. We had a nice picnic on the beach and then ended our day with a trip to the amazing Sunset Slush.


Sunday we had another great day at the beach and then spent sometime in Calabash. We got some new ornaments for our tree to welcome Everly. Getting a new ornament is a tradition that we do every year.

You can’t seem to go to the beach without getting some seafood. So we got some dinner and then headed back to Nana’s house where we spent the evening watching TV and playing with K-Dub.

Monday we left after our tradition of eating at The Purple Onion Café, which is the best place to eat. Then we headed home. It was a great trip but like always, it was too short. Maybe next year we can plan a much longer vacation. Next year we will travel as a family of four! Wow! That is going to be exciting!

Our Own Slice Of Paradise With The Man Eating Flies!


Our family vacation was awesome. We had such a great time. Oak Island is really a very nice place.

When we first got there it was really late and we got settled in a went to sleep only to wake the next morning to the ocean in our ears. One of the great things about staying at a beach house is the fact that you wake up to the gorgeous view of the sea. We came down and ate breakfast with my mom and stepdad and then headed down to the beach to have fun in the sun.

When we got down to the beach it was like something out of a horror movie. It is of course our luck that we go down to the beach during sandfly mating season. Here is a quick fact about these flies. They get on your skin and bite you to suck your blood so they can make their eggs. Let me tell you that these little things hurt. I had to come back inside and break out my iPad and google how to stop them. I found an article that said that if you you spray vinegar on your legs it will repel them. After buying vinegar and spraying it all over my body I was able to enjoy myself on the beach.


Shortly after we solved that scare, my brother and his family came down along with my Gi Gi. We played a crazy game of UNO and Trouble. My family is super competitive and it got pretty fierce. My wife call my mom a bitch but it was all in good fun.

As the days went on we spent most of the time on the beach playing with my cute niece.I gave me great practice for when my little Karsyn gets here. It made my family realize how much of a great dad I am going to be.


The week came and went really fast and before I knew it it was time to head home. I was sad to leave but thankful for the experience. My family really enjoyed their first vacation in over 10 years and have already started to plan the next one.