Under The Sea And To The Potty


No trip can begin without a trip to the potty. This a fact an any parent that tells you different is a liar….

Its been a long time since I updated you all on K-Dub’s potty progress. I have to say that when my wife and I decided it was time to teach K-Dub how to use the potty, we never thought about how much it was going to effect us. I try not to complain a lot when it comes to parenting but this blog post would not make a great point without me expressing some of my frustrations. Here we go…

First, when potty training our daughter I have found that she has good days, bad days, and horrible days. You never know which one you will have. If you can make it to lunch without an accident then I really do consider that a parental win. Then those days where it seems that K-Dub can’t make it tot potty in time or it seems she is just too damn lazy to stop playing and go. Those days make me want to tear what is left of my hair completely out.

While I was enjoying my down time this past weekend, My wife and I decided to take our daughter to the aquarium in Concord, NC. I have never been to that aquarium and I heard good things so I was interested to see if it was going to be a great experience. No experience is complete without a trip to the potty before we headed in, while we were there, again, and then right before we left. I swear I have never met anyone or a child for that fact that can pee so much. We still had a great time but I have to say that I was exhausted when it came time for her to potty.

What really makes me super mad about potty training is when K-Dub tells me that she needs to go and then we get to the potty and she does nothing and just sits there and smiles at me. The kind of smile that reads “Gotcha Daddy”. If she was not so damn cute I would be real mad but when this happens I just tell myself that she is two. A smart two-year old at that.

Just keep saying a prayer for us as we continue this process. I have been pooped and peed on but I am still not willing to give up on her!

Do You Need To Potty?


I can’t believe we have finally made it to this point. I thought we still had some time. I figured we would wait until we she was three. Can you believe she came to us and said she was ready? She is growing up too fast and I am afraid I am not going to keep. I hope I can do this and hope this is not going to get messy. Potty training is never easy.

These were all the thing going through my head this past weekend as we started potty training K-Dub. She did come up to my wife and I and told us she wanted to learn. It just feels like yesterday she said her first word and now she wants to use the toilet? Being a dad has always been a job that made me constantly teach my child different things like what sounds do animals make and how to dance but I don’t know if she would get this.

That Saturday morning started like any other. With a lot of coffee and Cutious George we got ready to tackle the day as a family. We headed to Target and let K-Dub pick out two pairs of “big girl” underwear. She of course chose Minnie and Doc McStuffins but I am about 100% sure that if they had some with Curious George she would have gotten some.

When we arrived home we changed K-Dub in her new underwear and gave her a long talk about going to the potty and the importance of telling Mommy and Daddy when she had to go. As we sat there and watched some television I happened to look over and saw that she had went pee in her underwear. I told her it was ok and changed her. After about thirty minutes she came to me and said she had to go. I took her to the potty and SHE WENT!!!

The rest of the weekend we were on a parenting high. K-Dub had a couple of more accidents but for the most part got potty training down pat. She still has issues going poo but we are working on it. She went to the potty at a public toilet. I am very proud of her but not in a my kid is the best and your sucks kind of way. I just think that every parent needs to brag on their kid every once in a while. I hope she keeps this up!

Parenting win!!!