Weekend Training, Cheat Meals, Projects & Other Wild Times

I live for the weekends. Every week my wife and I are on the go from the time we wake up to the time we finally hit the hay. There usually is no down time during the week. The highlight of our conversations is usually about what to make for dinner and I am sorry that is just not a conversation I want to have at 7 am. By the time Friday comes I am an over worked zombie and need a nap. I think a lot of parents who work full time feel this way.

When Saturdays come I am very much excited as I am not going to be awaken by the harsh sound of my alarm clock but to the tapping on my head by my oldest who wants to go downstairs and watch TV. To be 100% honest here, nine times out of ten I tell her to wake her mom up. I know I am a horrible human being.

This weekend I got up and went to the gym first thing. It was leg day and I wanted to go ahead and get it in first thing. After pounding out some deadlifts and other exercises, I went and got some coffee cause no workout should go not unrewarded.

We decided to take the kids to the park and let then run all their energy out. This was a great idea considering we ended up having a solid 30 minutes of the park to ourselves. I ended up being the master of the kids zip line. The park stated to fill up but we stayed and played. I swung with Evie and Wife slid down the slide with K-Dub.

The kids were tired so we headed home for a quick nap before going to lunch. Not just any lunch. It was a lunch to celebrate by SIL who turned 25! Lunch was at the best Mexican restaurant that is local her in Indian Trail. It real is life changing Mexican food. The kids were disaster between Evie putting her hands in salsa and then rubbing Wife’s shirt and K-Dub having to go to the bathroom, I was done and ready to take the demons home but we had to go to Target first.

We have been working on this Coffee bar project for sometime and we finally found the right model we wanted to get. So I spent the next couple of hours after Target building it and I am so glad it is done.

We still have a couple of things to do but in the end I think we are off to a great start to a new favorite spot for Wife and I at our house. We survive on coffee and the more the better.

Sunday night I had been waiting for my cheat meal. All week in fact and I wanted a burger, fries and a milkshake and I finally got it. My wife treated me to American Burger Co. in Sun Valley. I have to say it was worth it. My burger was called “Hot Mess” which is what I was as I devoured that thing. So worth it.

Now we are back in the grind of work and here we are on Wednesday. lucky for us we only have one more day of work as we are off for a four day weekend!!! Yay!

First Week


So it was back to the grind this week as schools opened back up, people heading back to work and of course, traffic being crazy. What it also means is that it was the first week of New Years resolutions. How has your resolutions been going?

This week I have hit the gym hard…very hard. I have been incorporating a lot off strength training as well 30 minutes of cardio a day. I have been managing my nutrition very well and I actually meal prepped all my lunches, snacks and made a schedule for my supplements and shakes. It seems to be going well. The scale is starting to move in a direction that I am starting to like, I have more energy through the day, it has been easier to get out the door in the morning since all my lunches are made.


As far as my devices go, I am happy to announcement that I have had my electronics away from my bedside all week. It has made me more attentive and I have been able to connect to my wife on another level. I actually have enjoyed being without electronics. It has been great.

So how are you doing with your resolutions? Are you having issues? If I am being honest I did have a small setback where I had a binge on Oreos. I am not proud of it but I jumped back on my commitment the next day. That is the most important thing. Don’t give up.


Garage Renovation Part 2


You may remember at the beginning of the year I wrote a blog about what I wanted to do to my garage. I wanted to make it into a home crossfit gym. Well it took a while and lots of planning but I am happy to say that this dream has finally been made a reality. Actually, to be honest, I totally forgot about this project and it was only a couple of months ago when I decided to finish this project.

So the first thing I needed was a squat rack and lucky for me it was around  Christmas time and my wife decided to get me one. After a few days of looking online I settle for the one from PRX Performance. Not only was the rack very affordable but it came with a lot of extra stuff such as a 20 pound wallball, an abmat, and weight and bar storage. Another great thing about this rack was that it was able to fit into the wall so we could still use the garage to store other things.

My friend Mike came over and installed it. The installation process was easy and  it was only a matter of two hours and my squat rack was up on the wall and ready to use. After we got the weight holders and wall ball holder on the wall, my home gym was almost complete.


As the week went by I bought some rubber flooring mats and a set of 16kg and 24kg kettle bells along with some more plates. It was starting to look like a real gym. Soon I decide that I needed a rower although I did have a treadmill but I needed a rower for the most basic crossfit  workouts. After moving the treadmill into the house and in the kids playroom, I was ready to buy a new rower.

After I got the rower, I hung all my medals back on the wall and had a guy come out to the house and install some custom shelves. The next few days I spent cleaning off the floor and moving boxes on the new shelves. Then I hung the whiteboard back on the wall. The gym was ready.


Since finally getting the space I need and wanted to workout, I have used it almost everyday in some degree, It really does help on those days I can’t make it to the gym. So glad to have this space. I have a feeling I am going to have a great time in my new gym.

I Hate Burpees

So I really hate burpees. There is only one other crossfit move I hate more and that is thrusters. Burpees make me want to vomit and die at the same time. Maybe I am being a little dramatic.

So this mornings workout was…


When I saw the workout online, I did not see the EMOM of 5 wall balls. When I came in the gym and read this I want to cry. I think my expression was more like this…

gif-keyboard-61228008928465459After doing the bench presses, it was time to get the plates and wall balls out and set up a place to workout or die.

I don’t know what is worse, the workout or the anticipation before the workout. I guess i just have really bad anxiety. Maybe I am just lazy.

When the clock started it was time to work.

I did good on my first 3 sets. I made it to burpee number 15 in the first minute, then 14 on the second, then 10 on the third. As you can tell I was slowly running out of gas.


I kept going. Knocking out every wall ball and burpee the workout called for. Finally I made it to 75 burpees. I was so glad it was over. I not only survived but felt like I could have done 100. Ok maybe not that many.

I finished in 8:44. It was a good time for someone who hates burpees and almost thought he was going to die.

I love crossfit and the challenges that come with it. Everyday I am pushed to my limits. It brings the better out of me and I love it. As for burpees…


Crossfit Has Changed Everything!

Sorry I have not really been on the blogsphere lately. I have been very busy and it has not been because of running. It actually has been cause of Crossfit. I have been busy snatching, box jumping and burpee-ing in my free time but that is not all. 

A couple of months ago my coach and the owner of the Crossfit gym I attended put a post in Facebook about needing help with some marketing and website stuff. Having to be currently working in advertising for the local newspaper and having a certificate in website design I responded. 

I was starting to get bored. Not with Crossfit but with my entire fitness routine. I mean once you run a marathon what is there left to do? Nobody care about a PR for a local 5k. People get it. You are a runner. Move on. So when my coach approached me about it and “gave” me the keys to the kingdom, I was nervous. 

My first assignment was to help with homepage. So I cleaned it up and made it more for our target audience. Then I ran out first campaign on Facebook, which led to me having control of all the social media accounts. Then a funny thing happened. I started getting complement from the members about how well the marketing was going. They loved it. Suddenly I changed the image from a gym to a community. Members were getting excited and that campaign I ran brought in a ton more business. 

I started talking to my coach about other things we could do. We came up with some things to keep out members engaged. Soon I found myself coming out of my slump. I am currently in a 21 day nutrition challenge and fixing to start my final week. I feel so good and alive. Through this challenge I have found a desire to meal prep and have been researching recipes and looking at YouTube videos. 

My performance at the gym has improved. I am now feeling better then ever. This past weekend I did my first ever pull up and I mean first EVER! I will be competing in my first competition this weekend and I am so excited and scared but mostly excited. My additude has changed. I am meeting new people and I have a lot more Crossfit friends then I thought. I know I am not in this journey alone. 

As for my new place of business? My gym has gotten a lot of new people. Our website traffic has increased, our engagement on social media is at an all time high, and our members are happy. I love my new role at the gym and I would not trade it for anything. 

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Garage Renovation Part 1- Cleaning It Out

Well I have finally decided to do it. I need to clean out my garage….

This was not an easy decision cause I hate to think about all the things I am going to find in there but I need more space. With three girls in the house, I need a space to do man things! I am not exactly sure what I will do with it but I have a few ides.

  1. I could turn it into the ultimate stock pile room!
  2. I always wanted my very own gym complete with everything a guy could as for.
  3. I could set up a huge TV and put some couches in there and have epic football watching time.
  4. A place to just store stuff- I think thats how I got myself in this situation.
  5. A place to raise live chickens

So maybe number five is a little out there but if I was going to make any decision it was going to be to go with NUMBER TWO! It would be nice to have a home gym on those days I can’t make it to my box.

So I started my garage makeover by getting rid of the 32 boxes of books my dad left me. It was a hard call but I needed the space and what was I really going to do with 32 boxes of nonfiction books? So they were sent to Goodwill for someone who really might get some use out of them.

The next thing is to move some furniture around. I really want to move the stockpile that is in the garage back in to the house mostly cause I am scared the food will go bad faster.  I also still need to find the best places to put the lawn mower and other yard stuff.

The next thing is to sweep it out and cleanup all the leaves that have blown in from the fall. You might think that I am the worlds nastiest person at this moment but I have been putting this project off for so long that it feels goos to finally get some of this stuff done.

As far as putting things on the wall, I have really been itching to find a place to put my race medals and bibs. I fave not gotten there yet but I did find some great things on Pinterest that really have me excited.

You really can’t have a gym without some equipment. That would be crazy! So here is a list of the stuff to get for my home gym.

  1. Flooring
  2. Squat Rack
  3. Weight Bar
  4. Rubber Weight Plates 10/15/25/45 lbs
  5. Kettlebells 24kg/16kg
  6. Dumbbells 20lbs+
  7. Medicine Ball 20 lbs
  8. Jump Rope
  9. Pull Up Bar
  10. Ab Mat
  11. Bands
  12. Rower
  13. 20/24/30 Box

I already have a treadmill and an elliptical. I will be on the hunt for the other stuff later.

I am so excited for this project and can’t wait to get my home gym done. I will keep you posted as I work to get this done.

Here are some of the ideas I got from Pinterest.

wall-mounted-rack-garage 215f344ead474e16857db01c14c9a88b

Why I Think My Kid Is Making Me Fat

I have really have not had a lot of time lately to blog cause I have been busy. I know that is every blogger’s excuse but in this case it really is. I am even writing a post about what I have been up. My kid really does dictate what I kind of small amounts of freedom I get to have. Even eating a dinner with the wife is considered a treat even when you can eat all of your mashed potatoes without having to grab your kid cause they are crying hysterically. Sometimes I think she senses when we are happen and then makes it her mission to suck all the happiness out of the room.

With all of this being said, I have been having issues with getting my butt back in the gym since our little “fun sucker” has come into this world. Its been so hard to find the time to get there. When I eat something I can actually here myself getting fatter. Ok, that last one was being a little over dramatic. Its been so hard to find the time and one of things that does not help is the fact that I get off work to late that the only thing I have time for is to cook dinner and clean dinner and while the wife gets the baby ready for bed.

I think this post can be considered a ramble and a total “bitch fest” but there comes a time in everyone’s life where they must convert to social media to complain about there lives and how they wish they could be better. It also does not help when I am at work and I check my WordPress.com reader and I see all my fellow bloggers post about fun runs, zombie runs, and how they are loosing weight by drinking nothing but freshly made juice from their expensive juicer they got on Amazon.com for really dirt cheap. I am not bitter but I secretly flip my computer screen off when I see such posts. I seriously hate all of you. Not really but my jealousy is making it hard for me to be happy for you all.

Maybe one day I can finish the Skinny Man Project with a little bit more of a stronger committment I need to learn that cursing my bathroom scale and my tight-fitting pants are just a sign of something better that is coming. Please tell that to my stomach as it compressed in my sweat pants. At least elastic is my friend cause it never rejects me.