Disney Mug Tuesday- Mickey Mug

This week we are talking about my favorite mouse. I don’t have very many mugs with Mickey on them but I do have. a few. When you go to Disney world your are surrounded by all things Mickey which is great. Some of my favorite memories was meeting this guy in Epcot. The first time you see Mickey at Disney World is very surreal. You see pics and videos of other people but until you are right there beside him and hugging him it is a different ballgame.

As you can see we met Mickey a few times but each time was just as magical. I am so looking forward to seeing this mouse in 2018.

For now I will just drink out of this mug.

Disney Mug Tuesday!

So if you have not been reading the blog lately then you would not know that my family went to Disney World about a month ago and had the time of our lives. The trip was amazing and I am very ready to start planning another trip.

On thing that I love more then Disney is coffee mugs. Yes of all the crazy things to collect. The more unique they are the better. When I was at Disney I grabbed a lot of coffee mugs. I got so many that I had to have some shipped to my house. So starting this week I am going to show one. If you have any Disney mugs please tweet them to me @TFunDaddy or tag me on Instagram at @tmfunde and use #disneymug. Awesome! I can’t wait to see yours.

The first couple I am going to share over the course of a few weeks is the Starbucks You Are Here collection. The first one is my favorite. It is from Hollywood Studios.

Don’t forget to share your mugs! Happy Tuesday!

Disney Bound


My wife and I have been wanting to do something big for our next vacation. Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE our long trips to Holden Beach every summer but this year we wanted to do something very different. A vacation that we would remember for the rest of our lives. On thing I have always wanted to do and anyone who knows me knows I always wanted to go to Disney. It has been a dream of mine to spend a week in the company of Mickey and his friends.

So when it came time to plan, we decided that why not make it a family affair and invite my sister-in-law, Kate and her husband along with my two nephews. They have been to Disney before and to be honest, I wanted someone that has some experience to go with us. Finally, I invited my best friend Chris, who has always been there for me at a drop of the hat and I wanted him to share in the extraordinary experience.

We decided to go in March so it would not be too hot and it would also not be crazy crowded, I got a travel agent, who so happens to be the wife of one of my gym friends. She was great when it came to making the accommodations and really listened to us about what we wanted, Her name is Nicole and and she is from Once Upon A Vacation. Send me a comment if you want her info so you can have her start planning your vacation.

We finally got our dining plan set and made our reservations. Here we are less then 75 days until we are on the way and we have so much left to do. We still have to plan our our route and coordinate our schedule for our departure. We still need to book our Fast Passes.

Needless to say, we are super excited for this experience. If you have been to Disney World, please let me know what things to see, places I need to eat, and what rides are worth the wait. Comment below.