Welcome Evie! 

Ok so really she got here like almost three weeks ago but this is the first second I have gotten to myself to actually sit down and have a thought to what to write. 

She was born on Thursday October 8, 2015 at 10:00 am. She was 6.8lbs and about 20 inches long. She had tons of hair. I have a feeling that she is going to loom just like her Daddy. 

The past few days have not been easy but also not extremely hard. Since this is my second go around I pretty much knew how to handle everything. My wife is breastfeeding this time and it is going very well. This is new for us cause since K-Dub was a formula baby I could do more for her. With Evie I am limited to diaper changes and the short holding between feedings. 

Life with two kids has been interesting. My wife has handled it like a pro due to me having to work long hours and train for my upcoming marathon. She has had the house cleaned, dinner ready and managed to binge watch all of season one of Scandal. She got this! 

K-Dub has had some regression which they say is normal. She had had some accidents at school and at home but I think it was for attention. She loves her sister and loves getting in her face. It’s cute. 

I am so excited to see how this adventure of being a family of four will work. So far it has been amazing. If it keeps going this good then maybe I can talk my wife into another one! 


Someone Just Wanted To Say “Hi”


Just had to share this picture that our nanny/Aunt Erica sent me this morning on Instagram. It’s pictures like this that get me through the workday.

Don’t Call Me A Twitter Whore! – My Downwards Spiral Into Social Media Damnation.

I have to say that since I have become a father I have become a slave to my iPhone. I spend most of my time trying to capture every smile, cute outfit, and mean face my daughter has. When taking these pictures you realize that flashing your camera is not the only fun part. I have found that sharing the picture of my little chunk has been the best thing.

I was doing such a great job at first with only posting one picture every two days but that quickly changed. I then found myself blowing up my own Instagram and Twitter accounts. I discovered the awesomness of the hashtag #. With this trending my daughters pictures turned my simple 15 followers on Instagram to 59 and a new feeling of obligation to keep sharing. I went from 200 to 412 picture in less then a month. That is a lot of pictures. I now have so many “likes” from people all around the world who I do not know nor care to know.

Now I find myself tweeting more and more at the cost of my daughter’s cute outfits. Life is hard for a new dad and that is now trending under #newdadproblems. Sorry to @BrianHopeComedy for explaining the fact that I tea -bagged a drumset. It was a long day and sometimes I forget that not everyone finds my Will Ferrell humor as funny as I do. That still is a pretty funny tweet and one of my favorites!

If you are following me currently, I am sorry for ruining your Twitter feed and will try to cool it down on Instagram. Sorry people and I will try to do better and will keep you up dated with my Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Twitter recaps! Until then.. Stay classy! #NewBlogPost


Sorry! That was one for the road!

The Many Faces Of Karsyn


I just had to share this picture. It is a perfect example of how my kids mood goes from 0 to 60 in about half a second. A lot of it has to do with her gas. We have changed her milk but there are times I can’t help but think she is just being a drama queen. I love her but last night was so bad I wanted to sit in the corner and cry until it was over. I have to keep telling myself that it is not a sign of being a bad parent as much as it is a sign of trying to survive. In two weeks the wife will be going back to work and I will be by myself with her on Thursdays. This is where I think it will get interesting. Please pray that I keep my sanity before my newborn cause me to have high blood pressure. Until then enjoy the sweet picture above my sweet angel and how she went from her Mario pose to looking like the child of Scarface during a suppose to be routine diaper change.

A Diaper Load Of Fatherhood!


Well it has been well over a month since my last post so I just want to first say that I am sorry for being away from my keyboard for so long but this baby keeps me busy. I have had to adjust to life as a parent and it has not been the easiest thing. Life is already hard but with a newborn, it is much or harder than I expected. Please don’t think I am having regrets about becoming a father. I am not and I love my baby girl to death. All I am saying is that it would be nice to sleep past seven in the morning on my days off.

Karsyn is developing nicely. She is learning new things everyday and so is mom and dad. I have learned that I am no longer able to watch my TV shows. Something as simple as watching a 30 minute episode of How I Met Your Mother has turned into a feature film due to having to take breaks between Karsyn’s loud tantrums. I have also found that planning to be somewhere is now like preparing to enter The Hunger Games. Packing your diaper bag while getting ready yourself, taking the dog out to pee, and praying you can make it to the car without the baby pooping all down her back. Yea this is what my life has become.

I love my wife to death and she is a FANTASTIC mother but sometimes I can tell where she has had enough and wants to head to Old Time Pottery to pick the most prettiest basket to leave her in on the footsteps of that nice Mexican couple’s house down the street. I know she is ready to go back to work soon and I am ready for her to. She needs to be around some adults for a change and not playing the game of if I move this way will I wake her up? I have tried to be romantic but the mood is gone after being up for almost 24 hours with your kid who thinks that nighttime is party time. The only romance I am getting lately is the one with my Amazon.com account. Yes I have found that online shopping can fill the void of non romantic times and plus that one click ordering button is addicting. Please don’t think that my wife does not try cause she does.  She just tells me the first thing she wants to do when I get home from work is to hand her to me and go soak in a hot bath for a few hours. I don’t blame her. I just wish I could join her. The last thing she wants is for me to shake my junk at her after she just finished picking the dried spit up out from between her nails.

I have to say though that the late night feeding and diaper changes are not that bad. I have become an expert with changing diapers. I have come a long way from “The Diaper Thong” incident if I say so myself. I have learned a lot too like how much I hate Target brand wipes cause they stick together, how to properly apply butt paste, and not to bounce your baby right after they eat. That last one was an easy one to learn and my Avengers T-shirt is my proof.

All and all being a father is fun and exciting. I love my baby girl and I would streak down Rodeo Drive for her it was to make her happy. I have a long road ahead and the fun thing about this journey is the crazy places it takes you. You just got to get poop and thrown up on along the way.


How I Became A Swaddling Master

So last night I went to a Taking Care of Baby class with Brittney. I was really excited to finally going to have some of my questions answered and put some of my panicking to rest.

When we got there it was a little intense cause I did not know what to expect and I am not one of those kinds of people who adapt to their environment really quickly.

There was another couple there and a woman whose husband was not able to make the class. I have to say, I thrive in a small learning environment. Class began with this nurse asking us to choose a plastic baby and handing us a blanket, diaper, and wash cloth. I looked at these things and thought “I am going to be so embarrassed if I mess this up”.

The nurse lady started with showing us how to change a diaper. I have to say that was one of the things I have no clue how to do. The one time I changed my niece’s diaper I put it on backwards into some sort of baby thong. Yea, I am that much of an idiot. The baby nurse went through the instructions very slowly as Brittney watched me wiping the imaginary poop from this plastic baby’s ass. She looked at me and without saying anything, I knew she was laughing on the inside. I accomplished the task at hand and it was actually easier than I thought it was going to be.

The baby nurse then showed us how to bathe our baby. This was really easy and I think I can handle giving my kid a bath. I think Brittney was having more doubts about this than me.

Then the class came to swaddling and let me tell you that those people in the hospital make it look so easy. Swaddling is actually an art form. Its one of those things that must be mastered and practiced. I had no clue what I was doing. I figured that all you had to do was roll them up like a soft taco. The baby nurse showed the class one time and I got it instantly. You know how when you have a great idea, its like a light bulb turns on in your head? That is what it was like for me. My parental instincts kicked in and I swaddled the shit out of that fake baby. Brittney looked at me in amazement. I looked at her and wanted to say “Next please!” , but I did not.

After class we went how and Brittney asked me if the class took away some of my fears of being a parent. I looked at her and told her “Hell Yes!” Now I feel a lot more prepared and ready to swaddle the hell out of Karsyn. I know now I will be a great dad. The only problem now is to get through the next class which is Birthing Class. I dread this one cause you watch real videos of women going through child-birth and I have a seriously weak stomach. Wish me luck and I am sure I will blog about that experience for sure.