#MedalMonday-Running For Cancer & Family Bonfires

I have not ran since last November as I have taken this year to build my strength and to take a step back from the competitive running circuit. It has not been an easy thing but I am confident that when it comes time to train I will be ready.

My SIL asked me a couple of months ago if I would like to run a 5k with her as she has gotten a hold of the fitness bug and wanted to do. I said ok as I am never going to turn down a chance to support someone wanting to better themselves.

The race we chose was the Run For Kids Cancer 5K in Ballantyne. The event was cool and there was plenty of stuff for the kids to do.

Soon the race was on and we did good. I ran at my SIL pace and we took our time.

Soon we finished and got some pretty awesome medals. I must say it felt great to once again cross the finish line.

Later that day we celebrated with a bonfire, pizza and s’mores.

My Quick And Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I am always on the go and sometimes I need something that I can just cook and clean up real quick. As you can probley tell I love anything that is hot and spicy. So one day on the way home from work I came up with an idea that I really wanted to try. I wanted to make a buffalo chicken pizza. So I ran to the store and got some ingrediants and headed to the house. I hope you like this recipe!


1 Package of take and bake pizza crust (I like the thin kind)

1/2 Cup of hot sauce

1 Package of Oscar Mayer Buffalo Chicken Strips

1 Cup of shedded monteray jack and colby cheese

1/2 Cup of blue cheese crumbles

1/2 Chopped purple onion


On the pizza crust, pour hot sauce and spread it evenly on the crust. Top with cheeses, onion, and chicken. Put a few squirts of hot sauce on the top.

Bake on 425 for 14 to 17 minutes.