Its A Zoo Out There!

This past Sunday my wife and I decided to take the girls to the zoo. These little day trips are starting to become a thing with us. We are starting to like getting in the car and heading somewhere out of the normal.

We spent the greater portion of the morning trying to get us and the kids ready. With multiple meltdowns and a lot crying, we were finally ready to get the kids up. Once we got them dressed we made our way to the car and off to breakfast.

There is nothing like a good Sunday morning breakfast even if it is from the great IHOP.

Once we stuffed out bellys full of bacon, eggs, and French toast, we were off to  Columbia, South Carolina.

Once we got to Riverbank Zoo we decided our first stop was going to be to check out the new sea lion exhibit.

After that we headed over to the bird sanctuary and saw some pink friends and some suited up birds. The penguins were really active and kept jumping off the rocks and into the water. My girls thought it was the coolest thing.

Once we got the smell of bird poop out of our noise we headed over to see some grizzly bears and some cute kola bears.

Soon it was time to check out the barnyard animals and Evie loved petting the lamas and goats.

One of the things K-Dub really wanted to do while we were at the zoo was feed the giraffes. When we finally reach them and $6 later she backed out. That was not a problem cause my wife and Evie had no issues.

We made out way to the elephants and stopped to take a few selfies.

Then on our last stop before leaving we wanted to see the gorilla. He sleeps just like me.

One thing you have to do when coming to Columbia is eat at the famous in my mind “Lizard Thicket”. If you love country cooking then this place is for you. We ate and got really full before heading back to Charlotte.

All and all it was a fun little day trip. We got rained on a little but it did not stop us. The kids had a good time and it was not very crowded due to it being a Sunday afternoon. We can’t wait to go back and have another adventure any Riverbank Zoo.

Happy Wednesday!


Why I Am Sick Of Curious George


So our family has been under attack the past week. There is a very bad stomach bug going around and it started with my sweet nephew Holden, then his mom and dad. Somehow it crossed over to our house and I was sick all weekend and now my wife has it.

Since she has been upstairs getting better I have been the only one to watch K-Dub. I have parented alone before but today was an exception. K-Dub has be spending her days at Aunt Kate’s house and she has been exposed to Curious George. I don’t have a problem with the little monkey. In fact, the original stories are my favorite as a child. The show however is annoying.

All day she wanted to watch George. On my phone, iPad and TV, at breakfast, on the way to the store, and during snack time. I at first was ok with the little monkey entertaining my kid then as the day went in I just got really tired of him.

I don’t really think monkeys should be allowed in restaurant , hotels, and parks. Does anyone else think it is weird that this little monkey is just walking around everywhere. Anyway, by dinner time I was done and turned him off. This was of course after realizing we had sat threw the entire third season on Netflix. Maybe tomorrow I will feel different but until then…

Stupid Monkey!

Summer Adventure 3- It’s A Zoo In Here!



So after my crazy long six mile hike on Friday, my wife and I decided to take K-Dub to the zoo. We brought along my dad and my best friend who came to visit for the weekend.

The zoo we went to was Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina. It’s a smaller zoo but the size was perfect for an unpredictable 16 month old. We had one mission when we got there and that was to feed the giraffes. My wife loves giraffes and wanted to share the experience of feeding and petting one with our daughter.

After arriving we went straight to the giraffe area and the stood there with with their food and started feed the giraffes as the came up close and personal with them.

After that we went around the zoo and saw the elephants, lions, and penguins. The penguins were my favorite. Those birds are so funny. K-Dub was really getting in to the experience. She really liked the gorillas and tried to touch it through the glass. It just looked at her and kept eating its food.

All and all it was a great trip and K-Dub had a blast. So much fun that she fell asleep in the way home.

Still have a lot of awesome stuff to come this summer. Can’t wait to show you all!


Why I Would Never Let Curious George In 5 Feet Of Me!


One of my favorite children’s books ever is Curious George. I love everything about this book as a kid cause it opened the door to my imagination.  I recently found my copy I got for Christmas back in 1994 and was reading it to myself and found that now,as an adult,  I can’t help but have some questions about everyone’s favorite curious monkey.

1. What is with The Man in the Yellow Hat?

Why does this man want a monkey so bad? Why does he live alone? Why does he wear a yellow hat all the time? Why does the hat have to be yellow? Why does it have to be a cowboy hat and not a baseball hat? What does he do for a living? How come he never dates around? Does he not realize that a monkey can not talk back? and why does he even talk to a monkey? He clearly is lonely but get a roommate, dog, or adopt a kid. If a monkey is your best friend then you have some serious issues.

2. How come no one seems to mind a loose monkey on the street?

Maybe I have seen the movie Outbreak to many times, but if I saw a random monkey just walking down the street, I would be a little alarmed. It seems that everyone not only careless that a stray monkey is loose on the street, but is nice to him. Hello? Has anyone heard of the diseases that monkeys carry. How come no one calls Animal Control? How come no crazy person opens fire on the little furry bastard. If that monkey was seen walking down my street I would have to pop a cap in it’s round ass. and then called the police and said that a stray monkey was trying to steal balloons from this nice man who was trying to sell them. Case closed.  Sorry George!

3. How can a monkey be that damn curious?

I think this monkey is one of those retired circus monkeys. He seems to get into everything. I don’t think monkeys could every tight rope across power lines. Come on people! How dumb do you think young readers are? There is no way that a monkey could get into that much mischief in one day with out the following situations happening. Either being shot, getting electrocuted, getting put in a cage by animal control, and finally being deported back to the jungle.

4. How come this monkey does not get punished?

It think that if you prank call the fire department, steal a bunch of balloons, and sneak out of an apartment you need to have your ass torn up or your ass on the next boat back to the jungle. In this story no one seems to care about all the mischief this little monkey caused. They are all seen huddled around him and The Man With The Yellow Hat smiling. Also, would the events in this story not tell TMWTYH that having a monkey live with him is not a good idea? You can’t even trust that a monkey will stay put in your apartment. A better question is why would you ever trust a monkey anyways? Did you see Aladdin? Abu did make The Cave of Wonders melt right? My point just got made!

I do love the story of this monkey. As a kid, I was obsessed with this book and loved it when my parents read it to me. Now that I am an adult, I look forward to reading this to Karsyn and seeing her face light up as my favorite monkey gets into to trouble. I know that this is a children’s book and it’s suppose to be fun and not be real but sometimes you can’t help but wonder what in the hell people are thinking.