What A Holiday Weekend

I think that holiday weekends go by the fastest. I am pretty sure I am correct. I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and are ready to get back to work. I know that that last part is a little harder to hear. I know I could use another day by the pool.

My little family had a great weekend. We started Saturday by cleaning the house and getting ready for our new furniture to be delivered. We bought a new kitchen table and chairs and a big girl bed for K-Dub. The only problem was that they never put the box spring on our order so we spent a great part of our afternoon tracking down a box spring for her bed. Once we found on at Mattress Firm we got it and K-Dub had her first night in her new bed.

Sunday we got up and had coffee and went to the new Whole Foods that opened up near us in Waverly. I had never been inside a Whole Foods and had read many blogs were people account their own horror stories. I found this place really cool and I can’t wait to go back. The produce was fresh, the hot bar was amazing, and they atmosphere was cool. They even had their own little seating area upstairs. Is it a grocery store, is it a restaurant, or is it a coffee bar? Who knows but it was a neat experience.

After eating lunches and nap times we got ready and went to the first of many to come pool sessions. I think my girls loved it. They enjoyed it so much that when we got in the car to grab dinner they both fell asleep so my wife and I ended up getting our food to go. After super we decided to take the girls for a snow cone in Waxhaw and it was good. My favorite was the cherry margarita.

Monday I went and worked out. I then came home and cleaned up the backyard. My BIL and SIL came over with my nephews and we went back to the pool for a couple of hours. once we got back I put on my Martha Stewart hat and got to cooking. I made baked beans, I grilled some corn and bacon cheddar burgers, cut up a watermelon, and served warm apple pie with some ice cream. The kids enjoyed playing with some bubble guns we got them. We gave the kids a bath before the nephews went home and I passed out.

It was a great weekend and I hope you got to spend some time with your love ones and remember those who served us so we could celebrate this great holiday.

Happy Wednesday!


The First Jump

 I have to say that my daughter has always been afraid of everything. That is until she tries it for the first time.

This past weekend we decided to go to the pool to cool off from the summer heat. I love summertime and I love the pool even more especially after working out for six days in a row. It is always great to relax and just float. My daughter does not understand this method of relaxation that her father needs and at age two neither did I.

After layering the family with sunscreen, we were all ready to get in. Everyone except K-Dub who fought her way to edge of the pool. I picked her up and she held on to me for dear life and did not want to let go. She was scared and I get that.

After a couple of minutes with Mommy, she started becoming more familiar with the water. She was kicking and splashing. Before I knew it she was jumping in the pool and to my arms over and over again. She was having a great time. Our pool trip was a success and now I can’t wait to bring her back to the pool.

K-Dub’s first jump into the pool was not her only first this weekend. My wife and I made a joint decision to turn her car seat to forward facing. My wife was a little emotional about and so was I. It was just another reminder that our baby is growing up too fast. I guess in a strange way she is making room for her new sister, Everly Mae

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