My Wife The Superstar

In the spirt of Mother’s Day being this Sunday, I wanted to just write about my amazing wife. I know a lot of husbands gush about their brides but mine is nothing short of amazing.

She is the best mom for so many reasons. Our kids never feel unloved cause my wife makes sure of that. She is always there to listen. She knows exactly what to say when the time comes. Sometimes I am not the best parent and when situations get very heavy I tend to say or do the wrong thing but that is never the case with my wife. She always know what to say and her reaction is always very calm.

She is the best and the there really is no other way to say it. She never misses a event that has our kids in it. She manages me and her family flawlessly. She makes sure we are where we need to be and that we get in our outside activities.

Although she is a servant to her family she never complains. She never ask for anything in return other then us to show appreciation and love and it is easy to do when you have such an amazing person to do life with.

I love this girl more then I did when we first met and man did I fall hard in love with her. I can’t imagine my life without her. She has never left my side. She is my biggest cheerleader and I am excited to celebrate 6 six years of marriage with her next weekend.

Thanks you my love for being the best mom to our kids. They are so lucky to have you and you are killing being a parent. You are a rockstar and we love you. I hope Sunday is everything you want and some more.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Missing Mom


I know that this week is Mother’s Day so I could not let this week go by without writing about my mother and what she means to me.

This will be my first one without her and I must say it makes me sad. Its been almost nine months since she left me and I miss her everyday. I miss her always willing to listen. I miss her asking me how “her” girls are. I miss the way she hugged me with the last bit of strength she had left.

Everyday I am reminded of her love for me. Every time I look at my wife I am reminded of how we met. My mom hired her when she ran the local Urgent Care and I was coming in to be seen. I am reminded of her every time I see a coconut cake cause she made the very best!

She was a great mom. She was very stern by always fair. She worked her butt off to give her two boys a life better then her own. She was a fun mom. She always took us to Carowinds, the movies, to baseball and band practice. She would seat dance in the car. Oh she knew how to cut a rug.

One of my favorite things about her was the love she had for her grandkids. I see so much of her in my kids it is unreal. My daughters say and do thinks just like her. Evie has her sassy attitude and Karsyn has her sense of humor. She was always there for them. She loved her girls. She loved Easter cause the girls would come over and she would make Easter baskets with them. She look forward to it every year.

This Sunday is going to be rough and also a celebration. Its going to be rough cause she is not here of course but a celebration about the kind of mother she was and that her legacy is still very much alive in my brother and I. To that I can rest assure that she will always be here in my life.

Happy Thursday and hug your mom tight or call her and say you love her. I wish I could.

The Mother Of All 5ks- The Mother’s Day 5k Recap

After running this race I have to say learned some very important lessons about marriage and life. One of those lessons is that you never run a race on Mother’s Day and the other is never listen to your wife when she tells you it is ok to run a race on Mother’s Day. This is the reason why. 

I really wanted to run this race but I did not want to take time away from my wife on Mother’s Day. That was her day after all and needed to spend it her way. She did not need to stand outside early in the morning waiting for me to come across the finish line. Right? See, I am pretty thoughtful. 

After running the best half marathon of my life in Oak Island in April, I was on a  buzz. A running high so to speak. Never make decisions on a running high cause they are never thought the whole way through.  My wife told me that it was ok to register for the Mother’s Day 5k if I wanted to. Without even thinking I registered the very next day. 

As the day of the race came close my wife started to regret telling me it was ok to run it. She wanted to sleep in and be pampered and I can’t say I blame her. It’s her day. The week of the race she complained that I was running it and I offered to not but she insisted that I do it. 

The day of the race came and we got up early in the morning and got the kids ready and were out the door in about 10 minutes. I had let my wife sleep the morning before so she got some rest. 

We arrived and started to look around. I lined up and away we went. I forgot how much I loved 5k runs. They are so quick so I go extra hard on them. I lived running through South Park. So many cool things to look at. 

I finished really strong and came in at a record breaking 27:15 which is a new PR for me. 

After the race I did see my mom and I hung out with my wife all day and it worked out. My wife is amazing and the best mom ever. I ran this race to honor her and the amazing things she does for my daughters and I.  She is amazing. 

Here are my results:

I am not running another race until July but I have a even more important announcement to make. I am doing my first ever Crossfit competition. 

Next up: Battle of Mint Hill! 

The Mother Of All Days

I know I am a little behind on my Mother’s Day post but it would not be right to no make a post dedicated to my two favorite women…

My Mom


My mom has taught me so much, including how to be a great husband and father. She has always went out of her way to make sure my brother and I were taken care of. Our childhood was awesome and a lot of that was because of her. She is the best cheerleader and did the best job when it came to raising two wonderful boys.

My Wife


I could not ask for a better mother of my children then this lady. There is no one I would rather co-parent with then her. She knows so much and has taught me a lot about being dad and what is expected out of me. She is the best teammate. Together we will survive this thing call parenthood. Our daughter and one on the way are so luck to have you in their life.


Love you both and I hope you had an awesome Mother’s Day!

What I Learned About Being A Dad From My Mom


As we all are aware, Sunday is Mother’s Day and its time to reflect on how your mom has impacted your life.  This week I have been trying really hard to come up with something to do for my mom for Mother’s Day and then I came to a sudden halt. I realized that I am not even going to see my mom on Mother’s Day. I have to work all weekend. It sucks but you have to keep the food on the table.

I sit here today thinking about my mom and how much she means to me. Then I started to think about my daughter and that I would not be the dad I am today if it was not for my mom. Why is that you ask? These are some things my mom taught me that made me a better father.

Quality time should be all the time. One of the things my mom always would do for my brother and I was to take us to the local theme park every Friday night. She also took us to the movies, the mall, out to dinner, and even baseball games. To this day, I still have no clue if she like doing these things but one thing was very clear and that was that she enjoyed her time with her boys. I try to do this with K-Dub. I love talking her to the park, the pool, on walks, and to lunch. I want her to look back and one day say that her dad did things with her. Just like my mom.

Be patient. This is one of those things I am horrible at. My mom struggled with it too but she always was there when baseball practice ran late, when we took to long  picking out what we wanted at the ice cream place, and when it took a long time to mend my first broken heart. Just wait and that is all.

Be supportive no matter what. My mom never told me that I could never do something. She supported every crazy idea I had. When I decide to join the military and when I decided that it just was not for me, she would just encourage me and support what I decided. I want to be this way with my daughter. No matter how crazy they are. As long as it’s not life threatening.

Be independent. My mom was never a “helicopter mom”. She knew how to keep her distance and let us pass or fail. Although she was always there to cheer us on or to pick up the pieces, she made sure we found our own way.

These important lessons have made me the father I am today and I could not have been this way if it was not for the amazing mom I had. She is the best. I hate that I am not going to see her on Sunday but I know she is going to read this and just know how much I care about her. We have that type of relationship that we can go a long time without speaking and then when we finally do, we don’t skip a beat. Love you mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day To The Best Mom Ever!


I know that Mother’s day is coming and I just wanted to post something about the woman who helped make me the man I am today.

My mom is the best for a lot of reasons. She is always there to give my advice and encouragement. She always know the right thing to say. She goes out of her way to help others and never expects anything in return.

She is stern and strict at times but was fair. She has always made me and my friends feel at home. She is also a great cook.

Mom, I love you and I know this Mother’s Day is not going to be the way we pictured it but as long as we are with you it will be great. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow afternoon. I want you to keep your spirits high and know that no matter what happens you are always loved.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!