Photo Sessions Go Wrong With Kids


I know I might get a few haters after say this but if you really think about it, it’s true… Kids ruin EVERYTHING! 

Before you sharpen your knifes and pitchforks, please allow me to explain. We are so close to Baby Everly’s arrival that we have looked at out calendar and found that every weekend leading up to the birth we are busy. There are kids birthday parties, family functions, cookouts, and other things that are keeping us busy. Not to mention my crazy marathon training schedule. After looking at the calendar we realized we where not going to be able to get those annoying maternity pictures you see on Facebook done. You know the ones. 

Now I really did not want to do these and I don’t know a guy who would. It’s the end of August and its way to hot out there to stand. Not to mention how in the world was I suppose to expect my two year old daughter to stand there? If she sees a butterfly she is gone. End of story. But, in the epic tug of war of marriage, I decided to suck it up and put on my outfit that was picked out for me and smile. 

When we arrived at the shoot location, it was not but I manage to sneak along a water bottle. We got out the car and of course no parent can arrive anywhere without there kid having to pee. Good thing I keep a portable potty in the back of my Santa Fea. While as was gettin out of the car I noticed my kid was crying. She wanted to ride in her stroller. 

We put her in the stroller and went to set up outer first shot. Well I don’t know if you ever did a photo shoot with a kid but in my experience, this being the only one, it was horrible. K-Dub was not listening, she would walk off, she wanted to sit in the stroller and be pushed. It was a nightmare. 

I ended up being on edge the entire time and wanted to hurry this shoot along. My wife in turn got annoyed with me and it lead to the most tension filled photo shoot ever! 

When I get the picture back I will post them and you can see.  Have a great day! 


Happy Mornings With Daddy!

Yesterday was my first day watching Karsyn all by myself. It was actually not that hard. I was so nervous but my amazing wife told me that I would do fine and not to worry.

We spent the morning playing and she kept smiling and then we had lunch with Mommy. We even went to Grandma’s house to see her. I also managed to keep Karsyn on her nap and feeding schedule and even found time to clean the kitchen and fold Karsyn’s laundry. I was really a super dad yesterday. It also gave me time to bond with my little girl. Love her so much!


Someone Is Ready For March Madness!


Karsyn wanted me to share with you guys her inner Duke fan. She loves Duke but not as much as her dad. We will be cheering them on tomorrow night as they play Creighton during the third round of the NCAA Tournament. GO DUKE!!!

Someone Just Wanted To Say “Hi”


Just had to share this picture that our nanny/Aunt Erica sent me this morning on Instagram. It’s pictures like this that get me through the workday.

The Stagecoach Project! (30 Day Challenge Completed!)

Well its finally over! That 30 days went by really quick. This project was a lot of fun for me. I got to be creative and it was awesome that my wife and my friends helped me by giving me ideas. I know I have been away for almost a week due to crazy personal things but now I am back and going to share my experience with this challenge. Special thanks to The Jump Project for the inspiration!

Day 1- Getting Started!

The first day was the easiest just because I had to show what I was going to be taking a picture of for 30 days.

Day 2- Stagecoach Needed Coffee.

I was just getting started with this project and I really wanted to show off my new coffee cup.

Day 3- Attack From Tanny!

I had to show my dog off a little and it took me five tries to get this dog to stay still. I have to say this picture is in my to 5 favorite of this project. I love the angle and Tanner looks pretty awesome too!

Day 4- Stagecoach Better Watch Where Its Going!

I wanted to do a picture of the stagecoach almost getting ran over by a car. I like this photo but I know I could do better. At this point I needed a very clever idea.

Day 5- Stagecoach Hanging Out With The Cast Of Dark Shadows.

My wife and I went to the mall and saw this and I just had to include it in the challenge.

Day 6- Stagecoach Meets Captain America

I went with my wife and some of our friends and saw The Avengers and there were people at the theater dressed up and I just had to get a picture for the challenge.

Day 7- Swing Time

This has to be the weakest of photo of my challenge but I needed to take one quickly.

Day 8- Pit Stop!

This one I thought would be funny but it turned out to be really gross. Not my best and I am sorry. GROSS!

Day 9- Stagecoach Meets Spider-Man!

This is one of my favorites of the challenge. My friends Melissa and Andy have a life size Spider-Man in their house and I just had to get a picture of it for the challenge. Thanks Melissa and Andy. You guys ROCK!

Day 10- Pepper In Some Fun!

My wife and I had a date night at our local Chili’s in Monroe, NC.

Day 11- Playing With The Cat

I don’t really like cats but this was a photo not to be missed. This is another one that Melissa and Andy helped me with.

Day 12- Grocery Shopping

I was starting to loose momentum in my challenge but I needed to get groceries. I knew I had to get better.

Day 13- Dishwasher Safe

Again this is not my best but I needed to take a quick photo. Looking back now it is kind of funny.

Day 14- How I Met Your Mother Finale.

Everyone who know me can tell you this is my favorite show and I just had to find a way to add this to my challenge. Got to love Marshall!

Day 15- Spring Has Sprung!

This is my favorite one out of the entire challenge. I love the way it turned out and when I shared this in a post saying I was halfway done I just could not help but think that this challenge finally got its groove back.

Day 16- Sending My Love!

I think the picture says it all!

Day 17- Ice Cram Run

My wife and I were on one of our many ice cream runs and I just had to use it.

Day 18- Working On Making That Paper!

I just wanted to take a photo a work and it ended up working

Day 19- Hello Wilington!

My wife and I took a trip to the coast and I just want to document it.

Day 20- Aquarium Visit

My wife and I visited the NC Aquarium at Kure Beach and I just had to take a picture here.

Day 21- Playing In The Sand

We headed to Holden Beach, NC for a day of fun in the sun and thought it was a great time to bury the stagecoach in the sand.

Day 22- Ferry Ride

We took a ferry ride from Kure Beach to Southport and thought it was a great opportunity.

Day 23- The Upside Down House

We saw the upside down house at Broadway At The Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC and I just had to get a picture of it. I wanted to go inside but it was way too expensive.

Day 24- Goodbye Beach!

Going down 74 heading back home.

Day 25- Pool Time!

I just got back from vacation and returned to work so I needed some time to relax.

Day 26- Shower Time

This one was in my bottom five of the pictures I hate from this challenge I needed to finish this challenge out strong.

Day 27- Trip To The QT

My brother and I went to the new QT that just opened in Indian Trail, NC to get my mom a slush. Again this is not one of my favorites.

Day 28- Day At The Park

Just wanted to snap a quick picture of the park beside my office. There was a crazy crane down by the water but could not get it in the picture.

Day 29- Mama Stagecoach

I wanted to finish my challenge out strong and I had my last two pictures planned but the one I wanted to do I could not cause of the rain that came by. So I grabbed my cookie jar and took a picture with my little stagecoach. I think it turned out awesome.

Day 30-Hanging On The Railroad Tracks

This was the picture I wanted to do for day 29 but could not. I love this picture. This one and day 15 are my favorites. I think I did a great job finishing this challenge.

Which one is your favorite?

Well now that the challenge is over, I wanted to thank everyone who helped me complete it. You made the month of May very fun for me. You guys are awesome for all the help and support you have given me. Thanks to all my Twitter (@Tylerfun) follows for the words of encouragement. I am now working on a new challenge and this one is more about me than something I have that came from my desk at work. I am currently working on somethings from my 25 all time list of to dos. So I will keep you posted soon. CHALLENGE COMPLETED!!!

Day 15 Of 30 Day Photo Challenge- We Are Halfway There!

The challenge is almost done! It is so nice to be at the halfway point. I can’t believe that I only have 15 more days left and then I am done. The theme of my 15th picture is to celebrate that spring has come and now summer is almost here! Enjoy!