Happy Birthday Holden!



I never knew that in one year I could bond with someone that is not even my child. The bond we have as an uncle and nephew is something I will always treasure. You are so special and I can’t wait to see you learn more and more and grow.

I love being your favorite uncle and can’t wait to help teach you how to be man. You have the best parents in the world. They love you and would stop at nothing to make sure you are happy.

You aunt and I promise to be always be there for no matter what to provide a place where you can come and hang out and tell us what’s bothering you. We also promise to always have ice cream.

Happy first birthday my little buddy. Your Uncle T-Fun loves you very much.

Uncle T-Fun

The First Birthday Low Down! Part 2

photo 14

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well it was the morning of our little ones party and I was getting a little excited but there was a lot to do. After feeding the birthday girl breakfast, BrittWhitFun and I started to clean up the house. This include picking all the toys up in the living room and vacuuming all of Tan Man’s fur off the carpet. After doing that we decided to decorate the house. The theme was Minnie Mouse.

After we decorated, Mimi showed up and took BrittWhitFun and K-Dub to Wal-Mart to get the last bit of stuff for the party. I stayed behind to finish cleaning. Once they got back We started cooking and before we knew it the party was coming together.

Maw Maw came with her amazing punch making skills, all the aunts and uncles, close friends, other grandparents, and even great grandparents were coming though the door before we knew it the time came to party.

People treated their selves to cocktail weenies and chips and dip as others sat in the living room watching a slide show I made of K-Dub of her first year alive and listening to some music. All the kids were playing and K-Dub was smiling which made happy.

photo 11

Then we opened gifts. I have to say that K-Dub really racked up in this department. She got some cute clothes, a table and chair set, some books, MORE LITTLE PEOPLE, and a tricycle. BrittWhitFun and I waited til last to give her our gift which was a stuffed bear. If you touched its right hand it said, “Happy first birthday K-Dub, Mommy and Daddy love you!” She loved it. She also got a play drum from her Uncle Chris and some classic Looney Tunes cartoons that I loved when I was a kid.

photo 12

Then it was time for cake. K-Dub of course had her own cake that was made by her Aunt Kape. We bought a cake for everyone else to have.

It came time that I was really actually excited about. For K-Dub to smash that cake and get so messy that I could not help but go awwwwww. This is what happened…

So this was not exactly what I had in mind. So after drying her tears she was ready to play but still did not want anything to do with that cake.

photo 8

After everyone left we spent the rest of the night cleaning up and taking down decorations. K-Dub got a lot of amazing stuff and went to bed without a fight.

The next day all she wanted to do was play with her new toys. She even managed to ride her tricycle! Thanks Nana!

I am still in a state of awe that I have a one year old. It amazes me how fast this past year has gone by and all the crazy lessons I have learned as a new dad. K-Dub makes me want to be a better father and the father she deserves. I can’t wait to see what is in store for BrittWhitFun and I as parents this year. I do know one thing and that is as long as K-Dub is happy, I am happy. Love to see that little girl smile.

The First Birthday Low Down! Part 1

Sorry for the title of this blog. I was trying to be a hip dad but instead failed miserably. I want to tell you guys about K-Dub’s first birthday and the fun things that happened. There was so many things that happened, I had to break it down into two parts.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

photo 3

The birthday girl woke up in great spirits and besides not knowing what was going on, she was really happy and eager to hang with Mommy and Daddy. BrittWhitFun and I both took the day off so we could hang out with her. K-Dub and I spent the morning watching Sophia The First and playing with her toys. I must say I might have to start writing my Little People Soap Opera soon.

That afternoon we had to take K-Dub to her twelve month appointment. The doctor assured us that we were doing everything right and gave us some advice about how to get K-Dub off the formula. This advice started a battle that is so epic that I will have to share it with you another day once I catch up on some much-needed rest.

Now before I share with you what happened at the doctor’s office next, please don’t judge BrittWhitFun and I. We are concerned parents and only have K-Dub’s best interest at heart.

After we spoke to the doctor we decided as parents to let them go ahead and give K-Dub her 12 month shots. I know what you are thinking. Are these parents monsters? What kind of parents let the doctors give their kids their shots on their birthday? The answer I have for you all is simple…The kind of parents that know whats best for their kid. Let me just say that it was the hardest thing I ever had to watch and when it was over I held her until she stopped crying. She was a trooper and the bravest kid I have seen.

photo 2

After the traumatic experience of the doctor’s office we decided to have some real fun with our newly one year daughter and took her to the local Monkey Joe’s. We thought that she would love to bounce around in the bounce houses and slide down the slides. What kid would not like it? Man I was wrong. She cried as soon as we got in the baby bounce house and would not let go of me. She hated it. I even struggled to gether off my leg so we could go down the slide.

After we left the scary bounce house place we decided to cap off our daughter’s first birthday with a trip to a place that we knew she would love…. Sweet Frog’s Frozen Yogurt! This was the highlight of the day. After giving her some frozen yogurt, K-Dub got a little crazy! Take a look!

After she calmed down a little, we talked to some family who showed up like Aunt Kape and HJ along with Aunt E, Pop, and Nana! You know I love me some HJ! After laughing and talking about how much we are blessed to have this little girl in our lives, we went home and put K-Dub to bed and BrittWhitFun and sat on the couch and talked about the first year of our little girls life and how fast it flew by.

Also that we had a party to finish planning that was coming up….that Saturday!

We Made It A Year!


I can’t believe we finally made it to this point. My little girl is a year old today! Where has the time gone? It still seems to me that only yesterday, I held her for the first time.  Now she is walking! Yes walking! I will be sure to post that video later this week. As K-Dub is turning one, I can’t help but look back at the key events of this past year and wonder what will the next year of her life bring?

The first one is obviously the day she was born. After a long day of waiting for BrittWhitFun to be able to push, we decide for both of their well-being that a C section would be better. Finally we went from talking to one another as the doctor did their thing to hearing that loudest cry. It was music to my ears and just like that we went from just husband and wife to now being  mom and dad. I remember holding her for the first time. Her eyes looking at me and me suddenly feeling this urge to protect her and never let her out of my sight. Then she reached and grabbed my finger and it was love at first sight. I will never forget those moments when it was just me and her waiting in the recovery room for BrittWhitFun to arrive. It was a special time for me as a new father to bond with my sweet daughter. That was a moment I would never forget.


The next moment would have to be her first Easter. It was one of the first holidays when she was first-born where we had to celebrate with family. She looked so cute in her dress. It was also the start of when we decided to build our house.


Another nice event was my first Father’s Day. K-Dub, with the help of Mommy, made me a wonderful piece of art that I still have sitting at my desk at work. I got taken to lunch and nothing will ever beat that first Father’s Day.


And who could forget her first Halloween when she dressed up like Pebbles. So cute!

photo 1

Then she started acting strange. She started licking refrigerators, playing in the dishwasher and doing this with her bottle caps.

photo 3

Now here we are. One year later and you have to admit that she gets cuter with age. I am so happy to be her dad and even though parenthood started off with no rest, crying, and a lot of coffee, I would not have traded a second of it. It’s funny how you think your life is amazing and then it changes into something that is even better. I love being a dad and its the best job I could ever have. I hope that in the next year K-Dub learns more stuff, starts talking, eating things other than chips and puffs, and that she is happy. As long as she is happy!



Live Well And Sleep Harder!

This week has been really crazy! I have not even had time to blog much. Even my FUN Fact Friday was very poor this week. Why you ask? I am exhausted. BrittWhitFun and I have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off, K-Dub is still trying to get over from being sick, and we are trying to plan K-Dub’s first birthday party. Guess when the party is? Its NEXT WEEK!

This week was so crazy that I did not make it to the gym at 5:00 am all week like I planned. The alarm would go off and I would jut turn it off and roll back over and sleep. I was not sleeping well cause BritWhitFun caught K-Dub’s cold and was keeping me up with her loud snoring. I found myself switching my bedtime from 10 to 9 so I could have an extra hour to get comfortable.

So far I am at a 25 pound weight loss and I am very proud of myself. I have now been doing this project for a little over two months. I feel better cause I have more energy and I am eating real food. I am watching my calorie intake and I am running my butt off. Going up and down the stairs are much easier and meal planning is a pleasure. It amazes me what a little bit of change can do.

This coming week we have a lot planned. K-Dub’s birthday is Tuesday and my wife and I are taking the day off and spending some quality time as a family. Then her party is on Saturday at our house. Its going to be a great time. I can’t believe my little girl is turning one. Where has this year gone.