I Am A Tired Dad

I am tired!

The past few months have been like a complete blur. We have had a lot going on. With the renovations, birthday parties, beach trips, sorting through old junk, working, and holidays I really have not had a whole lot of time to breathe.

I think my wife and I need a weekend of down time. As much as I love our crazy life that we built together, I would like to take a time out and sit in a hammock in the shade and just fall asleep for a couple of hours.

There are two things in this world that are amazing: Coffee and more Coffee. I never knew how much I loved it until I had children. My children are amazing but they are exhausting. I love them but they are at a 15 when I need them down at about a 3.

The other day my wife sent me a video of her in the drive thru at Chick-Fil-a and all you hear is my Evie yelling “BITE!!” and that was before my wife even got the food.

I sure I am not the only tired dad out there. I know there are some tired moms out there also. Parents should band together at these points. We all love our kids so it is ok to give each other a little break every now and then. Sometimes it is nice to go to a restaurant that does not have kid placemats.

Honestly I could not come up with something to write about today so this is all I got. Sometimes when you blog you get stuck and when you get stuck you tend to go on little rants like this about tired you are.

Have a great weekend…See you for #MedalMonday!

K-Dub’s Concert

I have no idea why I did not share this a few weeks ago. I must have had a ton of other crazy things going on. A couple of weeks ago K-Dub had a concert put on by her school for the parents. It was her first one in the entire three years she had been there. I was actually pretty excited about going. What is more cute then a bunch of adorable kids singing? Right?

So we got her all dressed up. I left work early to ensure I was there on time. We got to the school and dropped her off at her classroom before going and taking our seats in the auditorium.

Soon it was time to start and the kids came marching in looking all adorable. Soon they started singing. I could not find K-Dub at first. I had to stand a little out of my chair and found that all the other kids were singing and she was standing there with her hands over her mouth. Only my kid. Take a look.

I was not made at her by any means but it was still pretty cute.

Kids Are Funny

I don’t know why but this picture is so funny to me. I can’t help but laugh out loud every time I see it. My wife sent me this yesterday while I was in the way home. I think the people beside me at the stop light thought I was having an asthma attack. 

My wife was grilling our diner outside when my daughter got off her tricycle and grabbed a take and decided to take our yard. No we do not keep a helmet on her at all times but maybe we should cause she does like to take a leap off the top of the couch. 

Enjoy your Tuesday and a good laugh! 


My Kids Artwork #2

I have to say that I love getting art work sent home from her daycare. It really does make my day. I always try to have the some of it on display on the fridge.

This piece of art is a campfire with her little handprints as the flames. It does not get any cuter then that!

More art to come!

Do You Need To Potty?


I can’t believe we have finally made it to this point. I thought we still had some time. I figured we would wait until we she was three. Can you believe she came to us and said she was ready? She is growing up too fast and I am afraid I am not going to keep. I hope I can do this and hope this is not going to get messy. Potty training is never easy.

These were all the thing going through my head this past weekend as we started potty training K-Dub. She did come up to my wife and I and told us she wanted to learn. It just feels like yesterday she said her first word and now she wants to use the toilet? Being a dad has always been a job that made me constantly teach my child different things like what sounds do animals make and how to dance but I don’t know if she would get this.

That Saturday morning started like any other. With a lot of coffee and Cutious George we got ready to tackle the day as a family. We headed to Target and let K-Dub pick out two pairs of “big girl” underwear. She of course chose Minnie and Doc McStuffins but I am about 100% sure that if they had some with Curious George she would have gotten some.

When we arrived home we changed K-Dub in her new underwear and gave her a long talk about going to the potty and the importance of telling Mommy and Daddy when she had to go. As we sat there and watched some television I happened to look over and saw that she had went pee in her underwear. I told her it was ok and changed her. After about thirty minutes she came to me and said she had to go. I took her to the potty and SHE WENT!!!

The rest of the weekend we were on a parenting high. K-Dub had a couple of more accidents but for the most part got potty training down pat. She still has issues going poo but we are working on it. She went to the potty at a public toilet. I am very proud of her but not in a my kid is the best and your sucks kind of way. I just think that every parent needs to brag on their kid every once in a while. I hope she keeps this up!

Parenting win!!!

Why I Think My 10 Month Old Is Trying To Kill Me


Don’t be fooled by the cuteness above people. I have a feeling that this little small genius is plotting to end my life. Why you ask? It’s because there has been some crazy things that have happened in the past month to make me think that my sweet little angel wants me out-of-the-way. Why? Maybe to have Mommy all to herself? So she is free to play with electric outlets? Or maybe it is because Mickey Mouse is the only one who has permission to do “The Hotdog Dance”? I have to admit that I am getting pretty good at it. Whatever is the case, it feels like my little wants me out of the picture and here is why I think that.

Last month I strained my lumbar muscle in my back. I swore up and down that it was a hernia. You want to know how I injured it? I obtained this injury by picking up my kid.  Now I have been in a lot of pain and every time I pick her up it hurts a little more. She thinks it is funny. I know she is thinking that now that I have him hurt I am free to stick my finger in the electrical outlet.

A few months ago, I posted that I think that my newborn is making me fat and I still think that. I have not been able to find that time to visit the gym and dieting is something I have never been able to do. The most depressing thing happened this weekend when I was finally unpacking our closet in the master bedroom. I found some clothes in a tote that were labeled “Summer”. I opened the tote and found all my clothes that I had the summer after I had met my wife. I tried them on and was about to cry as I could not even pull the shirt to button it up, my board shorts could not be pulled up past my knees, and anything that said “Size Medium” was automatically thrown in the trash pile. Yes I have gained a lot of weight since welcoming the newest member of the our family in the world, however, does my kid always have to slap my stomach when I hold her? She thinks it is a fun game to see Daddy’s jiggly stomach shake. The reason Daddy’s stomach shakes is because home cooked meals are a thing of the past as getting in line at the local drive through or heating up a frozen meal has become the new normal in my house.

There are times that I come downstairs to take Tan Man out to pee and I suddenly am yelling in pain? Why you asked? Because I stepped on a talking remote control or a musical table that sings the same song over and over again. Its like someone wants me to trip and break my neck on a damn toy. 

So if you are reading this and I don’t post anything for a while, you know that I am dead and my infant has succeeded in her task for total “Mommy Domination”, or I am in hiding until my kid gets old enough to ground so I can enforce the truth that I am the parent and she is the child. If the second thing comes into reality, this post will be followed by “How My Kid Has Me Wrapped Around Her Finger” cause lets face it the fact, my daughter is a mastermind and I am going to be in a lot of trouble.

(2) In My New House And Ready To Blog!


Sorry it has been too long since my last entry. I have now moved everything in the new house and we are almost all the way unpacked. I have most of the room completely done but there are a few big ones like my bedroom where I am still trying to find places to put stuff. I knew we were going to have more space but I never thought we would have so much of it.

The best thing about moving into a newly built house is that everything is brand new. From the floors to the appliances, you know you are the first person to use it. I like that very much considering I don’t have to worry about any issues for a few years. I also like that when I am upstairs I can’t hear anything downstairs. This make TV watching and relaxing much easier. Finally I am able to use my living room again!

Unfortunately, there are more bad things that come with a new house. I am constantly finding things wrong that should not be the way they are. For example, my wife goes to brush her teeth in out now double sink bathroom (yes I am so excited about that!!) and finds that her sink only gives out hot water. Also, my mother-in-law stayed with us recently and went to take a shower in the kids bathroom and the metal cover where the water comes out shoot across the tub and cuts her foot! Plumbing has not been the only issue. It’s hard to get mail delivered on a street that has been built recently cause it does not show up on any GPS, It took me two weeks and nine phone calls to get my trash service to deliver my new cans. I also had to deal with new construction the street behind us, which is so loud that the baby can’t seem to take her naps.

The whole buying a house experience has been one I would still do over again if I had to. There is something very rewarding about owning your own home. B and I are very happy to have a place to call home and that we have no more packing and moving in our future anytime soon.

#2 Buy a House- Completed on 09/13/2013

On another note, I know things have been very crazy lately with me and I have not posted anything in a while. I have been thinking of changing the name of this blog to something that reflects my personality a lot more. I also want to post more and since now I have the time to do it, I want to take advantage of it. I do apologize for my long absence and I am proud to say that I am back and newly committed to the blog. I have some great new stories as well as some new recipes that feature my new love, my crock pot! So if any of you are still keeping up with this blog, I ask you not to give up on me. I am back and ready to blog!

Why I Would Never Let Curious George In 5 Feet Of Me!


One of my favorite children’s books ever is Curious George. I love everything about this book as a kid cause it opened the door to my imagination.  I recently found my copy I got for Christmas back in 1994 and was reading it to myself and found that now,as an adult,  I can’t help but have some questions about everyone’s favorite curious monkey.

1. What is with The Man in the Yellow Hat?

Why does this man want a monkey so bad? Why does he live alone? Why does he wear a yellow hat all the time? Why does the hat have to be yellow? Why does it have to be a cowboy hat and not a baseball hat? What does he do for a living? How come he never dates around? Does he not realize that a monkey can not talk back? and why does he even talk to a monkey? He clearly is lonely but get a roommate, dog, or adopt a kid. If a monkey is your best friend then you have some serious issues.

2. How come no one seems to mind a loose monkey on the street?

Maybe I have seen the movie Outbreak to many times, but if I saw a random monkey just walking down the street, I would be a little alarmed. It seems that everyone not only careless that a stray monkey is loose on the street, but is nice to him. Hello? Has anyone heard of the diseases that monkeys carry. How come no one calls Animal Control? How come no crazy person opens fire on the little furry bastard. If that monkey was seen walking down my street I would have to pop a cap in it’s round ass. and then called the police and said that a stray monkey was trying to steal balloons from this nice man who was trying to sell them. Case closed.  Sorry George!

3. How can a monkey be that damn curious?

I think this monkey is one of those retired circus monkeys. He seems to get into everything. I don’t think monkeys could every tight rope across power lines. Come on people! How dumb do you think young readers are? There is no way that a monkey could get into that much mischief in one day with out the following situations happening. Either being shot, getting electrocuted, getting put in a cage by animal control, and finally being deported back to the jungle.

4. How come this monkey does not get punished?

It think that if you prank call the fire department, steal a bunch of balloons, and sneak out of an apartment you need to have your ass torn up or your ass on the next boat back to the jungle. In this story no one seems to care about all the mischief this little monkey caused. They are all seen huddled around him and The Man With The Yellow Hat smiling. Also, would the events in this story not tell TMWTYH that having a monkey live with him is not a good idea? You can’t even trust that a monkey will stay put in your apartment. A better question is why would you ever trust a monkey anyways? Did you see Aladdin? Abu did make The Cave of Wonders melt right? My point just got made!

I do love the story of this monkey. As a kid, I was obsessed with this book and loved it when my parents read it to me. Now that I am an adult, I look forward to reading this to Karsyn and seeing her face light up as my favorite monkey gets into to trouble. I know that this is a children’s book and it’s suppose to be fun and not be real but sometimes you can’t help but wonder what in the hell people are thinking.