Good News And Bad News

I am not one to get on a blog and start to rant about the how my life is horrible and that there is nothing good in this world for me. You won’t find that here on Thrifty Running Dad, however, you will find an honest account about what is going on with me in the terms of working out, being a parent, and of course saving money.

For the past few weeks I have been dealing with a swollen knee. This happened to me when I was training for the marathon. This time I know what happened, I was doing a WOD with a lot of box jumps. Seriously like it was 5 rounds for time of 30 box jumps, 15 wall ball shots, and a 400 meter run. By the way, I crushed it! Sorry.


Ever since that workout my knee has not been the same. It swells every night and after every workout it just throbs with pain. So I am benched and The Open starts tomorrow. How is this fair? What does that mean for me? Well after a lot talking to myself on my drive home and some soul searching, I have made the executive decision to not participate in The Open this year. I know this is hard for me also. There are just to many hurdles this year. I have a trip to Disney the last week, my knee is injured, and I need to get some things handled at work. Trust me when I say that this was not an easy decision.

On a brighter note, yesterday I had my appointment with my cardiologist. This doctor was my grandmother and my mothers heart doctor. He knows my family history so i felt very comfortable seeing him. I was nervous but ready.

After we went down memory lane for a bit. He told me that I was perfect and that whatever I was doing to keep doing it. I mean that almost made me cry. If you follow my story then you know that my main reason to lose weight is to break my family cycle and according to my cardiologist I am well on my way.

Another brighter note, I got to spend time with my SIL and BIL to celebrate my SIL birthday! What did we eat? Japanese of course and I shared most of my carbs with my nephew Holden. Love that kid. Had a great time and we mostly talked about Disney and how excited we are getting. Good times and good times ahead.

Hate that BrittWhitFun and the girls could not make it but we still has a ton of fun.
Hate that BrittWhitFun and the girls could not make it but we still has a ton of fun.

A Step Back


Well I am really surprised I have any readers out there at all. My wife actually made the comment to me yesterday that it had been a while since I last blogged. Our little family has gone through some major changes.

In case you have not followed me on social media lately, then you must know that I got an amazing promotion at work and now I am full time! This year has been hard and with the power of prayer and a lot of hard work I managed to score this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to see what happens next as I continue to grow and learn more about the exciting world of advertising! Now I have to get use to working 8 hours again, fighting traffic, and getting up early.

Also I found out why my leg has been bothering me. My knee started to swell last week and it was really hurting. I found that my knee and entire leg became inflamed. The reason was that I was doing way too much exercising. So now I have cut back on my routine. Now I am just doing my cool down run  and my long. run. Today is the first day I feel like I could run again, which is good because my marathon is less then 8 weeks way! So this week I am back to hitting the pavement and I could not be more ready.

We are only 3 short weeks away from Baby E coming! We are in crunch mode as we finish her room, wash her clothes, fold her blankets, and bring out the high chair. Things are changing at our house. As the days get closer I am getting more scared and excited. I am ready to meet her but I am dreading the lack of sleep that any parent will tell you is a real struggle.

There are a lot of things to be thankful for and a lot to be scared about. Thanks to everyone who has kept my family in your prayers and continued to support us. You love and encouragement means the world to us!

Marathon Training- Month 4


Month 4 started off great. I was motivated and ready to start going faster and getting my speed up. Then something went wrong…


Morning- Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)


Morning– Fast Run 5 miles


Morning– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)


Morning– Fast Run  5 Miles


Morning– Crossfit (1 hr) & Meditation or Yoga (15 to 30 mins)


Long Run from 7.50 to 10 Miles


Rest Day

Total Miles Ran- 47.6

This month was great until the end. I was crushing my runs and even got my pace to 8:09 per mile. I was killing it. Then on the third week of the month I developed a skin infection that caused these boils to appear on my skin. I was placed on a huge round of antibiotics and was told not to go to the gym for 72 hours. If that was not enough, I developed a stiff knee to go along with it. So I spent that last week of the month nursing myself back to normal. This past Monday was the first time I have been to the gym in a week and I have to say I felt it. Tuesday night I started back on my running training and did a nice 3 mile jog. It felt good to be back and I learned that when injured, its ok to take some time off to heal. Your body will thank you.

Goals For Month Five- Well we have only two months left until the marathon and training is only going to get harder. I have taken a second job and my wife and I are expecting the arrival of our second child soon. I have a lot of long runs coming . The most distance my runs will cover is about 15 miles. I know that time will be the enemy in month five and I need to be more strict on myself when it comes to my runs. I just hope that my days of being on the injured list are over.

Here we go!

Runner’s Pain Is The Worst


Since my last race I have been in some pain. My right foot is really hurting and tonight it started to swell. I have no idea if it is gout or if I sprained something.

My foot was fine at the race and I was in no pain the rest of the day. Sunday I could barley walk around the house.

I am hoping that I can get it healed really quick cause I have some great stuff planned in the next few months. Like I can’t wait to share what’s going on kind of stuff. If my foot does not feel better by the end of the weekend I will be visiting my local Urgent Care.

I hope it does not come to that!