Clean Out And Sell

This weekend I spent the majority of my Saturday cleaning up the garage cause it was very crowded. I can’t tell you how much stuff I threw away. Things that I have no clue why we were holding on to. Broken toys, chairs,  and old bags with empty sunscreen bottles in them. It was time for a clean and purge.

After almost two hours of sweating I finally got my garage about 85% the way I wanted it. I read an article that it is recommended to clean out your a house every three years. I actually believe this. We have been in our home for over three years so you can imagine what I was dealing with.

One thing that this article recommend was to sell your old stuff. I was pretty excited to to this so I listed my old elliptical, some decorate pics, my bike, and old coffee maker. I was happy to say that I sold my elliptical for $80!

I was really glad to be rid of that thing as I never used it. Now I have the cleaning bug. This weekend I am going to clean put mine and my wife’s closet to what other things I have that I could get rid of.

Renovation Hell

Sorry that today’s post is late. My wife and I are in the process of finishing our renovation project in the house. We are in the beginning phases of getting hardwood installed on our first floor, up the stairs and the second floor landing.

Why has this been a nightmare. Shortly after agreeing with the contractor last night we were told that we had to remove all the stuff off the floor of our pantry, hall closet, and dining room. The only problem is that the pantry is overstocked, the hall closet is more of a junk closet, and the dining room is more of a playroom with a ton of toys in it. It is a little embarrassing to talk about but even Monica Geller had a secret junk closet.

This would be an easy task to accomplish if we did not have appointments on Thursday and Friday night and if we were not planning to leave for the beach on Friday. This is the problem. Last night my wife and I tackled the hall closet and dumped most of it to a temporary home in the garage/home gym. Tonight I am riding solo as the wife is getting her hair done and I have the kids all to myself. My task that I was given was to finish the rest by myself.

This is going to make for a fun evening. Happy Thursday! I think I need more of this…

Garage Renovation Part 2


You may remember at the beginning of the year I wrote a blog about what I wanted to do to my garage. I wanted to make it into a home crossfit gym. Well it took a while and lots of planning but I am happy to say that this dream has finally been made a reality. Actually, to be honest, I totally forgot about this project and it was only a couple of months ago when I decided to finish this project.

So the first thing I needed was a squat rack and lucky for me it was around  Christmas time and my wife decided to get me one. After a few days of looking online I settle for the one from PRX Performance. Not only was the rack very affordable but it came with a lot of extra stuff such as a 20 pound wallball, an abmat, and weight and bar storage. Another great thing about this rack was that it was able to fit into the wall so we could still use the garage to store other things.

My friend Mike came over and installed it. The installation process was easy and  it was only a matter of two hours and my squat rack was up on the wall and ready to use. After we got the weight holders and wall ball holder on the wall, my home gym was almost complete.


As the week went by I bought some rubber flooring mats and a set of 16kg and 24kg kettle bells along with some more plates. It was starting to look like a real gym. Soon I decide that I needed a rower although I did have a treadmill but I needed a rower for the most basic crossfit  workouts. After moving the treadmill into the house and in the kids playroom, I was ready to buy a new rower.

After I got the rower, I hung all my medals back on the wall and had a guy come out to the house and install some custom shelves. The next few days I spent cleaning off the floor and moving boxes on the new shelves. Then I hung the whiteboard back on the wall. The gym was ready.


Since finally getting the space I need and wanted to workout, I have used it almost everyday in some degree, It really does help on those days I can’t make it to the gym. So glad to have this space. I have a feeling I am going to have a great time in my new gym.

Romantic Night In!


So with our crazy work schedules, my gym routine, taking care of K-Dub, and cleaning the house, BrittWhitFun and I don’t get a lot of time to spend together. We are constantly on the go and talk on the phone at least twice during the day. It usually is in the morning as I am driving to work and in the afternoon as I am driving home. When you have a child you are always trying to find ways to save money and cut cost but you sometimes are in a desperate need to spend some time alone with your spouse.

This is the dilemma that my wife and I were in. We were in a funk and needed to shake it up a bit. Of course we had to do this on budget.  We also had a kid at home and not sitter. So Friday night my wife had to go to Sam’s Club and I had to go to the grocery store. I told her let’s go one a “at home” date. She went to Panera Bread and got some take-out food and met me at the house. I got our groceries for the week and stopped by our local Redbox and got a movie to rent.

After putting the kid to bed, we got our food and popped our movie in and ate. I rented the comedy We’re The Miller” so we laughed almost the entire time. I never get tired of hearing my wife laugh. It’s a cute laugh. We then sat and talked about stuff and played catch up with this weeks events. I had no idea about some of the things going on with my wife. It’s great that we talk and then we headed to bed a little closer and stronger.

I am very grateful to have some time alone with my wife and she is a lot of fun. It is hard sometimes to find the time but I found that in marriage you have to make the time. Even when you have to spend the time alone at home with no sitter.

(2) Almost There To Be Called Home


So excited about the new house I can barley see straight. As you can see it is really starting to come together. We are almost a month a way from closing and the anticipation is killing us.

This past weekend we started packing the house and now out garage looks like a junk room. I hope to have a yard sale soon.

Now with the house coming along I have been looking into some projects. I want to redo the laundry room and put in cabinets and I have some grey ideas for Karsyn’s playroom. I have now become a frequent shopper at Lowes cause I am in there at least once a week looking at paint colors, lighting, and flooring. It’s just so exciting.

I will let you know when I go inside and take some pictures. That should be in the next week or two.

See you then.

Someone Just Wanted To Say “Hi”


Just had to share this picture that our nanny/Aunt Erica sent me this morning on Instagram. It’s pictures like this that get me through the workday.