#MedalMonday-Running For Cancer & Family Bonfires

I have not ran since last November as I have taken this year to build my strength and to take a step back from the competitive running circuit. It has not been an easy thing but I am confident that when it comes time to train I will be ready.

My SIL asked me a couple of months ago if I would like to run a 5k with her as she has gotten a hold of the fitness bug and wanted to do. I said ok as I am never going to turn down a chance to support someone wanting to better themselves.

The race we chose was the Run For Kids Cancer 5K in Ballantyne. The event was cool and there was plenty of stuff for the kids to do.

Soon the race was on and we did good. I ran at my SIL pace and we took our time.

Soon we finished and got some pretty awesome medals. I must say it felt great to once again cross the finish line.

Later that day we celebrated with a bonfire, pizza and s’mores.

#MedalMonday- Disney Virtual Race- July

It has been a hot minute since I posted a Medal Monday so I recently completed my time for the July Disney Virtual Race and wanted to share my medal for the month.

This month I really hopped back on the track and treadmill. I have not really ran this hard since the Charlotte Marathon event last November so it has been since to work my distance back up and to get me ready for the races and competitions I have coming in 2018.

#MedalMonday- Disney Virtual Race- June

I said a couple of weeks back that I have found a new love for virtual races. They are fun to do and you can do them on your time. There is not crowd of people to fight though so really can go your own pace.

I found out that Disney has its own virtual race series going on this summer. So I checked it out. I mean I love running and I REALLY love Disney so this was a no brainer.

I signed up for the whole entire series and I ran my first one Tuesday to wrap up the month of June’s 5k. I am really excited to have done this race and it features one of my favorite characters and that is Pluto!

#MedalMonday- 6 Pack Series Medal

Here we are. The past few weeks now I have recap my most favorite races. I have posted a ton of pictures from each race and of course taken pictures of the fronts and backs of all my medals Why the backs? Well one thing that was so cool about those medals was that they connect to make one big huge massive medal.

Completing this series of races last year was a huge accomplishment for me and I take pride in all the hard work I put to my 2016 race season. I am ready to brush off the running shoes soon to get ready for 2018 which is going to be a huge year for me. I am doing my first Triathlon, running the Star Wars Half Marathon in Disney World, and maybe a crossfit competition. 2017 I have taken a break from the race season to focus more on weight training but I will return an maybe in 2019 do the six pack series again.

#MedalMonday- The Walking Day 5k

So I really have been in to virtual races lately. Last year I signed up for so many races that I was traveling on Saturday out of the month to compete. It became very busy and I hate being away from my family. So I had a friend mention he was doing a virtual race and I asked him what they were. His response was that there are races out there that do virtual races in order to raise money for a specific cause. You run the require distance on your own time. They ship you a medal and a race bib and you post your results online.

Once he told me that I had to check it out. Sure enough it was a real thing. Soon I found myself signing up for all sorts of races. How cool was this? You can still compete and train and you don’t have to travel to do it.

One of the races I signed up for was The Walking Day 5k. I just completed this race this week and got my medal. It really looks like the logo from the AMC show The Walking Dead which by chance happens to be one of my favorite shows.

I have a lot more races coming and I also just found out that there is a virtual race series from Disney so you know I am signing up for that one.

Happy Monday guys!

Seeing Green- The Shamrock 4 Miler Recap

So it’s the second race of the season and I had one goal in mind. That was to beat my time from The Super Run. I knew it was going to be hard but with a lot of effort it could be done. Night after night and a few early mornings, I went out in my garage and got on my treadmill and just started running at 7.0 mph and then worked my way up to 8.5 mph. The Wednesday before the race I got on the treadmill for the last time before tapering began and I finished in a record-breaking 30:31. Although that was great I knew I was not going to make it at that time during Shamrock. I would have been happy to finish between 32:00 and 36:00.

 So it was the big day. I pulled up to the race excited and nervous. The Shamrock 4 Miler was a very packed out event. There were people everywhere. They had booths set up from Chickfila, Running Works, and State farm, which were all giving away freebies to all the runners. You all know I love free stuff. I felt alone walking around. My wife had made plans prior to my registration to go to a mega kids consignment sale. I was not mad but I knew my biggest cheerleader was there in spirit.

It came time to line up. Like all my other races, I started to get nervous as I watch the clock countdown the last-minute and then the anticipation grew as I watched the volunteers getting the finishing medals ready. Then I looked up and the clock had ten seconds left. No going back and no stopping me now. Then I was off…

I started at a 8:00 minute mile pace. Pushing my legs while trying to reserve my energy. People were passing me but I still kept my pace. This was my race and not theirs. We turned on Elm Street, which was mostly downhill and I could feel myself starting to breathe hard. It was rather foggy and there was a lot of moisture in the air. When I turned on Ballantyne Commons Parkway, my legs were moving faster as I sped down hill reaching the 1 mile marker that read my time was 8:06. I started to smile as I pressed onward.
 The journey to mile two was all downhill. I kept getting faster and had to put the brakes on a few times cause I did not want to be that runner who falls flat on their face in the middle of a race. I started to see some of the people who passed me as they had already made it to the turn around at John J. Delaney Drive. I was not worried but just glad to be reaching the turn around spot. When I finally reached the 2 mile marker the time said 16:39. I knew then I knew then I needed to hurry.

One lesson I did learn in my high science class was that when you run downhill you almost always have to go back uphill. Yes that is right. Almost at the beginning of mile 3 I could feel my legs start to burn as I struggled up the first hill. I could hear the runners behind me moaning in pain which told me that I was in good company. It seemed that my pace was slowing down. I was breathing harder than ever. Now this was a mental race cause I had to talk myself out of walking a few times. I pushed and I pushed and then I saw the 3 mile marker and the time read 26:10. This was a victory cause I was I was in the home stretch.

Mile 4 was even more of an uphill battle. As I passed the places I was at in the beginning of the race, I kept saying that I was a fool. You knew you had to come back uphill. This was not going to be an easy 4 mile race. Get real. When I turned back on to Elm Street, I saw that last hill and I knew that as soon as I got up that last hill and turned left, I was almost home. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed until I was there. When I saw the last turn to the finish line I ran like Forrest Gump. As fast as I could until I saw that finish line and heard that loud music.

Crossing the finish line is by far my favorite part of any race but when I get that finisher medal in my hand, It makes it all worth it. Every pain in my legs, thighs, and feet worth it.  I looked at my stats later and it said I finished in 35:33, which means I met my goal of beating my Super Run 4 Miler time!


 Now that this race is done, I still have seven more races left for this year. The next one is going to be a rematch for me. The Oak Island Half Marathon, which is going to be different cause the last time I ran this race it rained the entire time and I was miserable. I am going to try this again and see if I could beat my time. This will be a challenge cause due to the raising popularity of this race, they moved it and changed the course. So I can’t wait to see how I do.

Next stop….Oak Island Half Marathon!

#MarathonRunner 26.2 Miles Of Pride


I really did mean to post this over the weekend but I was more focused on the fact that my legs were in a lot of pain. As from what you can tell from the title of this blog entry is that I did it! I conquered the most hardest challenge to date. I have to say that I really did not think I was going to make it. I was worried after month five of my training and a little embarrassed.

After my post about month five, I only ran 4 times before the marathon. I was nervous about the long runs cause I did not want to have any issues that close to race day. So I focused on my new job and taking care of Evie and K-Dub. Then about two weeks before the race, I decided it was time to put back on the running shoes. Those four runs were amazing. I felt like I was back and that nothing could stop me. I was ready for Thunder Road.

Thursday before the race I started to carb load. I loved it and saw it as a free pass to eat all the bread, pasta, and rice I wanted to. Who would not love that? Friday, I went and got my race packet and then reality sunk in. This was actually going to happen. Was I really ready? My family was coming to see me and I had friends who were tracking me on their phones. I just could not let then down.

The morning of the race, I got dressed and at a best bagel ever. Grabbed my bag of clothes to change into afterwards, made sure my water bottle were full, and then headed out the door. I parked at my office, which was a block from the race site and walked to the start line. There was no going back now.

Like any race, there is a lot of anticipation before the start. You start to get excited, your heart beats harder, your legs begin to twitch. Then… Its ready, set, GO!

The first half of the marathon I ran at a great 11 minute mile pace. I was consistent as I walked through every water station. I stayed with  my pacer who name was Tom. He was a great guy. We ran through Myers Park and through South Tryon Street as people were cheering us on along the way. I felt like a rock star and that this was going to be my race. I was going to do this.

When you get to mile 13 the course splits and the half marathon runners head one way to the finish line and the marathon runners go the other way. This was when the race got really boring. By the time was on the course to for the Marathon portion of the race, my pacer was gone and there was no longer anyone in front of me. I was told this was going to happen. There were only 900 marathon runners and I guess I was in the middle of them.


Miles 13 to 18 were boring. There was only a few amount of people cheering you on. I felt alone. Then I got to NoDa. NoDa is a part of Charlotte that really is cool. They are the home of artist, musicians,  actors, and craft beer. LOTS of craft beer. These people were great. They made miles 17 and 18 a lot of fun. It was like running through a live in the morning frat party.

Around mile 20 and 21 was wear the problems started, At this point my body was crazy sore and I felt like my body was rejecting me. My legs started to cramp and I was exhausted. At this point I had been running for almost four hours. I had to run for five minutes and walk for one. This was my pace through miles 21 to 24. Soon into mile 23 the 5:15 pacers passed me and I knew I had to pick it up.

The last couple of mile I ran it. I was coming through Charlottetown and I could see the finish line in site. The home stretch. I went for it. I ran all way and passed the 26 mile marker knowing that around the corner my family would be there waiting on me. I was right. K-Dub was there and I picked her up and carried her across the finish line with me. She looked at me and said “Good Job Daddy”!


Just like that, I was a MARATHON RUNNER!

After the race, I got my medal, took a few pictures and ate the best pizza of my life at Mellow Mushroom. I went over to my Sister-in-law’s house and showered and ate dinner. The pain started to settle in as I got home and in the bed that night. Sunday I could barley walk.. Was it worth it? HELL YES! Would I run another marathon anytime soon? HELL NO!

medal nephew